Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Middle Place: A Memoir - Kelly Corrigan

(TO ALL - have been preoccupied with other matters…will attempt to catch up ASAP.)

For author Kelly Corrigan, The Middle Place is “...that sliver of time when parenthood and childhood overlap.” When she is diagnosed with breast cancer, the child within her reaches out to home, to her parents.

As she states in the prologue: “And that’s what this whole thing is about. Calling home. Instinctively. Being grown up enough to move across the country, meet a man, have kids…when, truth be told, you still feel more like somebody’s daughter.”

And, yes, I gravitated to yet another book about family, love and loss but this book is written with such grace and humour that it doesn’t make you sad. Aware and appreciative of everything you have, yes. Moved by Kelly’s journey, yes. But not sad or despondent. In fact, there are many laugh out loud moments. Kelly Corrigan is one brave, funny lady.

As she battles and copes with the disease, she also takes us back to her childhood – the defining moments of that past life. She is unabashed in her love and devotion to her parents and siblings and is particularly close to her father.

“He defined me first, as parents do. Those early characterizations that can become the shimmering self-image we take to heart or the limited, stifling perception we rail against for a lifetime.”

This is a story of love, of courage, of tremendous spirit and of growing up and letting go (just a little) of those ties that bind to the family we begin our lives with. The family we go on to create ourselves must then take priority in our lives.

Do click on the link to watch this video – it will give you a glimpse of Kelly Corrigan, her family and the marvelous story she has tell.

Thank you, Ms. Corrigan, for sharing. It was a pleasure and an honour.


Mrs. G. said...

Love the cover, and, yes, I do often judge a book by it's cover (and wine by it's label). It sounds wonderful. Thanks for the recommendation. I am continually drawn to these types of book as well.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the review - I was thinking about picking this book up for Apryl.

Sherry said...

Okay...this is probably the first book we don't agree on...I was given a copy of this to preview and I'm still struggling through reading it.

It's doing nothing for me at all. I feel like she's just a spoiled "rich" (I don't mean in the financial sense) girl and then breast cancer happened to her.

Uplifting, inspirational? Not for me. And you know I'm a breast cancer veteran.

Maybe it's because I had no parents to cry home to, no family left (other than my husband and children) to help me through this. Maybe because having breast cancer made me realize I stand on my own two feet all the time.

I'll finish the book but I'm definitely giving it a pan.

Sherry said...

In case anyone is interested, I had planned to review this book today and I think it is so uncanny that I read your review first Beth...weird, but no coincidence. If you want to see my review, you can check it out on Abreast in the World...

oreneta said...

Hi there Beth....I've read a review of this book somewhere else as well, but I am not sure where....strange this one is getting so much coverage.

La La said...

I'm going to go read Sherry's review too. Interesting that you've both written about it and that you have very different feelings about it.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a book I would love to read! I am surprised that you and Sherry have such different opinions, but that is how books are. They speak to each of us in a different way. I am going to order this one, it just sounds so compelling. I love books about family, and going back, and usually I am drawn to memoirs in general. Thanks for the review!

Beth said...

hope you are well and things are ok.....

Nomad said...

Thanks Beth!
Glad to see you back, was wondering about this book as I did enjoy her last.

Thanks for the review I enjoyed it, I look forward to reading the book in the near future.
wanted to email you but I do not see your mail me button anymore...Do you still have my address?
I have a question for you.

Hope you are well!

Beth said...

If you click on the "View My Complete Profile" link, it will take you to my email address.
(Looking forward to hearing from you.)

Shari said...

Great review, as usual!! :) I think I still am that "little girl" too. I am adult, yet I don't always feel grown up in my thoughts and actions. Gotta be goofy.

Sounds like a book I nust, MUSt read. Thanks for recommending it.

Minnesota Matron said...

I've written this down. It seems like I'm always returning to the first home as I try to create my own, wherever I am. And it's a bumpy revisiting. Thanks!

Obsessedwithlife said...

I also enjoyed the book and left a review on my blog!