Thursday, January 17, 2008

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Behold my amateur photography efforts to show you some of the art displayed on the walls in my home.

(Be thankful I am not displaying my own artistic work again.)

Picture # 1 is a favourite. I’m unable to explain why. I just happen to like the visual effects. For all I know, it could be a rendition of the apocalypse or interesting blood splatter from a gruesome death. No matter. I don’t feel obliged to explain my reasons for liking abstract art – or any art. It either speaks to you at some level or it doesn’t.

Picture # 2 is my VERY favourite. It too appears to be a work of abstract art. Or perhaps it would be more appropriate to describe this as an example of impressionism since it actually is a five year old’s impression of an outdoor scene. (From the collection: Sam Stewart – The Early Years.)

This particular artist did not trust the general public to understand the meaning behind his art. He provided an explanation.

“I am on this side of East.
It is night time.”

However, it is left up to the observer to wonder why the sun is shining during the night and to contemplate what it means to be “on this side of east.” Ah, the mystery of it all…

I love this painting!

If you feel the urge to fill your home with meaningful, beautiful works of art, I suggest framing some of your children’s best efforts. To my keen and observant eye, there’s not a whole lot of difference between these two paintings.

And money aside, which painting do you think is of greater value to me?


Psychgrad said...

That's really sweet - I don't think my art ever made it past my mom's fridge.

I'd love to get some real art for my walls rather than the Imaginus poster sales stuff from university.

Mrs. G. said...

Picture number one is beautiful, but picture number two is exquisite. It has more depth and meaning.

Diesel said...

I like them both. The 2nd one looks like the cover of a children's book.

Speaking of books... I don't have any plans right now to do another book. I'm sure I'll do another collection eventually, but right now I'm working on a novel. I've got about 130 pages written, but that's taken me over a year, so it could be a while....

Beth said...

Those are great Beth. Love 'em! I think the first one is my favorite, and being a fan of serial killers, I like to think it's a blood splatter! ;)

Princess Pointful said...

Number two seems like the money choice!!

Sherry said...

Ah Beth, I'm loving this post!! My first instinct of course is to tell you that I love painting has such emotional elements...and the asset value of #2 is worth more than all the tea in china as we used to say as kids!! I think Sam was really on to something!! is in the eye of the beholder and we never need a reason for why we like just appeals to us and that's all that matters!

oreneta said...

Your right, I have to frame up some of my kid's work....

Aside here, are you having trouble loading blogger? I cannot get on to post. Grrrr

Anonymous said...

I have some favourite art work of my kids that I would like to display but they painted on BOTH sides of the paper so I don't know which side to show. Right now I just have the loose and lining a shelf on my bookcase...I'll have to get around to framig them soon.

I love how you have done yours! What a great keepsake.

Beth said...

"Real" art? I'll sell you some of Sam's! (With his permission...)

But of course - as does my boy!

I'll tell the boys not to hold their breath waiting for the next book - but, damn, they loved that first one!

A fan of serial killers??
Hmm - about that meeting of bloggers...

princess pointful:
Sold! (Never.)

Yes, #2 is precious to me - as is Sam.

You, of all people, should be framing some of their wonderful art!
(And, no - no problem loading blogger - I just tried for you.)

Both sides? Just switch 'em up every once in a while!

linda said...

I vote hands down for picture #2. What a wonderful idea to frame your kids' pictures!! Never would have thought to do that...

Shari said...

I like picture #1. I like color-rich, vibrant. Most of the pictures I've got are Home Interior stuff. Pretty, but not personal.

Good tip: To frame the kids' masterpieces.

Dorky Dad said...

I like the first one. Both are nice, but I like the first one the most. I'd put that up in my house.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'd put them both up.

Beth said...

Works for me! I'm kind of partial to the personal touch when it comes to decorating.

If you want vibrant colours, just make a request from the in-house artists!

dorky dad:
Lucky you - years and years to complete your art collection with the help and talent of "The Boy!"

Anonymous said...

I think painting number 2 in priceless. I love it. I always frame and hang up my childrens art. It looks better to me than prints I have spent a lot more money on. It means a lot more too.

In my closet, I have a pile, waiting to be framed. I always tell David, for my birthday or mother's day, surprise me, have it framed. So precious.
Love this.

cipriano said...

I think both paintings are wonderful, Beth.
The first one is sort of like a frantic angst. That's what I would call it, if I were the artiste!
Frantic Angst on Canvas.

The second one though, wow, I instantly see a black cat sort of standing up in some early spring snow, the grass poking through.
Done by a five-year old? That's awesome.
You know, I once went on an audio-tour of the National Gallery, down the street from me here, and the recorded voice in my headphones said, "When you say, of a painting, 'My three-year old could have done that,' you pay art it's highest compliment."

La La said...

I like abstract art, too, and the pieces in your home are wonderful!

My sister has framed some of the art her sons have created, and I love seeing it around her house. If I didn't know it was painted by the boys, I'd think she bought it somewhere. It's that beautiful.

As for my friend, I've contacted her several times, and she is not willing to talk right now. She's going through a really hard time related to other issues, and she's shut me out completely. She won't tell me if I did or said something, so I really don't know. I told her exactly what you said, "I can't attempt to fix it, if you don't tell me what it is."

For now, I wait and I pray and I hope.

Thanks for all of your comments on my blog.

Lovin' your blog!

Barrie said...

What a great idea-to frame your kid's art! Imagine how that must feel to the artist! This other really neat idea I saw (and have bought the hardware, but am waiting to put it up until after we've repainted inside): You take decorative drawer knobs, attach them to the wall, string wire between the knobs. Then you use binder clips to hang your art on the wire. I don't think I explained it very well. But it does look good. And if I added a few framed pictures a la Beth's!

Minnesota Matron said...

Hmmm. Now there's a tough question. That's a beautiful eye your guy has, there. We too frame our kids art work--smaller stuff---and it's all around the house. I once bought a nude of an old woman at a garage sale; the artist was moving to Florida and selling hundreds and hundreds of paintings. It's above our fireplace and I love it, because it was $25 and it's good and I talked to the artist. But I love the floppy fish in lavender on my desk (Scarlett, circa turn of century) more.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's always more meaningful to have the backstory from the artist him/herself.

kristi said...

I like them both, but the 2nd is my favorite!