Friday, May 23, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere...

The basement flooded!


It went well. (See previous post.)

The delivery guys DID do the installation. I offered my 3rd born son (the only one home) as bribery.

Sam did the first load of laundry (his own) and then spent the next forty minutes trying to “level” the vibrating, rocking washing machine.

By eyeballing it.

We don’t have a “level.”

Life lesson: You cannot level without a level.

Hell, we no longer have a wrench, vice-grips (my tool knowledge is increasing), a decent screwdriver or various other essential tools we will probably need – someday. (Whatever they might be.)

Dirty laundry is piling up.

I will be paying a visit to the hardware store.

Any suggestions as to other tools I should buy that I don’t know I need – yet?

Instead of cursing, “g-damned washing machine, bloody hell no tools, f*ck it all…” (I did that yesterday) I shall remain level-headed (hah!) and look on the bright side.

The dryer works just fine.

And my kids are THE BEST.

Have a nice weekend…


Charlotta-love said...

a marble. You can level with a marble. place it on the washer. If it rolls to one side, elevate that side.

Okay, so a level is more efficient but a marble is cheaper. Best of luck!

Beth said...

Now I wish I'd kept all those marble collections.

La La said...

You're hysterical! File under HUMOR.

You HAD me. I actually said out loud,"Oh, SHIT!"on your behalf!

Angela said...

Great tips! I love ephiphanies like, "If you need to level something use a level." ;)

oreneta said...

Water in a lasagna dish works too...if you want to get really fancy, you can mark masking tape and stick it down each side...or put a marble in it and you won't have to keep picking it up...

Eileen said...

Very funny. I had a vision in my head that wasn't good when I read your title. You got me.

Glad the installation went well.

You have a great weekend, and don't waste a second washing clothes.


Beth said...

la la:
I'd file it under HUMOUR but it's not funny! Story of my life...
(Glad I "got ya!")

Or, "..use a hammer." ;)

Why don't I think of things like that? I still have to find a marble - and my lasagna pan. (It's been awhile.)

Such a jokester, aren't I?
The level repair better work or it's the laundromat for me.

Sherry/Cherie said...

Is this on the level?! Okay..I HAD to do it and no one else had yet...

Don't forget a hammer, an allen key often comes in handy, a good saw, a drill...a trip to Home Depot and asking someone for "basics" should be good.

And what great tips for what to use to level if you don't have a level!

Beth said...

a hammer would be good...and lots of duct tape!

Lainey-Paney said...

just buy a kit. some kind of catch all tool kit.
I also suggest screwdrivers with magnetized tips. very handy.

Psychgrad said...

Yes, I've heard duct tape fixes everything. That and a good bang with your hand. I actually used a drill for the first time this past weekend. Oh the power.

insane mama said...

You, my friend, need only ONE thing from the harware store, listen closly... It is a slightly clad young man that knows a LOT about tools. Plus if you are like me, you might want to invest in a rock saw...just because

Beth said...

Hah! You're sharp! (But are you the sharpest tool in the box?)

Those two ESSENTIAL items I do have!

As a shopper, you'll love this. Found & bought a "Gucci" screwdriver - shoots those bits out like a gun.

I've "fixed" many things with a good wallop or kick.
(I don't trust my power tool skills.)

insane mama:
Well, I'm going to Home Depot today - I'll keep my eyes open.
A rock saw??? Looks dangerous. (Maybe...)