Tuesday, September 04, 2007


(And I’m referring to my Personal Disaster Area, not a Personal Digital Assistant or Public Display of Affection…)

Yes, it’s my work area – my messy desk, my refuge.

Note the number of yellow post-its stuck to my computer. Evidence of an ongoing battle with my memory.

And for someone who considers themselves to be extremely organized, the desktop of my computer is a disaster area. Must get on that.

Wow, when I actually look at the picture (rather than just plunking myself down in the chair) I’m appalled.

And that wall mounted A/C is hideous.

At least you can’t see the swarming mass of electrical cords under the desk.

Beth, get with it! It’s September - the start of a New Year. (Well, in a mother’s world and in the world of kids.)

Clear up the mess, make some room and start producing a masterpiece.

(Or, at the very least, a nice little short story you’ll get paid for.)


rebecca Harris said...

It looks pretty clean to me! And I agree, September feels like the "real" New Year - even when you don't have kids.

Pavel said...

I agree with rebecca harris; it looks pretty clean!
I'm a computer technician and spend a lot of time at people's desks. Trust me, this isn't the worst one I've ever seen! *smile*

psychgrad said...

What? That's messy? Did you upload the wrong picture? I share your crowded computer desktop. I am notorious for saving the the desktop.

Anonymous said...

What a cozy writing nook...although I would be in trouble with that bay window so close I'd be gazing out of it and never get any work done.

I share your aversion to clutter...have you ever seen those Ikea catalogues that have pictures of desks with only the essentials? Computer, datebook, pens and pencils in a cup and a potted plant in the corner. That's it! Done! My dream desk.

lynn said...

If this is messy I am NEVER sharing a picture of my either my home office or work office!

Beth said...

I love, love, love the pictures of the boys on top. Fantastic!

Lainey-Paney said...

well, i use the laptop while lounging on the couch.

....why? well, we have an office/computer room, but when the home PC crashed, I no longer had much urge to go in there....so we started using it for a mega storage, hide-shit-when-company-is-coming-over kind of room.

So to me, your computer area is spotless!

All Mod Cons said...

That's not mess! You should see the floor in my room...actually, I wish I could see the floor in my room.

Beth said...

But I forgot to buy my new pencils, erasers, paper - all that neat stuff!

Well, that makes me feel better - or makes me feel like a neat-freak.

Not only do I save just about everything to the desktop, I leave things there as further reminders - in addition to the post-its!

Love those IKEA scenarios but I'd have the desk area cluttered in no time. Too many pieces of paper to contend with...and a mug of coffee...and maybe a treat???

I KNOW YOU WELL - your residence room was a pit too!

I love those pictures too.
My "babies."

It would kill my back trying to work while lounging on the couch. (Or I'd fall asleep.)

all mod cons:
I'm very familiar (too familiar) with rooms where you can't see the floor.
Never bothered battling over that issue. It's their private space...

Angela said...

Oh, my. If that's messy to you, I think that my house would send you into fits. I only dream of having space that clean. :) I do adore the idea of September being a new year, though, and am embracing it like a drunk embraces his wine bottle. Here's to positive changes, big and little.

Beth said...

After reading all these comments, I'm going to have re-think my idea of "messy" and/or admit to some kind of compulsive disorder.
Space - I crave space!
(And, yes, a toast to positive changes!)

Shari said...

That doesn't look like "mess" to me. I've seen worse. Well as they say, you are your own worst critic... It's not messy. :)

Beth said...

I am now convinced. It is not a mess.
So why does it feel like one to me??

Manic Mom said...

LOL on the Mother's New Year!!! So true! My best resolutions come this time of year!

And your work area is BEAUTIFUL compared to mine! I started cleaning my mess about a month ago, got tired of it and now most of the crap is on the floor, with new stuff next to the computer!

And thanks SO MUCH for the comments over at Manic Mom!! Really appreciate them!

Beth said...

manic mom:
Your comment just reminded me WHY my work space drives me crazy. I can't put junk on the floor, I can't spread stuff all over the place - my desk is in the family room! No privacy to be a real slob.

Best of luck with all your resolutions...

JR's Thumbprints said...

You must be a Neatnik. I'd give my right arm to have your organizational skills. At least you use post-it notes instead of scrap paper.

Dan said...

Note the number of yellow post-its stuck to my computer. Evidence of an ongoing battle with my memory.

You're way ahead of me! I usually forget where I put the damned pad of stickies!

Mike M said...

Great post Beth! If you were to see my work area at home or at the office you would call FEMA in to clean up the disaster!

Beth said...

I surrender. After all these comments (with the same theme) I'll cop to being a Neatnik. Or at least to having a different view of what constitutes mess and clutter.

Oh, I'm great with the post-its - but then I forget to remove them or can't decode what I wrote on them!

Post a picture - I promise not to call in FEMA!

patricia said...

What mess?? It looks prett darn neat to me. If anything, there needs to be MORE clutter. Remember...a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind! (hee hee).

Messy or clean, just get it looking the way you want it, so you can get to work!

Oh, and yeah, the photos of your boys are adorable.

Beth said...

After all these comments, I'm now beginning to think my desk area looks stark, void of anything indicating I do any work. So, yes, I guess I possess a sick mind.

(thanks re: the photos of da boys...)

adrienne said...

OK I suddenly feel like a heinous slob.

Dorky Dad said...

At least you're not having a public display of affection with Paul David Anderson while looking for your personal digital assistant in your personal disaster area in Pretoria, South Africa. Frankly, this is a pretty silly answer.

Beth said...

You're fine.
After all these comments, I'm off to get professional medical help as to why I think my desk area is a mess. Something is very wrong with my perception.

dorky dad:
"Pretty silly answer?" No way. An original, funny one that made me laugh!

Dorky Dad said...

You know, I just realized that I went from PDA on that comment to PSA ... Pretty DUMB Answer, I would say.

Beth said...

dorky dad:
You're still on a roll....
I'm still impressed.

Princess Pointful said...

Haha... if you could only see the piles of paper dominating my coffee table...

Beth said...

princess pointful:
That's it! I'm going to have to take another picture of somewhere in this house to prove I am capable of recognizing a true mess.
(And there are lots of places to choose from...)

hip_ragdoll said...

Well, I'm going to take a photo of my desk too and show you what real mess actually is... :)

Beth said...

Mea culpa. I'm a neat freak.