Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Three Stooges

Would you trust these three goofy-looking guys to disconnect your old washer and dryer and install new ones?

I purchased them (the washer and dryer, not the boys) from a place that doesn’t DO installation.

One of the boys came up with the brilliant idea that the water to the washing machine must be turned off before the disconnection process took place. The other two were suitably impressed - as was I.

So there’s hope. Despite their lack of experience, they just might manage to pull this whole thing off.

Amidst much laughter, the usual good-natured evil teasing (i.e. “goosing” the guy leaning over unscrewing pipes), lint dust all over the damn place and declaring that Mom has a few screws loose, the disconnecting jobs were a success.

And I learned this: “Righty, tighty, lefty, loosey.”

But God help me, I’m afraid. The installation job is still to come.

I do not want to be the first to use the new machines.

(And I have the name of a plumber and an appliance repairman for back-up.)

As for the above picture, they’re actually very good-looking guys. They deliberately posed like that. Really.

Thanks, Curly, Larry and Moe for a job (partially) done.

We shall meet again in the laundry room.


Sherry/Cherie said...

I love to laugh in the morning -- even before I've had my coffee!! Your guys are hysterical and this photo is priceless!! I can just picture the whole process of the three of them disconnecting the old washer!! Typical guy stuff and goofing -- what else would you expect from brothers. I just hope no one got poked in the gotta watch that Moe!!

oreneta said...

They may not be the most professional installation team in the world, but they look like they are having the most fun. Have a bucket handy when you turn it on though.

Good luck!

Mrs. G. said...

I have a dishwasher that needs installing-do they travel and work for cheap?

Charlotta-love said...

Keep them handy in case you need to install a clothes line in the backyard. :o)

Beth said...

love the photo!...that looks/sounds like so much fun...and we all know how boring laundry can be...they liven it up a little!

but, um...ya...I think I'd let someone else wash the first load...ya know, just to be sure!

megan said...

My three favourite stooges. Too much fun.

Anonymous said...

Such a great picture, you can feel the fun and laughter coming off the screen!! You'll have to let us know how the whole job turns out.


Mom of Three said...

Home repair skills aside, how fantastic does your family sound in this anecdote? Pretty wonderful, I'd say!

La La said...


I'm sure it will go well!

Shari said...

Yes, good thinking. Turn water off. There's hope for them. Winks.

Three heads, no, make that four, are better than one.

Are you gonna make each of them their own favorite meals-spaghetti for one, pot roast for the other...JK. (They read this, don't they? They'll get ideas....

Angela said...

What a wonderful picture! You really are blessed, Beth. Such a shame that they're so much younger than I am! Especially since they're some of the few men on the planet I might be able to trust. ;)