Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Time and Tide Wait for No (Wo)man

If forty is the new thirty, fifty the new forty, sixty the new fifty and so on – when do you ever get a chance to relax?  To age gracefully with peace and dignity?

If the above are rallying cries for holding on to one’s youthful spirit and enthusiasm - great.  But if they’re merely in regard to appearance?  Then I find them oppressive, time consuming and ridiculous.

I’ve decided to embrace aging.  Not to the extent of finding each wrinkle endearing and letting everyone know its origin (“…and this one was created when I accidently dropped my second son over a cliff…”) but in the sense of withdrawing from the battle, the laying down of weapons.  Which isn’t particularly difficult to do since I’ve never been fully engaged in the battle.  My only weapon has been hair dye.*  However, I’ve always been very aware of that not-so-subtle pressure to RETAIN YOUR YOUTHFUL LOOKS.  I’ve finally had enough.  I’M NOT LISTENING ANYMORE.

I don’t count basic moisturizer a weapon, I don’t wear make-up (skin sensitivity) and I’ve never had “work” done.  Truly.  Unless you count wart removal cosmetic surgery.  Which I don’t and nor should you.  A wart on the bottom of your foot really, really hurts – but I digress…

As for those five lbs. that keep coming and going?  Well, they’re welcome to stay.  I’m not fighting them any more.  Those determined little buggers can take over the areas they’ve been coveting for years – my belly and hips.  I don’t care.  Mi casa es su casa.

If my sisters and certain friends are reading this, I promise I will not let myself go completely.  I will maintain certain standards and you’ll still be okay being seen with me in public.  I just might look like your mother rather than a contemporary.  And I’ll be wearing an always-in-fashion, ageless, contented and happy smile. 

 an unretouched photo depicting a DIY wrinkle remover gesture by a crazed woman

*Confession – a bit of vanity remains - I think I’ll give up the hair dye next summer – have my head shorn - retreat to the cottage and see what appears…


Sherry said...

Age is a number...but I'm with you -- I'm not fighting what is natural. You know I stopped with the hair colour (2 years ago now? Time flies) and I'm loving that non-commitment...I'm loving not being a slave to the salon or the "box" -- bigger things to worry about on the embrace, it and love it!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Isn't opening your mouth wide supposed to be good for wrinkles?

Your skin looks pretty fresh for an old woman, but I think you should try bathing in asses' milk just once, so you can tell us what it feels like!

laughingwolf said...

good, for everybody, to be as natural as possible... and keep a ton of $$$ in your account rather than blow it, on frivolities...

then blow it on other crap, like home and car repairs! :P lol

Beth said...

Here’s to our lovely lady lumps!
Gotta love ‘em – they’re here to stay!

The problem would be finding an ass around here.
Ha! Who am I kidding? I know plenty of asses!

Ah, how true...the bit about $$ going to home repairs, etc. :(

oreneta said...


Zhu said...

Yay, let's stop the hypocrisy! Women can never win anyway. When you read magazines, it's just depressing. You are always supposed to o things better, lose weight, exercise more, buy more makeup to hide whatever so-called flaws...

The truth is, people are beautiful. Seriously. You look great and I wouldn't know how old you are... and I don't care anyway!

Beth said...

Going, going, GONE!!!

Those magazines are the worst – depressing and ridiculous. Ironically, I only read them when getting my hair dyed! Serves me right… ;)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

There is a certain relief with letting go of trying to be something you are not. I am no longer svelte. I am, however, usually more patient that I was when I was svelte. Wisdom is settling in and it is stunningly beautiful. I will still be seen in public with you, no matter what, assuming we actually meet in person one day, that is.

Beth said...

The Bodhi Chicklet:
Not just relief, but a feeling of freedom - and to think it took me so long to get to this wonderful place!
I do hope we finally meet – life has such an aggravating way of interfering with our plans…

Juliette said...

well I think you look great Beth so you probably fall into the "I don't need make up cos I look as fresh as a daisy " Good for you, I'm with you!

Beth said...

Thanks for your kind words. :)
I confess there were many times I wished I could use make-up – just a bit of mascara...some blush, some concealer! said...

I'm with you, and I'm not letting go of the hair dye just yet. Or not until I go bald.

Love to you, friend,

Lainey-Paney said...

You look great!

Beth said...

The way my scalp reacts to the dye, I may very well go bald first.
(Vanity, thy name is Beth.)

Thank you!

Attila the Mom said...

I only put the expensive moisturizer on my bum. LOL You look fantastic!

Beth said...

Which makes absolutely perfect sense – hope it’s soothing! ;)

Cheryl said...

Love this post! Could not agree with you more. I wish I could get brave enough to give up the coloring, but I am not there yet. I am addicted to moisturizer thou, could never give that up. You go! For the record, I think you look fantastic.

beth said...

i love face creams and make-up and i just don't feel good about myself unless i have something on....

now at 48 i have gotten brave enough to wear just a moisturizer and mascara on my down days, but even then i feel a bit naked :(

Cipriano said...

Beth -- I think you look fantastic.
Especially, for, you know, being sixty-something.
I mean, look at you, you have the Heidi-like hair of a high-schooler!
I once wrote a poem about my own attitude to aging.
It's appropriately called --


White at the sides, above the ears
I noticed them today. Whispy hair
Like snow fresh fallen appears
To have rested, unmelting there.

Should I fight it or become forlorn
Will neither matter, bye and bye.
I shall not fret nor have it shorn;
Shall calmly age, and never dye.

© Ciprianowords Inc. 2008

Valerie Marie said...

Dear Beth, you have the skin of a pocelain doll... I need my BB cream and my hair-color... Love your post!