Friday, May 01, 2009

It's May!

Where the hell did April go?

And where the heck has Beth been for the past few days?

(told you my week was gonna be crazy busy….)

Speaking of crazy – here’s a vignette from my life to illustrate both the word itself and what it is like to be me.

Last night I’m digging into my Swiss Chalet “¼ chicken dark with fries” meal all by myself because I was ravenously hungry and refused to wait for the boys who were delayed by traffic and lousy weather and as I’m wrestling with the pesky little chicken bones my mind starts to wander off (as it is wont to do) and a phrase pops into my head.

“Still she haunts me, phantom-wise….”

Who (other than me) thinks of that kind of a line while eating chicken???

Now I’m digging into the fries and it’s killing me that I can’t remember where that line came from. I know it’s in my journal of quotations but I’m too lazy to go all the way upstairs and get it. And really, why wouldn’t I just finish my dinner and check it out later? OH NO. I wipe my greasy french frie fingers and go over to my computer and Google the words.

I find the source and return to my dinner - quite satisfied and very pleased with myself. (For those of you who are interested, the line is from Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll - CHAPTER XII.)

Can you imagine being me? Being the kind of person who would do that? Living a life where words take precedence over eating? I’m used to my quirks but there are times even I pause and wonder….

Just as you are probably wondering about this post.

I’m fine. Really. {twitch twitch}

Mature, responsible, reflective and intelligent posts will resume shortly.

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The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Nothing could get between me and my fries, so I guess that leaves you in a class by yourself! I hope the chicken and fries helped to quell those twitches a little.

Trish said...

Yes but quirky is fun and interesting too! And i can totally understand the need to sort something out in the middle of a meal . . . food just tastes better when you have the answer to, say, a vexing Lewis Carroll quotation.


sherry lee said...

You are more than are fabulous!! I can so see you sitting there with your SC, eating happily (glad you didn't cook last night!) and letting your mind free float. I see so Alice in Wonderland being on your mind this week -- you have truly been through the looking glass and back -- you are no longer drinking anything to make you small (or tall) and you are now back to you!!

Wasn't last night something?!? Hope all the boys made it home safely -- if wet!!!

Cid said...

Love the quatation, every once in a while I get the urge to go through my journal and transfer all the lines I have copied through the years in to a file that I can search, cross reference ... aw, who am I kidding? I'd just google them too.

Aunt Reeny's After Thoughts said...

Words are important, so is Swiss Chalet...mmmmm.....Swiss Chalet :)

All Mod Cons said...

Fear not Beth, many many MANY things in my life take preference over eating. Sounds like I have some sort of disorder, but I don't (no denial there either). It's just boring, to me anyway.

Cracking quote though. Something I can relate quite easily to. As you well know.

Oh, and on that note...another 2 hits today from you know who. *sigh* I didn't realise I was that interesting.

oreneta said...

I have to confess I like Swiss a lot....mmmmmm, now I know what I am going to have to eat when I get back to TO....

Beth said...

the bhodi chicklet:
In a class by myself - or just plain crazy!

The whole meal just goes better once those "vexing" matters have been taken care of. (Love that word.)

sherry lee:
No longer drinking anything but sometimes you've gotta wonder what I've been smoking!

That would take too much time and effort - we're much too busy with our writing - and blogging!

aunt reeny:
But damn - they sent the chicken wraps with pickles - we hate pickles!

You're that interesting, that quirky and (sometimes) that boring - ;) - in a totally acceptable way!

But of course - it's a Canadian tradition. And the sauce! Yummy.

Lauren said...

Quriky is a good thing. I'd probably do the same thing if I had to figure out a line. Then again, I'd probably drag out the lap top and multi-task.

Bee said...

I'd like to say that words take precedence over eating for me, too, but actually they are probably neck and neck . . . as I would happily consume all of my solo meals either reading or at my computer.

Fried chicken and fries -- yummy. I think it is a good sign that you have an appetite. xx

VE said...

Hey, quirky is as quirky does. Who am I to criticize? I like being "different"...

Laura said...

I think that is a sign of absolute sanity. A life of the mind over the fry!

For some reason my mind does not generally get sophisticated when i am eating. I am more in passive eat-mode.

Shari said...

Quirks are what makes us unique. Sometimes I do that, too. But if I didn't, I'd forget and I hate to forget. Gotta find out. Funny, I have my quotations all written on a file in the computer so I could look it up that way. :)

Gary said...

A haiku for Beth

chicken fingers search
to words across time and space
true sticky answers

BlackenedBoy said...
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Leigh Russell said...

Quirky is good. And who says chips (sorry fries) take priority over words? Here we are, engaging in meaningful communication from opposite sides of a planet spinning in space - if I sent you a chip as we call them, would it have the same impact? No, of course not. It would be cold, soggy, misshapen and disgusting. Words travel. Chips don't. Just one of the many ways in which words win over fries every time. (Although words can sometimes ramble nonsensically - I think I've proved that here...)

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your support. You're invited to my Virtual Book Launch next month, details on my blog.

Beth said...

No can do - for sure, would spill!

Must nourish both body and soul...

And you are, delightfully so!

My mind tends to wander - except when reading!

Only in the past year have I started putting quotations on my computer - still, most remain in my journals.

Always searching...

"Words alone are certain good."
W. B. Yeats

Cheryl said...

Quirky is good, it is what makes us unique.

I'm glad you figured out where the quote came from, thank God for Google.

When things like that happen to me, I drive myself crazy trying to figure it out.

Lewis Carroll's material does tend to stay with you, in ways you least expect.

Enjoy your weekend.

rebecca said...

Oh, I don't find you strange at all, Beth! I'm that way myself. Except now with the help of the iphone with its internet connection, I am connected at all times and what was once a pesky little habit has turned into a serious OCD problem. So, I hear ya, sister!