Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Bunny Redux

posing at the entrance to his cave (yes, his cave)

The above image is of my eldest - aka the Easter Bunny.

I must say, it’s a unique and special feeling having given birth to the Easter Bunny. Thank God I figured out how to keep my bunny procreation to a minimum otherwise I’d have been overwhelmed with beloved offspring. Did you know rabbits can have a litter every 31 DAYS? And produce 1-14 babies per litter? Dodged a bullet there…

The Easter Bunny and his Mother
(note the strong family resemblance)

He did a wonderful job this year. Only two kids were terrified of him and he only (almost) lost his head (literally) while doing a few cartwheels for the kiddie crowd.

So proud of you, my boy! All those years of schooling finally paid off.

the good-looking dude in the foreground is the TEB’s godson

this little sweetheart* was terrified of TEB
(but loved posing for me)

Permission was obtained for posting the pictures of the two children. Permission was not even asked of my son as to the posting of his pictures. But, hey, he’s one tough wascally wabbit and a good sport. It’s all good.

(*The sweetheart has been known to perform solo dance routines (ballet oriented) on the cottage deck accompanied only by her own fetching singing voice. Audience not required but if you happen to be there, she will present you with a curtsy following each number. Love the unselfconscious behaviour of children!)


megan said...

Too adorable - TEB, and the kids.

sherry lee said...

Can't say much on the family resemblance...but if you were both with your backs to the camera I think the cotton tails might do the trick!!

Loved this -- fun and frolicsome (is that a word?!?)...I'd love to see the ballet!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

My oldest was the school mascot in high school. A giant red devil. I think you're on safer ground here with the bunny.

Lovely post!

Deidra said...

This was just too sweet. I'd love to see one of those ballet recitals!

Sornie said...

If each female buny reproduced at the maximum rate at the frequency you stated, we'd all be dead in five years as bunnies would surely eat us. Thanks. Now I have one more thing to worry about.

Lainey-Paney said...

very cute!
Happy (late) Easter!

oreneta said...

There is a resemblance in that photo! You're right!

Chuck saw a little teeny tiny Easter bunny in the hills and gave vigorous chase. Fortunately the bunny was fast, Chuck was not very good at it, and the bunny got away...

Beth said...

What about me?!

sherry lee:
Fun and frolic was had by all - a great Easter Egg hunt led by a great Bunny!
(The ballet is precious.)

There have been times I think I gave birth to the devil's spawn as well!

Will (hopefully) catch one on video this summer...

You did the math. Scary, huh?

Hope the Easter Bunny was good to your little guy!

It's in the smile, right?
Glad Chuck was unsuccessful - that bunny might have been related. ;)

Gladys said...

Yes I know this because they all converge on my lawn and eat everything in sight. Including my Oleanders.

msb said...

I think you have found your next partner -TEB! You make a great looking couple. What a sport that young man is - he really is terrific, but then you know that...

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

How lovely you can watch your son be the one bringing such joy to kids. He must be something else to agree to be the E.B. I'm glad you got that sunny day (even if it was kind of chilly), so much more fun when the weather co-operates, n'est pas?

Anonymous said...

What wonderful fun! He is making memories that will last forever! You should be proud, what a great thing for him to do.

Beth said...

That must be Peter Rabbit and family - distant relatives...

Yeah, a great looking couple but he's MY son!

bohdi chicklet:
He is "something else" - so are the other two - in a good way!

Four generations at that Easter Egg hunt - great memories for all.

Mike M said...

The Easter Bunny Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

here, I've know you for a while now...and I didn't know you gave birth to The Easter bunny!!! Boy the things you learn from a blog...ya know?


BlackenedBoy said...

That rabbit actually scares me.

Barrie said...

I always wondered who the Easter Bunny's mother was. So nice to finally meet you!

All Mod Cons said...

I can see the similarity in the eyes. And feet, strangely!

Cartwheels? That's rockstar bunny behaviour!