Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Doctor's Orders

Just got back from a follow-up doctor’s appointment re: the stress fracture in my left foot. Turns out the RX dispensed today consisted of reassurance and shared smiles as to my impatience and frustration with the healing process.

Me: “It’s been 11 weeks now and you said on average these fractures heal in 6 weeks!”

She: “Average being the key word. We’re obviously not dealing with your average person.”

First of the shared smiles.

Me: “What am I supposed to do to make it better?”

She: “Nothing – it will heal on its own.”

Me: "Well, crap (yes, I say crap in front of my doctor) this is so frustrating!”

(And it truly is – I am a doer and a fixer when it comes to life’s trials and tribulations.)

She: “Here’s something you can do – cultivate some patience.”

The second of the shared smiles. Patience is not my forté and we both know it. In fact, I have a fridge magnet that reads: “LORD, GRANT ME PATIENCE AND I WANT IT NOW!”

Me: “What if – "

She: (cutting me off because she knows what’s coming next…) “If it’s not better in another month, come back.”

Me: “A cast?”

She: “Possibly.”

Me: “A removable one? Or one that can be submerged in water?”

(I need my hydrotherapy classes – this gimpy foot is doing a real number on my back.)

She: “We’ll see what we can do.”

A final sharing of smiles as I head out the door.

I love my doctor. I’d love her even more if she could write out a prescription for patience.


Deidra said...

Ah yes. Patience. That ever-elusive virtue. Sounds like you've been blessed with a wise and kind physician.

sherry ♥ lee said...

Patience is possible...I'm living proof that it can be achieved and I never thought I'd be able to say that about myself.

I'm glad you laugh with your doctor and I'm glad she knows that you are above average!!! :)

apriliniowa said...

Patience. Who has time for it?
Heal fast. :)

Mamma said...

Oh that is frustrating. I've been through two stress fractures and an injury related one in the last two years.

I have to say treatment with a walking cast did allow it to heal and allow me showers and leg-shaving with ease. And in 6 weeks.

Good luck.

Beth said...

Yes, I have – and one with a sense of humour, too!

Sherry Lee:
Not so sure she meant “above” average... ;)

Well done!
(I’m going to be patient for ONE MONTH!)

So, in the approximate time it’s taken so far, I could have had two stress fractures – with casts – healed! Sheesh…
Good to know – thanks for sharing.

Mary-Laure said...

A good doctor is such a rare and precious encounter!
Take good care of yourself and listen to the doctor.

VE said...

I suggest sex...lots of it. It never hurts your foot...

Bee said...

I have that saying on a card. The thing about patience is that you are going to have to practice it whether you want to or not, right?

I'm trying to send your foot some healing thoughts. Heal faster! Heal faster! xx

oreneta said...

Sounds like a GREAT doctor...hang onto here, few and far between!

laughingwolf said...

was she not the sister of prudence? :P lol

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Wow, a doctor with a sense of humor and a way with words. Hmm..11 weeks already, you really don't want a cast after all that time. Pain in a tough thing to put up with, here's wishing a big improvement soon.

Beth said...

I always listen to my doctor – thank heavens she actually listens to me, too!

I also have a constant headache... ;)

Practice, yes. Attain it? Probably not.
Thanks for those healing thoughts.

I know! Dread the day she retires.

I am not in any way related to those two sisters. ;)

The Bodhi Chicklet:
I lucked out with my doctor – not so much with this healing process...

Travis Erwin said...

On the bright side. No one wants to be merely average.

Zhu said...

You are obviously above average, your feet is so great it needs more time to rest in order to follow you everywhere ;)

Seraphine said...

patience is always better worn by other people. i'm sorry the healing is so slow, beth. hugs.

laughingwolf said...

got any left of whatcher smokin'? :P lol

Seraphine said...

i wonder if doctors say 'lord grant me patients' too?

Beth said...

oh honey!!! patience...everyone is saying it cuz its the truth. HARD but the truth.

Wish I was there with you...we'd sit with our feet up and drink a bottle of wine!!!


Seraphine said...

wine and a new foot. the perfect prescription.

JR's Thumbprints said...

I know all about patience, having to wear brace on my teeth for three years ... two more to go. Good luck with the healing process.

Uninvoked said...

A lady I know, Mary Bodel was able to speed a broken arm's recovery by two weeks using one of her herbal remedies. I know her through the minor miracle she performed healing an infected fly bite on my horses neck, and through her sponsoring the intro chapter in my blog. ^^ If you can't quite handle patience, you might drop her a line and see if she can help you.

Laura said...

Patience. Isn't it another word for frustration, only after the waiting is over? Who wants a piece of paper anyway? Fortitude. You now have your very own prescription for fortitude.

cipriano said...

Oh, Beth.
I am passing on to you some of my fortitude, the only kind I have is of the type that keeps me driving to work each day, and that is not to be discounted at all.
I would sooner have a foot amputa........ no, I won't say that, because maybe even now, you have a big ol' Henckels in your hand, and are ready to start sawing away........

Charlotta-love said...

I had a stress fracture LAST year and was told it would heal in 6 weeks.

I'm just now admitting it's healed. Be patient. It will heal. Your body is a machine no doctor will ever truly understand. You will know when you are better. :o)

Psychgrad said...

Ugh -- the frustration of not being 100%. Sorry to hear.