Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bells and Whistles

I got myself a cell phone! (Please, mute the laughter and no rolling of the eyes.)

Yes, I’ve emerged from the dark ages and joined the ranks of the-stay-connected-all-the-time crowd. Truthfully? I have no intention of staying connected 24/7. I know how to turn it OFF.

My experience with cell phones is limited. I had one many, many years ago. It died from lack of use. Since that time, cell phones became the accessory du jour but I was immune to their siren call.

My next experience took place in London last fall. AMC set me up with his extra cell phone (extra???) so we could stay in touch and/or in case I ended up in some dire emergency. (I didn’t.)

I sent him a text message once. In the time it took me to compose the text, I could have walked to where he was working (miles away) and just told him what I had to say. Or phoned. But I was determined to master texting – and I did. Sort of. Anyway, he didn’t laugh at any mistakes I’d made – or he just told me he didn’t laugh and I chose to believe him.

At this point in time, my immunity began to wear off. It was kind of fun playing with that little gadget. Perhaps it was time for a new toy for Beth?

My kids have been urging me to buy a cell phone for years. “What if your car breaks down, Mom?” (They know to play on my greatest fears.) “What if you’re in an accident?” (If I was, I figured I probably wouldn’t be in any shape to make a call.)

Last weekend, I finally succumbed to the disease/craze. Since I lack an intuitive approach to such technology, the boys have been a great help in showing me how to use my (wow, it’s skinny) new cell phone. However, SHOW & TELL is not a 100% successful method to teach me how to do or use anything. I need the written word as well. I’ve skimmed through a 97 page PDF instruction manual while sitting at the computer with my new toy by my side.

Elisabeth Stewart is now making and receiving calls.

However, she is still trying to figure out how to use all the bells and whistles – and she doesn’t “do” text messaging.


sherry lee said...

These new fangled gadgets can be "the devil" of a thing!! lol!!

Welcome to the wireless age girl...and texting..I think it's an art..I watch my kids do it with one hand, faster than I can type and they barely look at the screen.

I'm happy with the old fashioned..use my voice... :)

Sornie said...

AH, fear, the greatest motivator to jump on the tech bandwagon!

She said...

Welcome to the tech craze!

The beauty of text messaging is that you can send the same text to 10 different people (at the same time)! I did it yesterday to remind my family that our oldest niece turned 21! Think of the time you could save from making all those calls!

The other beauty is that is has a calendar and you can set an alarm to remind you of appts., etc.

And of course, there's checking your email!

: )

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Wow, you have been in the dark ages. This ties in nicely with Oreneta's recent query about technology. And it is possible to use a cell phone minimally, I am a perfect example. I rarely use up all my monthly minutes, and really do use it just for emergencies or connecting with people I'm supposed to meet when I'm out and about. I don't do text either. I've tried and decided I wanted to spend my available time on other more satisfying things. Maybe I'm not geeky enough.

Trish said...

You'll be hooked in no time and then we won't be able to pry it from your hands LOL

Actually, no . . . I can go for days without using mine, it's really just for a quick 'keep in touch' with the fam. My phone is already 3 years old and I have no desire to upgrade. My kids are embarrassed to be seen with me and such an old piece of equipment *eye roll*

Beth said...

Sherry Lee:
Whenever I see someone texting, I think of the expression "all thumbs" - which is what I am when attempting it.

Nah, not fear - curiosity and a desire to play...

No texting, no email - just for phone calls.

The Bodhi Chicklet:
I'm definitely not geeky enough either - and will probably keep the cell phone use to a minimum. The toy/play factor will wear off soon.

It would be easy to pry it from my hands - I've already dropped it once!

oreneta said...

Now hon, you just need to get on twitter, which you can send automatically from your phone, but a widget on your blog and we can get mini updates from you!!!!

I love texting, I like the autofill, you don't have to push the darned button so often....

sherry lee said...

all thumbs..my oldest now has a touch screen and he's a "whiz". He asked me today how often I use my phone (I now have his "old" one) -- days go by...I used it constantly when I managed youngest's hockey team so parents could be in touch (too often!!). Since I gave that up, the people I want to talk to are close enough that my land line is good, my email or in person. I don't see you becoming addicted to it -- but it's good to have for the sake of safety and emergency!

Attila The Mom said...

I carry one in my purse only for emergencies or if I'm lost. I know I could never master driving and talking at the same time---just not built that way! LOL

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Sadly there are few phone booths to be found, but if you are ever in a collision every that passes the scene will call the police. Also if you ever need a phone I'm sure you can find someone within 25 feet that will lend you theirs.

That said, I've had one for about 14 years now, and I'm still on the original plan where we pay $30 a month for two phones and share 100 minutes. We have never gone over 100 minutes even if I've been on the road for the better part of a month.

Patti said...

My 2 kids and I have cell phones, we don't have a real phone anymore. It was cheaper that way.

Beth said...

You are so far ahead of me...

Sherry lee:
Yes, an emergency - such as a mix-up on the day of a get-together!

I'm built the same way - and cell phone use would interfere with my singing in the car!

Your first paragraph? That was my logic, too.
As for my minutes? Doubt I'll go over. But I am kind of thrilled with the camera feature - it's better than my digital camera.

I've noticed that trend and may end up joining it, too.

Beth said...

YOU JUST NOW GOT A CELL PHONE???! YAYAYAYAYA!!!!! and you don't text? oh come on girrrrrl, get with the program! If you're gonna do it....do it all! ;)

Gary said...

I joined the ranks this year too and still have mixed feelings about the cell I have.

One night I kept hearing a weird buzzing sound in my hotel room and check the TV, the fridge, even listened through the wall. Then my daughter phoned me in the hotel to ask why I didn't pick up my cell phone. It was on vibrate and was bouncing around on the table...

Don't get me going on texting...

Seraphine said...

ha. we have both a landline and mobile phone. it's stupid having both. but its very hard to decide which to keep. the mobile is more convenient, even if i sometimes lose my phone. and i hate hate hate hate hate with a passion that everytime i buy a phone, they want me to sign a new contract, which is always higher than my last plan with more "features" i don't use. so i'm thinking i should just cancel the cellphone and keep the landline, which is more reliable in a real emergency anyway. but i'd go with the mobile in a flash if they'd do away with the "plan" structure and just offered basic phone service.

cipriano said...

You've told us everything EXCEPT YOUR PHONE NUMBER!
Come on now! TELL US ALL.... that we may call you on your cell and tell you all that stuff that is so desperately important that it can't wait until you get home!

I M.C'.d my niece's wedding this past summer, and the guy she was marrying worked for Telus-Mobility.
So I told this [fictitious] story of how he gave her a cell-phone on their first date.
Then he gave her a call while she was out shopping with her friends.
He said, "Hi, honeybun! How's the new phone working?"
"Great," she answered... "But how did you know I was at Wal-Mart?"

Beth said...

No more (possible) addictions!

My fellow-latecomer - thanks for the confession and the warning!

Try Koodo - no contract, create your own plan and they offer a good price.

I may be blonde but I'm not dumb! No phone # given out on the Internet - and of course your niece just forgot she'd told him where she was going! ;)

Barrie said...

I thought my cell was broken today. Panic! Which just goes to show how dependent I've become. Anyway, it turns out my bluetooth was turned on somewhere in my purse! Life just keeps getting complicater and complicater. :)

Psychgrad said...

Technology...how did we live without it? I recall my mother getting a cell phone in the early mid 90s and it was a huge deal. Now, even my 12 year old cousin has one.

I don't have one. I found it wasn't a good use of money since I was only using 5 minutes per month for a 30-35 dollar plan. But, more and more, I'm finding myself wishing I had a phone with me.

I'm curious if you're glad you got it or pretty indifferent about it. Are you using it much?

Beth said...

Today was the first day I used it a lot - other days, not so much. But for me it's more for emergencies (god forbid one ever arises) and the LD plan is far superior to Bell's (i.e. free) for keeping in touch with two of my sons who are away from home.
Koodo offers great deals and no contracts.