Sunday, May 03, 2009

Boom, Boom, Ain't It Great To Be....

three men and a lady...

Every once in a while, the topic of Mom (that would be me) and her future vis-à-vis men comes up in this household. I know my boys would like to think of me in a wonderful relationship someday – that whole being loved and taken care of thing. I’m somewhat ambivalent about it. In fact, I don’t see it happening – particularly the taken care of part. I’m doing very well on my own, thank you very much - happy to be here.

Anyway, the topic came up again the other day while I was talking with son #2. I was pointing out one of the (many) obstacles to my finding a suitable suitor.

(Oh! I like that last bit… the alliteration…the “suit” suit” thing…)

Back to my story.

Me: “Whoever I might meet (emphasis on the word might) would have to accept you boys – the fact that you can all be crazy, irreverent, silly and rude.”

Son #2: (His expression a mixture of bemusement, incredibility and a touch of dead serious.) “Uh, Mom? That would be you.”

Light bulb goes off.

Me: “You’re right.”

We both grin.

Son #2: “How do you think we got this way?”

And then we laugh - because yes, we are both crazy and we find this exchange to be damned funny.

With this newsflash from my son, I realize my so-called chances or opportunities just decreased tenfold. Don’t really care. I like me just the way I am. And if I’m responsible for having created three more just like me? Oh, you lucky, lucky world!


Attila The Mom said...


Since my mom became widowed a couple of years ago, she's been dating up a storm.

My brothers have found fault in every "suitable suitor" she has brought home.

I, on the other hand, "get" what a rigorous screening process she has before she'll even go on a first date. They have to: 1) be clean, 2)drive 3) Not be looking to get married 4)Not be toting a portable heart/lung machine.

The guys just don't understand how much that narrows the pool at her age. ;-)

BrightBoy said...

Oh, my gosh!

Based on your profile picture I thought that you were in your twenties, not that you were a mother with three adult children!

How old are your sons?

I actually think your personality would benefit you; any guy worthwhile would rather date someone cool and irreverant!

cipriano said...

The world, and those aliens who live in it, tend to take themselves too seriously.
It is so refreshing to recognize oneself in the best jokes one hears.
Laughter is the unselfish moment.
If I had only two questions to ask two lovers, and the goal was to assess their compatibility, I would ask:
1) Can you laugh with each other?and secondly,
2) Do you?

Jay said...

My mother has 4 crazy daughters, and we all know that bringing boys into the family means that they will have to learn to accept the insanity that is our family.

Seraphine said...

i don't doubt for a fact that if it's meant to be, it will happen.
and you never ever never know what the future is going to be.
but i love that you can see yourself in your sons (and vice versa).

oreneta said...

What a cool group of kids you've got. They seem amazing.

Hilarious photo.

Glad you're happy being you. Seems a pretty good person to be.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Some stages of our lives just don't seem suited to companionship. It would be nice to skip the whole dating process (which I've always abhorred) and just meet someone and have both of you "know". I don't think those 3 boys will be much of a problem - the first person any suitor has to get past the gate is you!

Beth said...

Her standards are impeccable!

I'm actually 80 years old - but I "write young!" ;)
(thanks for that last remark)

Excellent test.
And I love your line, "Laughter is the unselfish moment."

Best kind of family to have!

"Que sera, sera...
Whatever will be, will be..."

There are plenty more photos - just like that one!
And, yeah, it's good to be in this happy place.

bhodi chicklet:
Right you are - on all counts.

patricia said...

Whoever this certain gentleman might be in the future, he would be one heck of a lucky guy to be a part of such an amazing family!

What a fabulous photo. Hope you have this framed somewhere in your home!

Aunt Reeny's After Thoughts said...

That is such a great attitude to have! I am much like you, my personality is urm 'quirky' at best, I waited for someone who thinks that it is the best thing since sliced bread...and rightfully so!

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha that is too funny!

you have a very sweet relationship with your boys - lucky them, lucky you :)

As for a future suitor . . . I'm guessing he'll be happy to find that you and your boys are genuine (and crazy and silly and irreverent and rude)

Beth said...

Hell no!
Our formal portraits only. ;)

Great attitude!
Heads up - don't let Mr. Right know that the quirks get quirkier as you get older... ;)

Ah, being the mother of boys - it's wonderful. As you very well know!

Leigh Russell said...

Sounds good to me. Three men better than one, especially when they're sons like yours.

Anonymous said...

This was too funny and very sweet.

What a great photo, pure love and laughs.

You are indeed a lucky mom!

sherry lee said...

I love it when sons are like their mothers...and when they have great mothers it means that there are some very lucky young women out there who will be treated exactly as men are meant to treat women. ♥

Love this photograph!!!

Beth said...

OMG!!! Your sons crack me up!!!! and yes, they get it from you!!!!

great picture!

Bee said...

That telling-on-myself story has great timing, Beth.

I can understand why you aren't in the mood to contemplate romance, but I'm pretty sure that your personality will not be a potential problem. Irreverence (et al) can be incredibly appealing!

JR's Thumbprints said...

Sounds like you have three wonderful relationships with your sons. Good for you.

Barrie said...

I think you would be absolutely wonderful to meet in real life!