Friday, October 23, 2009

The Latest...Trivia

I’m about ½ way through Dan Brown’s new book The Lost Symbol – another fast-paced thriller. I’m already exhausted. Is all the action going to take place within a span of 24 hours as it did in The Da Vinci Code? This sort of literary device distracts this particular reader from the story. I’m forever wondering – “Aren’t these people tired?” I certainly couldn’t keep up that pace. As if my services would ever be required on such missions…
Prediction – Washington D.C. will be inundated with tourists who have read the book.
(Don’t care if Brown’s books are panned by literary critics – they’re a fun read.)

Finished writing a short story but have changed the ending three times and I’m still not happy with it. This is what happens when you write for a target audience rather than simply for the sheer pleasure of writing.

Totally ripped a side seam in my very favourite nightie. So sad. Must have had a rough night. A bad dream? Of course, the fact this nightie was about 8 years old and had achieved perfect softness and texture undoubtedly contributed to its demise.

On Wednesday night, as well as discussing this month’s book (The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill) the ladies in my book club brought up the subject of Daylight Savings Time which takes place November 1st. I believe the expression is “fall back” but if I’m going to fall, I’m more likely to fall forward so I get confused as to which way to adjust the clocks. I watch for instructions in the newspaper.

The utmost in trivia (yes, more trivial than the nightie saga). My glutes are killing me. So much so, it’s difficult to even sit. A new exercise was introduced in my pool class with the warning – “Take it easy, you’ll feel this tomorrow.” I did not heed the warning because the exercise was so easy to do and oh, lordy, I am feeling it now. I had no idea the muscles in my butt were so out of shape. The killer? Only further exercise will reduce the pain. Ouch.

And that’s it as to some of the most exciting events in the last three days of my life. Aren’t you glad I shared?

Enjoy the weekend.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Perhaps you should re-write that short story and have it take place all within 24 hours! It's so sad when a favorite piece of old clothing bites the dust. Baby those glutes for a few days, looks like they are headed for a "buns of steel" future.

sherry ♥ lee said...

Glad you enjoyed the book -- I bought it a few weeks ago as part of the Christmas gift for the firstborn.

Loved the latest trivia...3 endings? I thought "3rd time was the charm" -- whatever the 3rd one is, use it!! lol!! Listen to me, like I'm the expert! Or you could go with something completely wild that you would never really write -- you know -- "risk"!!!

Sorry about the nightie..can it be saved at all?? Maybe you've already got those "buns of steel"!!! :)

VE said... cannot resist...

Do sore gluts confirm you're a pain in the butt? ;)

I have the new Dan Brown book but haven't had the chance to start it yet.

I wrote a tamer suspense thriller... you should be one of my reviewers! I need the input.

Reeny's Ramblin' said...

RIP pajamas :( I would like to be in mine right now, it's that kinda day.

All Mod Cons said...
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patti said...

My son ripped through all his jammies this week. Oy weh.
All the literature I can manage these days is 5th grade stuff ...Pippi Longstocking, Wrinkle in Time, Silent Boy...
And writng? 5 paragraph essays...
So yes, I am glad you shared!

Bee said...

I AM glad that you shared.

I would love to trade views of soft (but disgraceful looking) nightgowns with you. I have some choice specimens.

For some reason, I would also LOVE to know what exercise could feel so easy but leave so much pain behind.

The only thing I like about Daylight Savings Time is getting an extra hour of sleep.

Beth said...

Bodhi Chicklet:
Or I could make its title “The Never-Ending Story.”
Buns of steel? Maybe with implants! ;)

sherry lee:
Something wild that I would never really write? That I would never really do??
Ah, risk…
We'll talk.

Confirmed. ;)
A review? Warning – I’m tough. Just ask my kids.
But I’d be happy to.

I like that! Ripped/RIP…

You are so full of tricks – and other stuff… ;)

But you can repair his pjs!
Love those books.

I still have some choice specimens left! Such comfort…
As for the pain in the behind exercise – involves swinging your leg way back – and while holding that position – squeeze those glutes. So easy to do in the water…

oreneta said...

Always glad you've shared...I really liked the Davinci Code, though I was a little bugged by the number of people who failed to notice the fiction designation. The book of Negros was a good read, got to it this summer and I enjoyed it. Hope your butt is feeling better soon. How's the ankle (is that the right bit of anatomy that was bugging you???)

cipriano said...

Oh my God!
I would love to read your short story.
I have a suspicion that it may be better than Dan Brown's novel!

Beth said...

Butt is better & have learned not to ignore those vital muscles!
The other - a foot fracture - is 95% healed. Finally.

I wish. Don't do quite the same amount of research Dan Brown does!

JR's Thumbprints said...

It's not easy trying to balance your writing, trying to write for pleasure as well as a target audience. The trouble I have with some of my stories and various editors is the "identifiable" factor. Because of my employment, I see some bizarre stuff on a regular basis.

Barrie said...

Trivia is always fun! Sorry about the nightie. I had a pair of pj's give up the ghost recently, so I can certainly relate

Trish said...

just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog since I found it a few months ago; as a fellow bookworm, I always love hearing about what others are currently reading. Right now I'm reading Testimony by Anita Shreve; very good

Zhu said...

I'm on a waiting list at the library for the Lost Symbol and I guess I'm number 45738929, so it may take a while because I get my hands on the book.

I enjoyed all Dan Brown's books. They are what they are: good page-turners and face-paced thrillers.

Seraphine said...

well i wish you shared the glute exercise!i'm always up for an easy exercise that works.
i hate when a favorite piece of clothing finally wears out. it's nice to have new things, but sometimes something just feels so... right.
i guess that's what you are looking for with your short story- that sense of rightness. stop thinking about it, let your sub-conscious mind work on it. the perfect ending is there, you just don't see it yet.

Mary-Laure said...

Aaaaw, I hate ripping my favorite nighties; I have several that my grandmother gave me, that date back to the days when she got married so they're divine BUT very fragile.

Rick said...

I'm glad you shared! Just finished the Dan Brown book and I enjoyed it. I'm a Mason so I doubly appreciated it. Between tearing your nightclothes and exercising and writing, you sound like you're busy!

Psychgrad said...

I find the fall back instructions confusing too...So, my way of remembering it is: winter time sucks because it gets dark so early, which means (to me) that what used to be 6pm is 5pm.