Friday, February 08, 2008

Two Things


(Thursday’s Globe and Mail)

Parliament will be given three chances over the next two months to plunge the country into a spring election.
The federal government gave notice Wednesday t
hat, in addition to the coming budget and a motion to extend the military mission in Afghanistan, it would also consider failure to pass a crime bill a matter of no-confidence.
The most explosive potential vote would be on the future of the Afghan mission. The Tories want to extend it past the 2009 deadline if NATO agrees to provide 1,000 more troops, as well as helicopters and unmanned aircraft. The NDP and the Bloc Québécois want Canada out of the conflict, while the Liberals have taken a middle road, saying Canada should stay, but that troops should switch to more of a training and rebuilding role.


(And, yet, despite my initial exclamatory response to this news, I do have some reservations. One being, does Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion have what it takes to win an election?? I also expect a great deal of political wrangling from all parties as to the issues and the timing of an election.)


And now, on to a matter of international rather than national interest. I have taken part in a meme (an unusual sort of one) that consists of posting a picture of what you see out your kitchen window. Big surprise as to my view.

Lynda of Lulu’s Bay (living in Egypt) and Oreneta (living in Spain) have posted pictures of their views on their blogs. They may be looking at laundry and satellite dishes but they are blessed to be living in warmer and more exotic locales.

Feel free to join in - and let Lynda know if you do. She’s keeping a list of contributor links on her sidebar.


oreneta said...

Hey there is lovely...from here. Strangely I just posted before coming here and we have the same title! Two things...though in fact I had three.

Lynda said...

Oh that looks so nice... hot chocolate and roaring fires.. snuggling up on the sofa with a good book... digging the car out... shovelling the path... I have added you to the list. It is growing.

That is funny that you two had the same title... *cue twilight zone music*

Angel said...

damn girl, that's alot of snow!! YUK! my view?..dirty, mud of a yard, an above ground pool that has no liner, therefore, no water...and February muck. Not good.

PG said...

I was actually thinking about posting about the confidence vote. To me, it just seems like Harper is going to keep pushing because he knows that the Liberals don't want an election. It's essentially a majority government because Dion isn't ready for an he goes along with Harper.

To be honestly, I don't want an election either because the NDP aren't strong enough to challenge the Conservatives and the Liberals have been doing little to challenge the Conservatives, so I just don't think people have confidence in Dion and the Liberals. Makes ending up with a majority Conservative government a real risk.

Kitchen picture meme sounds like a good idea...I'll see if I can take a picture of any decent. At least you have a tree with snow. I just have a side of a house with snow.

Beth said...

I also noted the same title phenomenon. We are so in sync.
If I start speaking Catalan, that will be positively scary!

Duly noted how your list of snowy day activities kind of trails off into the negatives. And that is reality.

Post a picture anyway! Point the camera higher and snap a photo of a tree. (With a squirrel maybe??)

I know a non-confidence vote is risky but I was initially pumped (got carried away) by the Afghanistan issue. I really don't think an early election will happen.

And do join the kitchen view crowd. It's actually quite fascinating to see the different views - particularly those in foreign countries.

Miss Kim said...

**Waving my Canadian flag**

I also read your blog and have posted the kitchen window meme! Oh how I wish mine was covered in snow... sigh....

Mrs. G. said...

Well, imagine that. There's more than ONE interesting election in the world. You would never know it from my part of the world.

I would love to have your view. I'm a genuine snow lover. I've never experienced more than 3-4".

Cipriano said...

No, Mr. Dion is not ready to be our next Prime Minister.
This is my opinion.
If I had my say.... next Prime Minister would be Dany Heatley. Now THAT guy knows how to pull a rhinoceros out of a hat!

Anonymous said...

What a concept, working with NATO, towards PEACE, rebuilding and teaching skills. I honestly don't know as much about Canada's politic's, as I should(I have a hard enough time keeping up with our country's) but I would hope that if the election issue was forced, there would be enough liberals to support Dion.

But, like I said, I'm projecting my own stuff here, and probably should do some independent reading before my fingers hit the keyboard.

Have a great weekend!

Beth said...

traveller one:
And a *wave* to you from Canada! I'll check out your picture/blog.

mrs. g.:
Yes, it is a lovely view but it's still snowing! ENOUGH.

I'm delighted you don't have a say.
"Smile for the camera P.M. Heatley - and don't forget your teeth!"

Your first sentence is exactly what I support our troops doing in Afghanistan. Otherwise, please bring them home.

oreneta said...

If you start speaking Catalan, let me know, I'll get you to study Spanish and I'll keep going with the Catalan and we'll both be tri-lingual!

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, I 100% want all the fighting to stop and all the troops home now. That is my number one choice too! I have been saying that all along.

Martha Tsihlas said...

Send me some snow. I have't seen any significant amount since I moved to Texas from Michigan. I miss it sometimes, like early in the morning, having that first cup of coffee and looking out the window, the snow looks so pristine.

Rebecca said...

My view from the kitchen window is a brick wall (our next door neighbour's house). P.S. I finally answered your 8 Things meme (with a twist).

Minnesota Matron said...

I used to be totally in tune with Canadian politics because I listened to As It Happens -- I think that's the title of that snazzy news and commentary. I miss knowing what's going on in my backyard! And I have a similar, albeit less lovely view. Now I am three memes behind.

Princess Pointful said...

I worry, too, about Mr. Dion's chances. I don't vote Liberal, but I do realize they are our only real chance of getting Mr. Harper the hell out!!

Peter M said...

I saw your blog through Lulu's and her window on a kitchen MEME, TO dude here too.

As for the Cdn. political situation, whoever triggers an election will pay for it, hence Harper's taunting.

He can't win a majority, Dion can't win period. Liberal wolves would like an election, only to speed up Dion's ouster.

Bottom line, get used to Harper.

Aimée said...

Snow laden trees-that's a perfectly lovely view!

Anonymous said...
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