Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Miracle!

Wow - after just two days on the treadmill I look like this:

Mission accomplished.

Truthfully? My legs are fine but my butt hurts.

P.S. For those of you watching the SUPER BOWL today – enjoy! Football is not my thing but I do appreciate sports enthusiasm/fanaticism.


Sherry said...

Hey! I thought I recognized you!!!
Of course your butt hurts -- it's used to being "sat" on, not walking!!! Now, when your legs hurt too--call me!! LOL! If you can still sit to pee you're good to go!!!

For that sore butt? I recommend a lovely bath with epsom salts -- works a charm!!

Keep going girl!!!

oreneta said...

Hey,'s amazing how that machine can give you a tan as well!

Good luck with the aches.

Anonymous said...

Aren't treadmills the best! You look great.

Good for you for sticking to your Feb. 1st goal!! The aches will definately go away, soon. Keep on walking!


Anonymous said...

Hey you stole MY picture! That was me right after I had my third baby...

You just need to 6,000 reps a day.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm going to have to replace my elliptical with your treadmill--I've never had those kind of results!

Beth said...

I think the cure for the sore butt is to keep on using the damn machine.
(The fact that you recognized me speaks volumes for your imagination.)

I have to admit - the tan is fake.

Yup, quite an amazing machine.
(I won't inquire as to your progress...)

I need 6000 reps, surgery and a personal trainer.

Just follow my lead (and my lies...)

Brendan said...

Man, I dunno. Treadmills seem dangerous.

Or had you already lost your head?

Beth said...

Lost my head/mind years ago!

La La said...

YAY! You got started. I have a treadmill waiting for me!!!

Keep me posted on your progress. How long are you walking/running? Did you start slow?

sid said...

You're serious? Two days and that's what you look like? Hate you.

Beth said...

la la:
Start slow?! Do fish swim?
A 1/2 mile at a "not-so-very-high" speed.

You're new here. I can't tell if you're kidding. I certainly was!

Attila The Mom said...


I ended up taking a nap. LOL

charlotta-love said...

I'm getting a treadmill!

Shari said...

Good for you. Me, too. I could use some lipsuction...

patricia said...

Ha ha – I was gonna say the same thing as Trish – you stole my pic!

Sore butt? I recommend a massage...heh.

Oh, and re: Super Bowl...Hooray for the GIANTS!!! (You'll have to read today's post to understand my enthusiasm).

Beth said...

Naps are all part of a healthy lifestyle. (And you probably needed one..)

I should give you the make and model number of mine so that you are assured similar (astounding) results.

I was actually kidding about the surgery - no one is coming near me with a knife or whatever...

Gotta find someone to do that massage!
Read your post - that win was quite a thrill for Guy and a big relief for you!

Nomad said...

MMMmmm...Beth...YOUR abs look just like MY ABS!!!




Go Girl!!!

(How about an excercise off!!)

*Challenge ya!!!* (from one ailing "backie" to another!!

Beth said...

We'll have to compare abs when we meet. Maybe next summer? Perhaps by then I can find them.
As for an "exercise off," I think that's been my problem up until now - being "off" exercise.
(Walking is great for the back!)

Princess Pointful said...

I'm glad you had some spandex ready just for the occasion!

Dorky Dad said...

Well, I'd hope you'd look like that if you spent TWO STRAIGHT DAYS on a treadmill. Sheesh. Did somebody bring you food? Did you at least take potty breaks?

Beth said...

princess pointful:
As if...

dorky dad:
Food was delivered - a potty was installed.