Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm a Bit Late With This...

I’m not recommending Edward and the Eureka Lucky Wish Company because its illustrator Patricia Storms is a friend of mine. Nor am I recommending it because her infectious sense of humour and delight in life are reflected on every page of the book.

Nope. I’m doing so simply because I love it. It makes me laugh and it makes me smile. (I’ve read it twice.)

If you’d like the opportunity to have a free copy of this delightful book, head over to Patricia’s blog BookLust and leave a comment in the form of a wish. Her book give-a-way contest is open until midnight Saturday February 21st.

And if you don’t win, buy a copy anyway. It’s worth it.

It’s also worth heading over to BookLust just to catch a glimpse of Patricia flashing that infectious smile of hers!

This is a picture of my copy taken with my new cell phone!