Saturday, November 03, 2007

Yup, It's Me

As penance for my unexplained absence, I’ve composed a special message using a lexicon I am not fond of (and that’s putting it mildly).

I tackled the modern day, unique lingo which consists of abbreviations, acronyms and expressions used in text messaging, e-mail, etc.

(Woe to the integrity of the English language!)

Do keep in mind that it drove me crazy doing this. It was a true labour of love.


LTNS. SRY for being NA lately. :(


For you, it’s been BAU. Not so EZY for me. FWIW, I haven’t been shopN or going to a PRT or ZZZZZZZ. GMAB!

Things have been 2Ht2Hndl IRL, KWIM? Maybe YHTBT. ;-)

But now it’s GR8 and I’m F2T. ^5!

Know that I am TDTU. (TIC)


(Brutal. I planned on making the message longer but lost my patience, stamina and will. If you need a translation, let me know.)


Anonymous said...


UR A Gnius

Wlcm bk


Sherry said...

LOL!! U did gr8. Glad u r bk. The break was worth it. Missed you here!
For the remainder of the translation I shall ask my children who are totally ^ on this lingo.


Rebecca said...

Thankfully there are lots of "net/text lingo" websites out there. Otherwise, I'd be lost.

Glad you're back.

Mrs. G. said...

Welcome back from your hiatus. I was sad to hear that it didn't include sleep or partying...maybe next time.

Pendullum said...


Shari said...

IMHO, UGTBKM! It was f1 tryN to figure some of it out. UR2G.

(FYI: Even my daughter who's new at texting couldn't get it all. Had to google for "text abbreviations". :)


oreneta said...



Sorry you had a SOHF doing it...

Glad U r bk...

Beth said...

You know how I love this kind of stuff!
Gnius - no. But it was hard to do.

I will never tell anyone how long it took me to do that.
Glad to be back!

Oh, yeah! Thank heavens for those web pages. I needed lots of help.

mrs. g:
Okay, maybe I had a little sleep. Just had to use those ZZZZZ's - at least they were familiar to me!

Genius? Determined and a tad crazy is a better description...

Hey, you gave me some new ones - and I figured them out on my own!

You lost me. My cheat notes don't cover some of your abbreviations!

Dan said...

True labours of love always seem to drive us crazy! Why is that?? (Did you notice that I put that totally unecessary 'u' in there just for u ... er ... you?)

Hmmm ... maybe it's because I was just crazy to begin with? And the labors of love had nothing to do with it (sorry, I couldn't put that 'u' in there twice).

I just had to stop by to see how my swe ... um ... swell friend is doing! Hugs Beth.

Beth said...

I got all excited - thought you were back blogging!
Thanks for that extra "u" and the hugs - and for stopping by.
(I'm as swe*** as I ever was!)

All Mod Cons said...

I'm going to drop my calm side...What the FUCK was that!?!? One of my 1st posts on my old blog was about my utter disgust at the abuse of the English language. Specifically "text" speak. It drives me NUTS! So, I'm sorry that I can't read your post. Or indeed most of the comments! I have absolutely NO inclination to try and decode what's there.

Yes, I shall remain a miserable git.

Proper glad you're back though!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are back! You were missed. However, if you ever leave a post like that I will pull my hair out. I spent 30 mins. trying to figure it out, going back and fourth between the sights that decipher for you. BUT, I got it!!! Each and every word, and you are worth it.
Glad your back, really. But I am so UNCOOL, with the new LINGO.

Beth said...

I am just as uncool and I will never attempt that again.
Happy to be back.

all mod cons:
My apologies to your "calm side."

Princess Pointful said...

Um... I can't believe I'm the first person to ask for a translation!!

Beth said...

princess pointful:
I can translate mine (still have the cheat notes) but some of the abbreviations in the comments are beyond me.

Just for you....(and keep in mind, it doesn't make a lot of sense - just had to get those acronyms in there.)

To whom it may concern:
Long time no see. Sorry for being not available lately.
Please forgive me.
For you, it's been business as usual. Not so easy for me. For what it's worth, I haven't been shopping or going to a party or sleeping. Give me a break!
Things have been too hot to handle in the real world, know what I mean? Maybe you had to be there.
But now it's great and I'm free to talk. High 5!
Know that I am truly devoted to you. (Tongue in cheek.)
Yours forever,

patricia said...

Glad to see you back!

Hmmm...I'm pathetic. I could understand maybe half of what you wrote. I don't get that lingo at all. It gives me a headache. But kudos to you for writing it!

Beth said...

Not to worry. No more headaches will be caused by me. I will never do that again!

charlotta-love said...


(I had to get a bit of help though!)