Tuesday, October 20, 2009


“So far, everything he had ever said to her was spoken without criticism. There was no reason to ever hold back or change things in mid-sentence at the first sign of judgment coming her way.”

~ Gilaine E. Mitchell - Film Society

If you have someone in your life like this, consider yourself fortunate.

If you don’t, I recommend you look for that someone.

I found such a person.

It’s not that I’ve ever been lacking in a strong sense of self-worth or friends who respect me; it’s just that having this particular person in my world simply makes it an even happier, more enjoyable place to be.

(I also recommend the book.)


Casdok said...

My best friend and i are like this so i do consider myself to be very fortunate :)

sherry ♥ lee said...

This is true. We all need this. Sometimes finding that person takes time, but once we do? Bliss. I'm glad that you have someone like this in your life ♥

laughingwolf said...

beth, remain blessed...

Reeny's Ramblin' said...

D'aw. My husband is like that....

Deidra said...

A true gift, indeed.

Rick said...

Too few people like that in the world. Stay lucky!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Lucky you. True friends, balm for the soul.

Beth said...

Such freedom and delight to be had in these sort of friendships.

sherry lee:
I have more than one person like this in my life. :)

Thank you. I hope you are equally blessed.

You’ve got yourself a keeper!

It is a gift – one never to be taken for granted.

I hope I do – and that you are just as lucky.

Bodhi Chicklet:
We all need and deserve that balm, my friend!

Seraphine said...

it's never criticism. it's "constructive" criticism, which is another way of saying "control."

Gary said...

I am inspired and happy for you too. I also like your seeing this friend as added riches, not essential.

(I fixed the link on my Sri Lanka post, sorry about that...)

Beth said...

How'd you get so smart? :)

Always - self-worth first. Anything else in addition to that is indeed a "richness."
(glad you fixed the link)

Zhu said...

My dear significant other is like that. He can be brutally honest but not mean - this is a rare quality to me.

I hate people who just BS you.

apriliniowa said...

I've never been open enough to achieve that. And. Most likely. Never will.
But I often am that voice for my loved ones.
That's enough honesty for one day methinks. ;)

Beth said...

To be brutally honest without coming across as mean is an art.
Glad you found someone who possesses that art.

Never say “never.” ;)
I found it.
And that is a lovely voice you have.

patti said...

Cool. I will get the book from the library.

It's hard to say...the place I'm in right now (with my son's illness and recovery)...it's too easy to be self centered and not notice anything.

I'm happy you found it!

VE said...

Sadly, I don't have that. My optimism is almost always high but my self confidence isn't always there...

Jan said...

Just fell into your lovely blog. It was a treat.
I SHALL be back!

Seraphine said...

"How'd you get so smart?"
I use my elbow.

Maggie May said...

That is awesome :)