Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Serves Me Right

I did a dumb-ass thing the other day. I succumbed to the pressure of advertising and decided to partake of the fountain of youth. Well, not actually drink from it - more like smear goop all over my face in order to attain (or fake) a “dewy” “shimmery” look.

What a doofus.

It was a particularly stupid thing to do because I have extremely sensitive skin and have avoided make-up for years (i.e. most of my life) for that very reason. I thought a) the quality of products might have evolved over time and b) if the “goop” stated “hypoallergenic/for sensitive skin” I was covered.

Well, I was covered, all right – in stuff that nearly burned my skin off.

I put it on, smiled at myself in the mirror (because that’s what you do when you add “touches” – give yourself a preview of that devastating smile and look you’ll be presenting to the world), noted no change at all but figured the stuff must take awhile to work. (Gotta simmer to shimmer...)

I then watched TV with one of my kids and felt my skin getting somewhat tingly. The shimmer thing was happening! Tingly morphed into irritation and then into downright pain. Without admitting to a damn thing, I excused myself. Walked from the room and RAN upstairs to the bathroom.

Arghh! Burning! Red face visible through the goop! And because I don’t wear make-up, there was no stash of glop (a.k.a. make-up remover) to get the bloody stuff off. Panic. Soap and water. Scrub. More soap and water. Scrub. Splashes of cold water to ease the burning. Pat gently dry because at this point I was really hurting.

No smiling at the mirror this time. I was looking at red blotches from forehead to neck.

Never again.

In truth (and, okay, with a touch of vanity) I think my skin is in pretty darn good condition. And I credit years of NO make-up for this. Sure I have laugh lines at the eyes and mouth – I wouldn’t look human without them.

As for that dewy and shimmery look? Dew belongs on the grass and whose face actually shimmers anyway?

It’s back to the basics – Pears soap and a gentle moisturizer.

Not only am I comfortable in my skin, I prefer to remain comfortable with my skin.


Anonymous said...

OUCH! That sounds awful Beth! My skin is exactly like that. It is so sensitive to anything new, especially on my face. That is why I have used the basic 1,2,3 step Clinique since I was 18. It works for me. If I try new things on my face, I get the similar reaction. I hate that so much.

Hope your feeling better and the redness and pain is gone. Stick to the basics. Your right, you face does not need to shimmer and shine. That comes from within anyway!


oreneta said...

o o o o o

How horrid. For what it is worth as a non-make up type as well, if you want to get makeup or any sort of goopy facial stuff, use a rich moisturiser or sunscreen and rub it all over the make up...careful around the eyes if you use sunscreen...then wipe that off...finishing up with good old soap and water. This will take off everything up to and including stage makeup/grease paint

The Guy Who Writes This said...

I hear you. Sun tan lotion even burns me.

Anonymous said...
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All Mod Cons said...

Shimmery skin belongs to greasy pikeys. Or those people that sweat a lot, and nobody likes that. So I'd say you had a cracking escape, albeit a burning one.

Hope your skin feels better soon!

I use paint on my skin. Not through choice though. Occupational hazzard. And I even use that moisturiser stuff. Not all the time, just after shaving.

And I'm telling you this because?! Sorry, waffling moment...

Sherry said...

Oh Beth...that sounded awful...and there's no worse feeling when you know you haven't anything to take it off with!!! I think you are better off with nothing and doing what you have been doing...why tamper with perfection??

I'm not sure if this would have helped but it might be a good idea to keep some witch hazel in the house...I think it has amazing properties and can do so many things!

Sherry said...


there you are ... I just googled it...and it does a multitude of things...it acts as an astringent and releases inflammation...it is also good for hemmorhoids...and laryngitis...a wonderful natural rememdy.

Aren't I just a "font" of knowledge!! LOL!

Jan said...

I'm glad you're back to normal, and feeling comfortable in your skin. We've all done something like this, you're just brave enough to tell the world.

Beth said...

Hmm, should I try Clinique?
Nope, think I'll leave well enough alone.

And thus, why my career as an aspiring (brilliant) actress was cut short. Couldn't hack the make-up!

I have to use sunscreen for babies on my face and even with that, if it gets near my eyes, I'm in big trouble.

Waffle on...it's interesting.
Can't imagine trying to get paint off my face.
Greasy pikeys???

Tamper with perfection?? God bless you!
I've noted the site - guess if make-up remover is not a staple around here, witch hazel should be.

Well, I'm back to what passes for normal - for me!
As for being brave? I just have no sense of shame...

Shari said...

I hope the red blotches are gone. Ugh. And ouch.

I don't wear make-up. Just mascara (only when I go out) and lip gloss. Sometimes eyeliner. Forget the foundation and make-up. (I never could get it even). I'm pretty much natural all the way, though I do tend to have dry skin around my forehead and try to keep it moisterized. I fuss with my hair more than I do my face when we go somewhere. That's my crowning glory-then no one looks at my face. ;)

Shimmery skin? Makes me think of rainbow trout or fish with silver scales. LOL

Take care and there's nothing wrong with being comfortable with your own skin.

Mrs. G. said...

We have very similar beauty routines. I have gone without make-up for so long that when I put it on, it looks weird to me. And then I proceed to wipe my eyes and get the raccoon look that only makes me look older. Hope the pain is gone. You're cute just the way you are.

La La said...

Sounds like something I'd totally do!!!

Hope your face is back to its natural radiance, and thanks for reminding me that I have a propensity for doing this same thing!!!


Beth said...

I can't even use mascara and eyeliner. Lip gloss, yes - when I remember...

Pain is gone - and I'm back to my natural (bare-faced) look. Which I may not love, but I certainly now appreciate very much.

la la:
"Natural radiance." I like that. Much better than "shimmering."

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! That sounds terrible. Still, you had to try again, just to see, right? Hope you make a full recovery soon.

Gary said...

I'm sure you're right about what's best for your skin (and probably everyone else's) but that sure made for a good story.

Did the boys sympathize or chuckle?

Barrie said...

I wonder what the ingredient was that irritated your skin?

And I had to smile at the picture. I'm totally hooked on Pears soap. Have to get my family to bring me down bars when they visit. It's hard to find down here.

Hope your skin clears up quickly.

Beth said...

Well, I really didn't have to try again - vanity and being bombarded by advertising finally got to me...

The reaction of the boys? Shaking of heads, chuckles - the usual. And some sympathy.

Way too risky to try figuring out the ingredient - in that product or any other.
Pears soap is wonderful!

Beth said...

oh man!!!! You sound like my girl...she has very very sensitive skin and can only use Dove on her face. she breaks out in hives if she even LOOKS at something else!!

smear some yogurt on there and feel better!

Lainey-Paney said...

I have sooooooooo done that before.
My face can be sensitive to some products, and not others.
And---I'm allergic to close-up toothpaste. I discovered this one day when I was brushing & got toothpaste all around my mouth on my face. Within about 15 minutes, my mouth & lips & "muzzle" area (you like that reference???) were all burning. Looked in the mirror---it was like a red goatee framing my swollen lips. so gross.

charlotta-love said...

I went to a "makeup" party one time where this professional-smessional person stood up and told us about these miraculous products. This particular lotion was supposed to solve any problem: dry skin, acne, world peace, etc. I tried it and immediately became flush. It was awful. I've since gone back to my regular lotion. works fine!

Princess Pointful said...

Delicious last line, Beth.
Up until then, I was horrified on your behalf. Eek!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

eeee! haha, I can relate to this blog, that is never a good feeling. ever. YOur own skin is much better.

Attila The Mom said...

OWWWWW!!! I feel for you! Well, at least my armpits do, having burned the skin off there a time or two.