Sunday, February 15, 2009

Like A Rolling Stone...

I’ve been busy this past little while trying to get my life in order - or, at least, organized and on track. (And not because of any premonition as to my imminent demise.)

But, honestly, can one ever really accomplish such a task? And “the task” is usually composed of numerous little ones.

While there’s satisfaction to be found in making the attempt (and sometimes you have no choice but to make such an attempt) more often than not I feel like Sisyphus – that figure in Greek mythology. He was the one condemned for eternity to push a rock or boulder up a mountain only to have it roll down again.

And while my efforts don’t seem quite as meaningless or futile (they better not be!), still, the boulder can be bloody heavy. And even if I did manage to get the damn thing to the top of the mountain and make it stay, there are always plenty more boulders waiting to be lugged up the mountain again.

(Am I making any sense???)

Of course, the alternative is having no boulders to deal with at all. And that would make for a pretty dull life.

Perhaps having one’s life in order is not all it’s cracked up to be. Living with a bit of uncertainty and chaos can’t be all bad. Can it? It’s definitely never dull.


sherry lee said...

Order begets order just as chaos begets chaos. Getting your life in order is the constant challenge of day to day day at a time, right?

Having everything in order, nothing left to do? I think they call that "the sweet hereafter" and I don't believe you're "quite" ready for that yet!!!! xo

She said...

You are making perfect sense. I wish you well with each and every task.

Somehow, I'm learning, that the boulders help us see more clearly. If that makes any sense.

And the pushing makes us stronger, I believe.

Blessings to you always.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Good Gads Girl, Pushing a rock up hill...You aren't getting married again are you?

Beth said...

Sherry lee:
The sweet hereafter?? Only if (and when) I lose my balance - and grip - and the damn boulder squishes me!

Glad I made some sense.

Hell, no!
(But what a great euphemism for marriage...)

sherry lee said...

bwaaahaahaa..I love "the guy's" comment...because in some ways, that's what marriage is!!! :)

Barrie said...

I would so love to get my life in order. But...I never get there! Love the photo with this post!

She said...

From a book I’m reading right this moment. This quote made me think of the image you’ve chosen for this post.

“When you exercise the last of human freedoms – when you choose to learn and to grow from the weight of the world – you are putting your soul in charge of your life. You are choosing not the attitude of your smaller and more fearful self but rather the attitude of your soul, which is hopeful, expansive, and eternal. You are living for the deeper truth hidden in the pain of circumstance – your soul’s lessons . . .”

And we all feel it, don't we -- the weight of the world.

Minnesota Matron said...

My dear old wise uncle once said "If you had no problems, you'd be dead." There's always something. Love the song, below, too, and listened sort of somberly, knowing you've lost a beloved dog in the near past. Thanks for your kind words!

Psychgrad said...

I'm pretty sure life wouldn't be better if everything were in order. Then, what would you have to work on/towards?

I emptied out a bunch of files today and the first thought what? I need to find things to filll these files up with again.

patricia said...

A boulder-free life would certainly not be very interesting. Though I'm sure you wouldn't mind having your life be a tad less least if only that boulder could just be a few annoying I making any sense?

oreneta said...

Beth, while we all have our own boulders, I can COMPLETELY relate to the sentiments...*sigh*.

Hang in there hon.

Beth said...

It's the trying to get there that makes life interesting!

Minnesota Matron:
According to your uncle, I am very much alive.
(Word to the wise - take care of yourself, too. It's a difficult experience for all.)

Trust me, they won't take long to fill. (Happens with emptied drawers, too.)

Compete sense - as always!

Lists, kiddo, lists....and stamina.

NYD said...

Hahahahahaha! You want to know something???
I ofthen make things messy just so I have a reason to go pushing them goddamned boulders. Sisyphus didn't hate the stones they were his life. His punishment was purpose!

NYD said...

Oh and I love the Counting Crows! Especially that particular song.
Too bad My wife's name ain't Elizabeth.

Trish said...

boulders vs. no boulders.

It's all about keeping things in perspective. If we had no boulders what would the point of getting out of bed in the morning?

It's like that saying about "It's not the destination but the journey" . . . or something like that. Makes perfect sense to me.

Although there are some mornings . . .

Beth said...

I read this somewhere..

"I'm so blessed to have so much to lose"

I have to remember that.

and pushing boulders makes you very very strong.

Gladys said...

One of the things I realize as I move into old-ladydom it is just what it is. It is how you approach it on what it becomes.