Thursday, February 12, 2009


If no one listens to this video I’ve posted, I won’t really care. (Well, maybe I might care a bit but I’ll never know if anyone actually listens, will I?) I still want to share this song - this find of mine discovered ages ago but forgotten until last weekend. Bless you, iPod Shuffle.

The song is one by Counting Crows and…drum roll please…the title is:

Goodnight Elisabeth.

Yes, that is Elisabeth spelt with an “s” and not a “z.” A song with my name and spelt correctly! Such a (double) rare occurrence.

I have spent a lifetime correcting the misspelling of my name. It’s a given that people use a “z” when copying it from some form I’ve completed but it just slays me when it’s also misspelled when I’m standing right there stating, “That’s Elisabeth with an “s” not a “z.” Oops, you got it wrong!”

So, just try to imagine my thrill when I came across this song. Adam Duritz of Counting Crows calls it a lullaby and although he doesn’t know me from Adam (groan – I know, that was so bad – couldn’t resist) I like to think of this as my lullaby.

A beautiful lullaby – for me – Elisabeth.

I chose this particular video from the various YouTube selections not for the visuals but because it uses my favourite version of the song.

And it comes as no surprise to me that the person who created the video entitled it:

goodnite elizabeth

Enjoy? Or simply share in my pleasure at such a discovery.

Goodnight Elisabeth - Counting Crows

i was wasted in the afternoon
waitin’ on a train
i woke up in pieces and elisabeth had disappeared again
well i wish you were inside of me
i hope that you're ok
i hope you’re resting quietly
i just wanted to say

goodnight elisabeth,
goodnight elisabeth, goodnight
goodnight elisabeth
goodnight elisabeth, goodnight

we couldn't all be cowboys
some of us are clowns
some of us are dancers on the midway
we roam from town to town
i hope that everybody can find a little flame
me, i say my prayers
then i just light myself on fire
and walk out on the wire once again
and i say

goodnight elisabeth,
goodnight elisabeth, goodnight
goodnight elisabeth
goodnight elisabeth, goodnight

i will wait for you in Baton Rouge
miss you down in New Orleans
wait for you while she slips in something comfortable
i'll miss you when i'm slipping in between
if you wrap yourself in daffodils
i will wrap myself in pain
and if you're the queen of California
baby i am the king of the rain
and i say

good, goodnight elisabeth,
goodnight elisabeth, goodnight
good, goodnight elisabeth

the moon's a satellite yeah
now won’t you fall down
on me now
won’t you fall down on me
come come fall down
on me now
won’t you fall down on me
cause i’m all alone
you ain’t coming home
we just settle down down down into bones
i said i’m all alone
you ain’t coming home
we just settle down down down into bones


sherry lee said...

I've never heard this before (I would have if I was a Counting Crows fan I'm sure), so it's nice to hear something "new" to me...

And it occurs to me that people in general...we tend to assume the "obvious" or what is most saying "with an S", I say "with a y", Liza said "with a Zee"... I've reached the stage in life where the possibilities outweigh the probabilities and I say "that's just fine"...

As do you when you say "just call me Beth"!! :)

Trish said...

I have both spellings of your name in my extended family so either way is ok by me. In fact I tend to lean more towards the 's' because I just like that letter better.

My name also has a number of variations that people have tried on me over the years . . . no I'm not Pat - I'm Trish.

Barrie said...

And I bet it's tough finding mugs with Elisabeth on them, too!

msb said...

Let's talk about names... both of yours are really nice and suit you perfectly "Elisabeth" and "Beth". And then there are stinks no matter how you spell it!

By the way, I enjoyed the song!

She said...

Lovely song.

Lovely you.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I must admit that if I was hand writing you something I would probably spell your name with a "z" simply because it is what is more common and familiar. Unless, of course, I knew you for a length of time. Isn't it fabulous that you have a song with your name (AND spelled YOUR way)?! Nice, nice, nice. And a lullaby to boot. I might be a litte bit jealous...

Beth said...

Sherry Lee:
I agree as to people assuming the predictable & obvious but have no patience at all when someone makes the leap from Elisabeth to Liz! Hate that.

I'm a tad biased toward the "s" - I kind of like the European aspect of it.

Finding anything with "Elisabeth" on it - if I were inclined that way!

We'll have to find you a lullaby.
(And neither one of your names stink!)


Beth said...

The Bodhi Chicklet:
Bet you wouldn't use a "z" now!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Awww. That is a good song.

I have the situation of everyone spelling my name with an S, by the way. :-)

Beth said...

I will always remember that your name is spelled with a "C." Promise.

Brendan said...

During my glory years, when my sporting feats were getting mentioned in the paper, no one ever spelled my name right either. This is the only reason I never was never a baseball star after Little League.

That was a good tune. I don't often like songs on first hearing, but I've always liked that guy's voice. Thanks for posting it, and I will try to use it as a mnemonic to remind myself that there is no Z in Beth.

Beth said...

Ah, to think of the future (and the $$ millions) that might have been yours but for the spelling of your name!
With condolences,

Brendan said...

That should be sBeth, with the ilent S, i'n't it?

I totally think sBeth should become your new online handle.

Cheryl said...

This song is so beautiful, but sad. I love the Counting Crows, but missed this. So glad you posted the video, the lyrics really bring it to life. How cool to have a lullaby just for you.

I never noticed the S in your name. I honestly think it makes it so pretty, softer some how. just fits you.

Have a good weekend!

Attila The Mom said...

aw, that was lovely. :-)


Patti said...


Beth said...

Or how about just using my initials B.S.? Some days (posts) that would seem apropos.

It does seem softer, doesn't it? Glad you liked the song. Beauty and a certain kind of sadness often go hand in hand.

So many things in life are - as you know.

My name or the song? ;)

Dick said...

What a good song. Aren't you lucky they saved the spelling for you?

JR's Thumbprints said...

I like the Counting Crows, even though the music critics haven't always been kind.