Monday, December 31, 2007

Ringing/Eating in the New Year

No New Year’s Resolutions for me. I just break them and get pissed off at myself.

Well, actually there is one. I started it last week.

Eat all THE DAMN CANDY AND CHOCOLATE lying around this place by mid-January - or sooner.

“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.” Oscar Wilde

I think mine is a realistic goal. Very doable.

Happy New Year To All!

(And make those resolutions realistic ones – like I did…)


Tammy said...

I've been "getting rid of" chocolate since Halloween...urgg!!!

Happy New Year to you! I've started a new private blog and will send you an invite. I hope to see you there!


patricia said...

Ha ha! I like that attitude! (Though fool that I am, I'm going to try and knock off a few pounds this year). So eat the chocolate for me!

And a very Happy New Year right back at ya!

The Guy Who Writes This said...

I'm Jonse-ing here, all the cookies are gone.

Anonymous said...

Right on sister!

My resolution is to have the gingerbread house picked clean by wednesday.

Happy 2008!

Anonymous said...

I am loving this one!! It is the best idea I have heard. I think I will start with breakfast, ha. I hate making New Years resolutions, but I always do. Check out Easy Bake Mom at blogspot. I think you will like her list too!!

Happy New Year to you too, my friend!


Sherry said...

I always knew there was something I liked about Oscar Wilde!!!! I think I made that resolve a few weeks ago...and I've gained back all the weight I lost a few months ago...why oh why does it take so long to get it off and only seconds to put it ON?!??!? Ack!!!!

Many, many blessings to you my fabulous new friend for better days ahead, for good fortune, good friends, good times and much love...all that you deserve.

I'm clinking my glass with yours in this virtual toast....

Happy New Day, Happy New Year!!!


charlotta-love said...

Ah yes. We are true chocoholics. Happy New Year. btw: one of my goals is to blog the meme you tagged me with. :o)

Patti said...

I'm yielding to champagne and artichoke dip tonight! Happy New Year!

Barrie said...

Beth, I do believe you've found a very attainable NYE resolution! I expect absolute success! Happy New Year!

Beth said...

Happy New Year Beth! May this year bring you Lots of happiness and a really hot guy! ;)

Shari said...

What New Year's Resoultion? (snort)

Love the quote. Got a lot of chocolate from Santa to eat. Let's be quilt-free. Eat and be merry.

Palm Springs Savant said...

now I know you ARE a sensible woman. A chocolate diet is da bomb!


Jen M. said...

Happy New Year!!

Dorky Dad said...

My new year's resolution is to move. At all. I haven't moved since Thanksgiving. Ugh. I feel huge.

Princess Pointful said...

Happy 2008, Beth!
My resolution is to escape my parent's house without any further gorging... just one more day... wish me luck!

Mary said...

You can also toss some chocolate to the mices. It could kill them, much like dogs? Or they could grow fat and weak and crave more chocolate, doing nearly anything to get some, raking through the cupboards at night-- oh wait, that's me!

Attila The Mom said...

I decided that my only resolution is to learn how to make REAL chili rellenos. LOL

At least then I'll feel like I accomplished something!

hip_ragdoll said...

I love this resolution -- instead of throwing it out or wasting it, you've given yourself a goal and will be darned if you don't eat it all before you start your self-imposed famine from said treats.


Captain Cat said...

What a brilliant resolution! I like it. I think I'm giong to have to somehow think of a similar one (although all I have here is a jar of Nutella - which is chocolate spread). I give myself til the end of the week to eat the whole jar!

Achievable, simple and pleasurable goals.

Fab blog by the way!