Friday, February 01, 2008

G'day, Mate! (For Ted)

I was checking my stats to see if The World Traveler (son # 2 – now in Australia) is keeping tabs on his mother.

I discovered that someone from the Down Under continent has been visiting this blog - actually, more than one person.

I’m still getting (perverse) hits from Australia (and elsewhere) re: that Little Girls and Big B*llies post.

But it would not be MY BOY Googling that kind of stuff!

(He would be the one using my url.)

Anyway, Teds, if that’s you checking in, here’s a picture of your puppy dog.

Major is fine. He’s as strange as ever and he misses you.

We all do!

P.S. So sorry to hear how hot and humid it is there. Poor boy. Those of us in Toronto have been bombarded by another “warning/alert” status snowstorm.


oreneta said...

That was a cool post....Hi Ted!!! Hope you're having fun!

Sherry said...

What a lovely way to say hello to Ted!!! Major looks like he misses him!!!

Oh I wish I was where Ted is now, don't you?!?! Crap, diddly crap. I'm going out today -- have to. But I will not be "torontarded" as Rick Mercer calls us, oh no -- I have a toque and I know how to wear it!! :)

Get facebook girlfriend and you and the boy can talk all the time!!!

megan said...

Hey Ted and Andria! I hold you solely responsible for Federer not winning the Australian Open.....keep having fun and keep safe. Love ya, Mimi xoxo

Misplaced said...

I've had odd hits from search engines for a few of the posts I've written Mainly from Ireland. Ireland must not have cable TV yet.

Eileen said...

I loved this, what a cool mom you are! I bet Ted is having a great time, and is most definately checking in on his mom.

Major looks just like Sadie, except Sadie is the color of a deer. Those huge paws, look so familar. He is so beautiful, you just want to cuddle with him! Great picture.

Stay warm (hope your furnace is working perfectly now) and safe. Curl up with a wonderful book.


Mrs. G. said...

Hi Ted!

La La said...

Great photo of the dog. Definitely looks like he misses Ted!


Shari said...

Smart guy. In Australia away from all this WONDERFUL snow? Artic air? He sure is missing a lot NOT. Maybe.

Tell him to bring all tha warm air with him when he comes home. LOL.

Poor pup. Midnight looks like that when the girls are at school.

Dorky Dad said...

Wait. You have to check your stats to see if he reads your blog? Can't you call him up and give him a guilt trip like other moms?

Oh, and HI TED!!! Don't forget to wash behind your ears! And watch those joeys!

Beth said...

awww...Major is cute and i love his name...he looks like an old guy.

And "poor Ted"...all that suna nd warmth...enough to kill a horse.

Barrie said...

I am not getting odd hits. I want some. Wah! Hi Ted! Hey, Beth, hope you're loving the snow!

Lynda said...

Ewwwww... who knew there were so many freaky weirdo perverts in Australia. Lucky I got away!

I get more hits for my 'twice cooked duck legs' than for anything else! google is great!

ted said...

Hello everyone! We have been checking the blog when we get a chance. Just to make everyone feel bad the weather is beautiful here. Sunny and 36 degrees!

Thanks for the pic of Maj! Give him a kiss for me!

Beth said...

Kisses bestowed to Major - despite his smelly breath.
Love ya!