Sunday, December 30, 2007


Never mind that previous wimpy post. I’m fuming now…

Let’s talk about gas. All kinds.

I have a gas leak in my front yard which was discovered last summer. Apparently it wasn’t dangerous enough to do anything about then – or now.

I called the gas company today because a neighbour informed me she could smell gas as she walked to my front door.

As of today, the reading is 20 parts per million. I don’t know what the hell “parts per” refers to and I don’t care. One part per million is more than enough for me if you can smell the damn stuff.

Repair job to take place in two to six weeks - if I’m not bumped out of my place in line by a true emergency.

And the gas meter was also leaking. That was fixed. BFD.

And my dog has diarrhea - so he’s leaking gas too.

It stinks everywhere around here. Inside and out.

And my furnace is making those damn rumbling noises again – since yesterday. Sounds like it’s labouring to keep going.

Stay alive until tomorrow, you sucker.

And the (flat) roof over my front porch is leaking. Too much snow accumulation up there. Drip, drip, drip…

It’s been a sh*t day. And it’s not over.

Hey, the man from the gas company told me it was perfectly safe to start the car, light matches or have a butt outside by the gas leak.

Little sparks don’t matter…

Maybe I’ll take the dog outside (gas meets gas) and light up.



Psychgrad said...

Something about "little sparks don't matter" is not very reassuring.

I hope your gas problem gets sorted out soon. :)

patricia said...

Oh geez. So much for my New Year's wish! (Though mind you, it ain't the new year yet...still crossing fingers for a stress-free year!)

And hoping that somehow this problem can get fixed sooner rather than later. How can a gas leak ever NOT be a big concern??? Is there no one else you can call?

Beth said...

Yeah, I didn't find it too reassuring either. Nor the remark about not hesitating to call again if the gas smell gets any stronger!

Can't think of anyone else to call. If the gas company isn't concerned (LIKE I AM!) I guess I'll just have to rely on The Big Guy. (You know, the Big Guy in the Sky...)

Mary said...

Oh my. Stay away from matches and hot foods!

Princess of the Universe said...

Eeek! I'd avoid all sparks...little or otherwise...

cipriano said...

To me, perhaps the most urgent problem involves the DOG!
Has he.... released his pressure?
-- Cip

Anonymous said...

Gas leaks are gas leaks and they freak me out. The comment about little sparks not mattering, would not make me feel the least bit better. Can't you call a Supervisor or someone else and start getting mean. Seriously, that is crazy. This is a time when it is ok to act like a ranting bitch. I support you 100%!! When you can smell gas, it needs to be fixed, ASAP, period.

I am sorry about your dog. I hate when that happens. Sadie is super sensitive to any diet/treat changes and gets pretty bad. Our vet has this special food, that works like a charm. He eats one can, and it stops. I keep some around now. The Vet also said we can give her a little Pepto Bismol. She sees that pink bottle coming out and she takes off, so very fast. But, doggy runs are the worse. I feel your pain, it is a huge mess.

I hope your gassy problems get taken care of soon. Seriously, I really do. Let us know how you make out, and how your dog is doing.


Nomad said...

Oh dear...

Sounds bad.

Perhaps the 20 parts per million is an equation like 20/1,000,000 which could also be 5000/1,000,000 or 100,000/1,000,000 in which case it just might be ok...

All the other sh*t sucks though,(bright side...great and very funny rant tho!!...I love the "gas meets gas...and the KABOOM part!)

Gosh good luck!

Princess Pointful said...

I would have said to him "Define little versus big spark".

Or invited him over to smell the dog as punishment!

Beth said...

Well, geez, I never thought of ME and that hot food thing...

princess of the universe:
Yeah, I'll just pray my car starts smoothly - without any sparks!

Constantly. But if you're referring to the BIG RELEASES, so far they have all occurred outside. Thank God.

I'm guessing limited crew, many trouble spots to repair. And I'm sick of phone calls - the wait time for one was 81 minutes! (I hung up.)
Re: Major. Fed him some rice. Will be calling the vet if no improvement. Poor sweet guy. Stinky but I love him.

Feeling much better today - not sure why. The rant? The fact the furnace is still going?
I'll take that good luck you offered though.

princess pointful:
Seriously, I'm reluctant to invite people in. At times it really stinks in here (dog gas, not the other kind).
"Uh, it wasn't me..."

Sherry said...

Oh how did I miss this? I'm sorry you're having this problem...and at this time of year, service does not exist.

I'm in a silly mood today and having watched "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" repeatedly over the last few weeks all I can think of is Eddie standing outside in his bathroom yelling "shitters full" and Lewis lighting his cigar!!!

I shouldn't make fun...I know....hope it all gets rectified soon (and on that note, I'll leave this a.l.o.n.e.!!!)

Sherry said...

* and you know I meant "bathrobe" but I suppose bathroom was on the brain........