Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No, I Haven't Lost My Mind

This is one of the songs Beth is dancing to these days.

Seriously. I will dance all by myself. Always have, always will.

I’ll dance at the drop of a hat (or a great beat).

Who the hell cares if anyone is watching? Occasionally, my kids will join me. The dog just moves out of the way.

Dancing is good for the soul, the spirit and the body. (And it’s a heck of a lot more fun than the treadmill.)

The song is an oldie. I heard it on the radio and found it on YouTube.

The kid in this video is a great. He cracks me up. Why this song? Why “Live at Station 13 in gorgeous Hamilton, Ontario?” (Sam – do you recognize this guy?)

Just imagine my head on his body, give the chest a little more oomph, decrease the shoe and leg size and you can SEE Beth dancing! Well, okay, our dance moves are not that similar and as a female I add in a little more hip action but our enthusiasm is a match.

If you (dare/bother) listening to it, YOU MUST PUMP IT!

And if you aren’t motivated to get off your chair and dance, at least nod your head and tap your toes! And smile at this kid!

(Re: my post title. I actually do wonder if at times my readers think I’ve “lost it” and find it difficult to come up with an appropriate comment in response to one of my crazy posts. I prefer to think of myself as a multi-faceted person – one who is capable of displaying fascinating (?) contradictions – serious/whacky, quiet/loud, shy/gregarious….)


patricia said...

I LOVE it!! How do you find these gems? This guy is amazing.

And yes, it's a great dancing tune. Though I'm sure my moves don't look as cool as this guy's. But I bet YOU can rock it with the best, can't you?

The Guy Who Writes This said...

I would never accuse you of losing it, but rather on a constant quest to find it.

Sherry/Cherie said...

Totally toe tapping, hip moving, arm swinging muuusak!!! Loved it!! ^5 my soul what would REALLY be wild would have been the two of us posting THE SAME song!!! Hey, it could happen!!! :)

Thanks for putting the spring in my step -- but gorgeous Hamilton?!? Uh, I don't think so..maybe he's moving that way from the fumes from Stelco or Dofasco!!

Cheri said...

Totally fun, yo. I don't think you've lost it . . . but that might just mean I've joined you there.

Mrs. G. said...

THis is an AWESOME song and that kid can cut a rug. Keep dancing, girlie.

Sam said...

The more i watch this video, the more the guy reminds me of my housemate...hmm...

...and as a side note, although few and far between, there are some nice areas of hamilton.

Beth said...

I can rock to MY best but not with THE best!

Upon first reading your comment, I smiled. And then I began to wonder - is a constant quest to find my mind a good thing?

Obviously, spring has hit us both with a rocking punch! (See Sam's comment below - he has taken issue with your "take" on Hamilton...)

Wherever we are, it's a fun place to be!

mrs. g.:
"Cut a rug." Love it. My mom used to say that.

If it's your housemate, next time he makes a video, join him. You are your mother's son and you CAN DANCE, kiddo!

Eileen said...

Hey, you got us girls, down here in New York dancing, with it cranked up really, really loud. Perfect dancing music, and to get me out of that "I just want to take a nap." funk, instead of going to make dinner. Thanks for the push..I'm reading to cook dinner all Big Chill like.

Shari said...

Cool. Thanks for sharing the video clip. Looks like the neighbor boy (note to self: will have to look closer...)

I'm learning a few moves. I love the beat to this song. Totally dancable, let-your-hair-down kind of muzik.

You, lose your mind? You have it together. Be it far for me to judge you. BTW, I liked how you wrote about yourself in the third person.

your earliest dancing partner said...

Beth! you HAVE to bring this up to the cotttage for US!!! It's been too long since we danced! I loved this guy. Actually, he looks a lot like you in the video Chris took at Christmas of you in the kitchen. Maybe Chris posted it and this guy is copying you!?

Beth said...

Perfect! My post was a success - got some other people dancing!
(I dance around while getting dinner ready too...)

It really does have a great beat.
(And there is a possibility that I am losing my mind - but who really cares?)

dancing partner:
I am in shock at the public mention of that video!
And - HAH! - I deleted it!

Beth said...

you always find the good stuff!!!

I love to dance! I used to go out dancing all the's been years since I've done that. I dance by myself at home tho!

La La said...

I could use some dancing these days. Love it. Love you.

Beth said...

Ah, the older we get, the fewer the opportunities to dance - so we make our own! You'll be dancing at your daughter's wedding!

la la:
Your dancing days will return.
They always do. (I promise.) xxoo

cipriano said...

Beth, how did you ever find this old video-footage of me dancing?
Wow, it really brings back memories for me.
Now I am all energized to go to work!
-- Cip

Beth said...

It was simple. Went to YouTube, used the key words "Cip in his prime" and voila!
(God, you were good...)

benjibopper said...

my wife is a big public dancer too. her two favourite dance floors are at the grocery store and at my office.

Sherry/Cherie said...

With humble apologies to Sam...I'm sure there are some nice parts in Hamilton... where???

Sherry/Cherie said...

With humble apologies to Sam...I'm sure there are some nice parts in Hamilton... where???

All Mod Cons said...

Yep, this guy is rather amusing to say the least. I think I'm just going to have to memorise his moves & go and freak some people out...

Beth said...

Aretha was blasting "Respect" at the grocery store today. I (discreetly) danced.

I don't see a response from Sam. He must be seriously offended - or busy doing school work!

Please, please make a video if you do...
(I'll post it here.)

VE said...

I'm dance-a-phopic. I'd dance at the drop of a hat too (and thank God very few people wear hats anymore so I'll never have too...)

Beth said...

What a very sad affliction.
If I ever meet you, I will be sure to wear a hat - and drop it.

Gary said...

Hey, that got me moving. I have to admit, I couldn't put your head on that dude's body, but he does move well. I bet you do too you dancing bookworm you!

Dorky Dad said...

At least people are wondering whether you lost it. I think people figured out that I lost it long ago.

I don't know what "it" is, though.

Beth said...

I do move well - what I actually look like is another matter.
Happy to hear the music got you moving!

dorky dad:
We ("the people") figured out you have "it" - a great sense of humour and a wonderful, wacky way of looking at the world.

Angela said...

Fabulous! And I agree, I think it just means that you're the whole enchilada, Beth! Thinking of you dancing (and the dog moving out of the way) totally makes me smile. Dance, on, woman!