Friday, October 12, 2012

Good News/Bad News

Good News

My youngest began his clerkship (or, as it’s called in the U.S. and on medical television shows, internship) this fall.  His first placement is with the Psychiatry Department of a local hospital.

Bad News

I overheard him talking with one of his brothers – he’s ACTUALLY spent some time considering diagnoses that might be suitable for me!!  His dear sweet mother.  I’m not quite sure whether to be touched by his concern or pissed off that he thinks I’m nuts.  Or borderline nuts.  It’s one thing for me to admit to a certain (minor) level of craziness – it’s another to be labeled certifiably so.

Good News

He couldn’t find one!  Apparently, my (few) obsessive traits, astounding leaps of logic and quirky uniqueness don’t even come close to being considered a medical condition worth labeling or diagnosing. 

“So far,” he noted.  Ominously.

“Best watch yourselves,” I responded.  “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Actually, there’s no way it possibly could unless there was a fierce wind, but anyway, apples falling from trees might land on your head so be careful in apple orchards.  And always listen to your mother.”

They exchanged glances and grins.  I grinned, too.  I was just messing with their minds.  Truly.

The fact the above makes perfect sense to me?  I’m not telling any of my kids –particularly son # 3.  I happen to think complete sanity is highly overrated.  I’m also going to start keeping some of my thoughts to myself.

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Lainey-Paney said...

I fear he can't help himself.
During my studies & undergrad internship, I couldn't help but believe I had about 90% of the psychiatric dx that I read about.

In the end, I believe that I may be a bit neurotic, but I'm not crazy.


Lainey-Paney said...

PS: SEEING the patients with these disorders and diagnoses will likely show him how extreme the disorders can be, and how very different you are from those patients.


Sherry said...

ROFL!!! Higher education and knowledge can be a dangerous thing!! As he's chosen medicine as his calling...remind him of this one "physician heal thyself"!!!! ;)

Gorilla Bananas said...

Ah, so you're going to have shrink in the family! I hope you're to think up many ways of teasing him. You could start by calling him "the budding shrink".

oreneta said...

I ADORE that poster! I am bonkers in my own way, though OCD is not one of them.......that poster though! HEHEHEHehehehhehe

Beth said...

You are so right – whatever “neuroses” I possess pale in comparison to what he’s currently being exposed to.

I must confess – I bombard the poor kid with questions (as do others) and he hasn’t even achieved M.D. status yet!

As the youngest, he’s been teased for years! As for being a shrink? He has all those other specialties to get through before making a decision.

Yeah, isn’t it great? Tickled my funny bone.
We’re all bonkers in our own ways – makes for an interesting world. :)

Cid said...

Wow, the fact that:

a) you have a son who is on his way to becoming a doctor

b) your boys are around enough to "diagnose" you

c) you can laugh about it with them

Proves you are my MOB idol!

Beth said...

That is quite a compliment!
Thank you. :)

Valerie Marie said...

"complete sanity is highly overrated"

Beth said...

Valerie Marie:
Kindred spirits... ;)

Zhu said...

You guys are such a funny family! You sound close and insane, which is a plus in my book ;)

Beth said...

May your new son grow up in a family as close (and as funny and insane) as ours! ;)
Again, congratulations! said...

Ah yes, the dangers of having a family member in the mental health field. My sis and I have given our dad just about every diagnosis in the book.


laughingwolf said...

who gives a damn WHAT the world thinks?

i KNOW i'm not crazy... a bit bent, but that's ALL :P lol

as for CDO... perfect!

Jaya J said...

oh well. that shows that he just cares for you.
:) sweet of him.
but there's crazy in all of us, the best of us.

Cheryl said...

When I went through my training on the various disorders and how to diagnosis, the first thing my Professor warned the class was to ignore the strong urge to start to diagnose your family member and yourself. Of course that is exactly the first thing we all did, I started with my mother too.

I am sure he will learn so much during this rotation. I wish him the best of luck. What great sons you have, love their sense of humor.

Juliette said...

Ha ha! Love the OCD poster! ,makes perfect sense to me too. I'm borrowing that if I may. Anyway, quirky people are so much more interesting ;)

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