Monday, September 21, 2009


Signs You’re Getting A Cold But You Haven’t Clued In Yet…

1) You think the milk has gone bad.

2) The lingering odour of the dinner you made (which was actually quite good) makes you feel queasy.

3) You attempt some jaw cracking yawns in order to pop the pressure in your left ear while wondering – “Gee, wonder what the heck caused this?”

4) You chock up the momentary spells of dizziness and fuzzy vision to simply being tired.

Hello, Beth!! Anybody home??

Four out of the five body senses – taste, smell, hearing, sight - were alerting me to the impending arrival of a wicked cold and I remained oblivious to the early warning signals. Oh, and another clue? My youngest has been sniffling and hacking around here for the past little while.

The wretched respiratory virus (beyond a normal cold) eventually arrived in full force - accompanied by a sledgehammer. This hefty tool accounted for the late but cannot-be-missed presence of the fifth body sense – touch. Aches and pains to the touch - or without a touch. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

So, if you’ve noted my brief absence, know that I have been preoccupied lately what with not doing very much of anything at all except finally listening to, respecting and obeying the demands of my body. Her orders were to stay huddled under the duvet and emerge only for sustenance. Such a bossy lady.

I’m now detecting faint whisperings as to recovery being just around the corner.

I’m listening - I hear you! Just let me know where that particular corner would be - and I’m there…

P.S. I hesitated to write another post about my ailments (the foot, the cold…) but stuck with the maxim “Write what you know.” I’m knowing a wee bit of misery these days.

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The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh you poor thing. If it isn't one thing, it's another, isn't it? Sounds like you also had a serious case of denial. But now,'s time to let it run its course, I guess. Some viruses there isn't anything else to do.

sherry ♥ lee said...

Always on the least you are "hearing" the recovery calling!! As for missing the other signs..easy enough to do. We have been having such beautiful "late blooming" summer, who would want to think about colds and virus??

Love the Norman Rockwell...and I hate to think of you not dancing (with the foot, the cold)'ll be back in the dance floor in no time!! ♥

Aunt Reeny's After Thoughts said...

Sounds like fun. Hope you feel better soon!

Cid said...

I know I shouldn't tempt fate but a little time under the covers sounds like heaven to me. Of course the world does not stop to allow we mothers to recuperate in peace ... sigh ... Get better soon.

Deidra said...

Bummer! A summer cold is no fun and I'm so glad it's signaling its end. Keep paying attention, though. I know from experience that now is the easiest time to tune out again, and then find yourself set back. Yuck! Here's to a speedy recovery!

Charlotta-love said...

I'm lucky - I haven't had any symptoms this year.

* Knock on wood *

Wishing you a speedy return to normal.

VE said...

Bummer on the cold. I'll send the "repairman" over to tuck you in all snug...

Cheryl said...

Looks like life is telling you to take it easier for the time being. Or maybe it's the post vacation effect?

Get some DVD's, books on tape, your favorite comfort foods, a bell or whatever to beckon your helpers to you, and enjoy your down time!

Sending you speedy recovery mojo :)

Bee said...

Not to downplay the misery of having a cold, but having read your symptoms I DID think: at least you aren't pregnant. I hope you aren't too sick to read, and that you are on the mend even as I write!

I read the Shield quotation in your sidebar again and it struck me anew with its wisdom and humor. I've just read a wonderful book -- Olive Kittredge -- that proves the point.

Gary said...

Get well soon...and you don't always have to be funny and brilliant (although come to think of it, this post was both :)

Beth said...

Bodhi Chicklet:
I certainly don’t have much choice with this particular virus – it’s got total control.
On the plus side, staying put is helping the foot.

Sherry Lee:
So much for my “listen to my body” mantra…
I may not be able to dance but I can listen to my music – the gentle, soft tunes…

Aunt Reeny:
Fun it ain’t!

Don’t tempt fate! You have to stay well for your trip to the big city!

It’s so tempting to get up and “do” – but I’m listening attentively now.

And may you not have any next year…
(Thanks for the input re: the stress fracture – there’s hope!)

Can’t get that repairman post out of your head, right?
Don’t want him to see me with a runny nose. ;)

My son made me some comfort food – what goes around, comes around…

Pregnant?? Not a chance. ;)
I’ve read Olive Kittredge, too. A strange but fascinating woman/character.
And, yes, we all have those chapters.

You made me feel much better…

oreneta said...



Catch up on any good reading or too sick for that?

Beth said...

The possibility has certainly crossed my mind but I also end up saying, "Naahh."
I'm reading although I find myself re-reading the same pages.

Seraphine said...

oh god, i hate HATE hate it when my husband sticks the milk carton (or anything else) under my face and asks "does this smell bad to you?"
grrr. i tell him, if he has to ask, assume it's bad and eat something else.
i don't want to smell it. i don't want to eat or drink it. take it away from me.
get well soon!

Lynda said...

Shall I cook you some chicken soup? Just the smell on the stove top makes me feel better. Thanks for sticking around... ;) Nice to know I was missed.

Beth said...

poor baby. tea and toast. its what my grandma always gave mein them iddle of the night, and then she would sit onmy bed with me while I ate it. hmmm,maybe it was THAT that mae me feel better, not the tea. ;)

Hope you feel better girlfriend. XOXOXOXo

Mary-Laure said...

I love the retro image that illustrates this wonderfully written post.
Achoo - Bless you!

Yolanda said...

I hope you are better soon.It is sure the season for this .

Zhu said...

I had a cold this summer and found it super annoying. Not because of the cold itself (wasn't that bad) but people kept on asking me if it was H1N1.


(Get better soon)

Anonymous said...
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