Monday, November 05, 2007

Beyond Frustration

Thursday November 1 – Junk Removal Company expected between 9:00 and 12:00 p.m. Arrived at 9:00 a.m. Hurray.

Thursday November 1 – Gas Fireplace Repair Service to arrive mid-day. At 2:30 I called the office to inquire if anyone was coming.
“Oops, sorry – we’ll send someone out today. For sure.”
“Someone” arrived at 5:00 p.m. without any tools or parts to do the job. He assured me that (another) someone would come Friday between 12:00 and 4:00 p.m.

Friday November 2 – The “other someone” never showed up.

Saturday November 3 – I got out of the house!

Sunday November 4 – Furnace Inspection scheduled between 12:00 and 4:00 p.m. I no longer trust anyone. Called at 2:00 p.m. to confirm someone was coming.
“Sorry. Big mix-up. That appointment was scheduled on your old account. No appointment was scheduled on your new account.”

(Note - new account was created in July re: name change. Appointment for inspection was arranged in October.)

“Would you like to set up a time for another appointment?”

“Let me think about that for a few days.” (I was in shock – no doubt caused by a severe bout of house-bound-itis.)

“How about next weekend?” (She wasn’t listening to me. Which makes sense. My existence seems questionable vis-à-vis certain companies right now.)

“I will think about it.”

Got off the phone. Arms folded, I rest my head on the kitchen counter. Tears threatened. No way. I refused to cry over a bunch of lousy no-shows.

But what the bloody hell? Can anyone top this? By my count, that is 2 ½ no-shows in 4 days.

I think this has gone way beyond a simple case of bad luck. The gods or some really rotten karma are out to get me. There is no other logical explanation.

I’m still thinking things over. Meanwhile the gas fireplace needs work and the furnace is making a rumbling noise.

Perhaps I’m destined to blow up or freeze.


oreneta said...

I pre-paid for the furnace cleaning for my house in TO. Told the tenents, had them phone and book, no problemo. Then an e-mail from the tenents...they didn't come. Apparently my contract expired and it wasn't prepaid. Now I am out $100, and I have to sort it out long distance, plus get my tenents to stay home for some other day so they don't explode.

I can relate.

Beth said...

I think we're in an equal mess here. I've pre-paid once (last April), just received a bill with another annual inspection charge and as yet, no inspection has been done.
But perhaps I beat you? The contract hadn't expired - they canceled it!

Sherry said...

Crap! You're in a real bind here..stuck in the bureacracy of one just does the simple thing person books appointment, one person handles appointment. Now it's all on the computer and who knows what the left is doing or the right. I'd be very loud and very vocal by this point...with the people I'm dealing with. There must be a head office to these places. Not just verbally loud, I'd be putting it in writing as well.

As for thinking about it an doing nothing...freezing or the furnace blowing "leaving" it you'll allow the decision to be made for you.

Pull up your big girl panties Beth...deep breath, head off the counter and scream

"I'M NOT GONNA TAKE THIS ANYMORE"..then get on the phone and blast the beejeesus out of whoever answers!! Works like a charm!! :)

Rebecca said...

Or you could post the name of the company in case they trawl blogs.

How do these companies stay in business? Or is it like the government - we don't have any choice?

Beth said...

The "big girl panties" are on. Phoned both places this morning (listened to a lot of music while on hold...) and was firm, cool and calm.
New appointments made. We shall see.

If I named one of those places on my blog, I'd risk no heat source at all! We're talking monopoly...

Sornie said...

It's amazing that anyone can find a business that actually shows up and that these businesses can keep their doors open. Sorry, I am just bitter about scams, lazy workers, fraud and all around poor business ethics.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a good old fashioned temper tantrum is what you need to reset your wiring.

I'm crossing fingers for the next set of appointments.

Gary said...

Yeah, and the phone company tells me:"Be there all day, we're not sure when Chuck will get to you." Like my life revolves around Chuck.

This and complex voice mail posing as customer service are two things that drive me bananas (well, I forget in between ordeals).

Maybe we should send a note instead of payment:

"This is a scheduling notice. You will receive payment for your services between January and March. Watch for further notices."

Bec said...

P.S. I love the little pictures you include with each blog. I've been meaning to tell you that since I started reading (I guess a year ago?). You've inspired me to include more pictures on my blog, which I sometimes "borrow" from the Internet.

Mrs. G. said...

I can't top that. I'm not sure what is up with the whole trades-men no show thing. I've had similar experiences with plumbers. I'm hoping things get better...meanwhile, do you have a good winter coat?

MyUtopia said...

That kind of thing ALWAYS happens to me. I always yell though until they give me some sort of discount for screwing with me. I got %10 taken off of my refrigerator because they screwed up the delivery.

Beth said...

If they're a big business (basically a monopoly) you're screwed. If they're a small business, I don't get it. How do they stay in business by ignoring or forgetting customers?

I saved my temper tantrum for when I was off the phone. Didn't have the energy or stamina to perform for an audience. And it would have been risky.
My fingers are crossed too.

Sadly, your life does revolve around Chuck when you need his expertise.

I "borrow" too.

What's "up" with these no-shows? Well, one was due to a computer error. The computer canceled the appointment. I'm at the mercy of a machine???

my utopia:
I'm pro yelling but, alas, it wouldn't have worked in either of these cases.

Princess Pointful said...

Argh. I am vicariously so frustrated for you. I think that we two are both destined for bad customer service-- which is odd, because arguable we are such lovely people!
(not arguably for you- I know it to be fact! ;) )

Beth said...

princess pointful:
Why, thank you very much. You are lovely too (and that's also a fact).
Maybe we're too lovely? Too nice?
Book title - "Why Bad Things Happen to Nice, Lovely People."

patricia said...

How I hate all that kind of crap. My problem is I wouldn't cry...I would blow my stack and start screaming at whoever was on the phone...and then they'd NEVER come, and I'd freeze to death for sure!

Hang in there, kiddo! Don't let the bureaucratic bastards get you down!

Beth said...

I would never, ever cry on the phone - I just get frosty and deadly calm. They know...

(hey, i just left a comment on your blog...great minds think alike)

Shari said...

That's frustrating. Big companies!! Speaking of which, we have a few monopolies here...Hubby's frustrated that the cable bill keeps going up. He's gonna threaten them that we are getting a satellite to see if they will lower the price. I doubt it.

Hold your head up high. Maybe if you complain to customer service enough, they'll give you a discount? Worth a shot. It's really not fair that we have to sit around for someone who may show up at any time or not at all. Waste of money or vacation time if you took a day off just for that.

Diesel said...

Do you get that sinking feeling when somebody adds "for sure" to the end of sentence? It's like they're trying to convince themselves.

Beth said...

A discount? I'm working on having been double-charged for the annual furnace inspection which has yet to be done!

Worse than that - when I called back yesterday I was told, "You have my personal promise someone will be there Friday."
Gee, that means a lot to me coming from a company that has let me down twice.

Beth said...

either one of those things sounds pretty good to me right now. I hate wionter and I hate cold and I am being a bitch. sorry.

Beth said...

Uh-oh. You are not in a happy place today. Wish I could cheer you up.
(Hugs and a smile to you...)

JR's Thumbprints said...

Why is it that others assume their time is more valuable then everyone elses? I'm sure they wouldn't wait long on your front porch to do business.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have better luck with this next round of appointments. I hate when stuff like this happens, it makes me beyond angry. I turn into a complete and total witch. I think part of it is so insulting that my time is just not important to them. Plus, I would never treat anyone like that, and they should not either. Give them hell, if it happens again.

Dorky Dad said...

You should start Web sites attacking each and every one of those companies -- like the one called "Comcast Must Die."

Seriously. It'll get their attention.

What a horrible run of no-shows. Ick.

Beth said...

The waiting is bad enough - the being totally forgotten was a new low in customer service.

The next round of appointments better work out! If they don't I will raise hell but I'm kind of stymied with the one company - they control my heat source.

dorky dad:
I'd start those Web sites if I could earn money for doing it. I'd tackle any company for anyone.
(I'm not nice enough to take on such a time consuming project for nothing...)