Wednesday, January 30, 2008

(Perhaps) For Women Only

Front page blurb in yesterday’s Globe and Mail:

Breast Size and Diabetes

“A new Canadian study suggests women with a bra size of D or larger are five times more likely to develop diabetes than women with an A cup.”

Serious subject matter and I read the entire article. However, I confess I was prompted to do so because upon reading the blurb, my first thought was purely one of self interest. “Where do I fit (literally) into the study as a size B?”

(I have no problem admitting my bra size. What the hell does it matter? If I was a double or triple D, perhaps I would be a tad more circumspect – although I’m not sure why.)

And the article did address the B cup issue.

“Women with B and C cup sizes - the most common - saw their risk increase concomitant to cup size.”

Okay, so I’m in the most common category but I caught a bit of a break for being there.

I also learned another interesting fact – how bra cup size is measured.

“Bra cup size is traditionally determined by measuring the horizontal chest circumference just under the breasts, adding five inches and subtracting the total from the circumference at the fullest part of the breasts. A net difference of one inch is equivalent to an A cup, and four inches is a D cup. Cup size also provides a reasonable approximation of breast volume and hence amount of fat.”

I had to read that three times before figuring out exactly what to do. And I don’t plan on doing it. I am not a fan of measuring tapes touching my body nor of math. It also seems like a lot of work.

I’m just going to go with what fits and trust the lingerie department’s sizing.

And be very grateful to even have my “B” buddies. Many women no longer do.

Ladies, do check out the article – both for yourselves and for your daughters.


charlotta-love said...

I'm an "Almost A".

patricia said...

Sigh...yes, I heard this in the news...and no, I cannot understand those instructions. But I know I'm bigger than a B, baby. So I guess on top of having dense breasts, which means I have a greater risk of breast cancer, I can now add diabetes to the list.

Sure seems like there aren't too many benefits to being well-endowed these days...but were there ever any benefits? Personally, it's been a pain on many levels to be stacked.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

I guess diabetes is a granted for anyone with man boobs as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes very interesting article indeed. The more you know the better prepared you are.

I am pretty much in the middle as well but try not to take my health for granted.

Beth said...

And that would be difficult to measure... ;)

All these medical findings can be depressing, huh?
I was never stacked so never experienced the "benefits." (Glad now.)

Good point. No men in the study and no men mentioned in the article. Just assume...

Are we ever really ever prepared? We just do the best we can.

oreneta said...

The single most important thing to do is self examination every single month...most people find it themselves first, and as we all know, the earlier is better.

Rebecca said...

Is this really about larger cup size = fatter woman = increased risk? And if so, was the bra cup size angle just a way to get attention, instead of the usual "obesity linked to diabetes?" which perhaps not as many people pay attention to?

Sornie said...

My only questions are: was this an in-person interview and who decides to study these things. At least this is a relevant medical study but some studies are utter garbage.

Shari said...

I was thinking the same thing Rebecca was. Bigger women have bigger chests. I fall in the middle, too. I can't imagine being so big chested and bouncing as I exercise. Ugh.

Thomas said...

I am a guy and I read this post. I have a sister and lots of female friends. I like to be an informed discussion partner for women's issues too.

Yolanda said...

Looks like I am in that high risk group. I wish I were a B or C.

Sherry said...

I heard this on yesterday's news. I'm all for research and I'm sure there is truth to their findings, but once again it's women and breasts -- we are penalized for so many things because we have breasts. *sigh*

Beth said...

And regular mammograms as well...

No, bra size wasn't used as an angle to get attention. Bra size and obesity are separate factors.

92,106 participants took part in the study - part of the Nurses Health Study - a massive research project begun in 1989.

Being big breasted certainly carries many negatives.

Good man! I like your attitude.

Just do what you can regarding any and all factors contributing to the risk of developing diabetes.

I hear you, kiddo - and it just doesn't seem fair.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard about this article yet, but I will check it out. I don't know what I can do about my cup size, it has stayed pretty consistent if my weight is up or down. Can't win with this one.

La La said...

Interesting. I have pretty big girls, so I guess my risks are greater. I know women who are D cups and weigh 140, so big breasts don't always mean the person is overweight.

I'll have to read the article.

Barrie said...

How very interesting. And in terms of the cup measurement thing--I kinda sorta remember something along those lines from junior high sewing class a gazillion moons ago. :)

Maggie R said...

Hi Beth,
Another Canadian! I'm down the road in Ingersoll!!
Yes I saw this article as well... Godfreys another survey ..... don't "they " have anything better to do.Many years ago they said having big babies was an indication of diabetes. I had 10 pound babies and I was a small girl of 119 pounds. Guess what.... I am now a diabetic!!! always was B cup!! Who knew.....
I have almost quit looking at the news and newspapers.... With this cold weatyher i can feel bad enough as it is!!! Oh Sweet Spring.... Where are you?!?! ;-}
((((((big warm hugs))))

Mrs. G. said...

This is not good news for me. That's all I'm sayin'

Princess Pointful said...

A bit of a blessing for my often cursed Bs.

Lainey-Paney said...

It seems to already make sense to me: overweight women have a higher risk for diabetes. overweight women have a higher chance of having big boobs.
I me, this seems like a no-brainer....