Sunday, September 02, 2007

I'm a Winner!

Yes, I am a winner. It feels pretty good and I must brag about it.

Although initially reluctant (I had to be prompted twice and told how to do it properly) I took part in a Question & Answer game at All Mod Cons’ blog Phoque Me.

You could be factual, creative or just plain silly with your answers.

Or just plain wrong. Or just not know the bloody answer.

I received a big fat zero for one (two?) of the questions.

Still, I came out on top with the points rating!

This above image is my prize for winning the Q & A game.

It’s now on my sidebar. A testament to my brilliance. Or a testament to All Mod Cons taking pity on my feeble efforts.

And let’s grant me some additional kudos for possessing the chutzpah to proudly display this image.

Woe to those who misinterpret the message….

All Mod Cons is hosting a new contest for the month of September – check it out.

I “played” again - some of my answers are goofy and I’m certain others are just plain wrong. Doesn’t matter. It’s fun.

And it’s refreshing to let my mind wander down such crazy, unfamiliar, meandering paths. Thinking outside of the box, so to speak.

Give it a try!


All Mod Cons said...

Now THAT'S an acceptance post! Sweeet. And I'll have you know, no sympathy was given in the last one.

None will be given this time either.

Will you win again? Who knows. It was tight enough last time.

Beth said...

all mod cons:
No sympathy was given last time?
That makes me feel better about my win.
Not so sure about my chances this time! I gave some pretty lame answers. (But had fun.)

Shari said...

Tried the questions. Some were pretty lame-o.

Had fun, though.

Beth said...

of course no sypathy was's just your brilliant mind hard at work, that's all! So deserving!!

Beth said...

Good for you!
I'm going to check out your answers.

My brilliant mind. Meh.
Are you going to "play" again?
And answer more than one question this time? (It was you and I who did it wrong before...)

Pavel said...

Wow! You're on fire lately! Must be hard being you, huh, what with all these awards. (smile)

Beth said...

Yeah, it's tough being the recipient of these awards - so much to live up to! ;)

Mom of Three said...

How fab are you????

I plan on checking it out and if I win, have my speech already written:

"You like me! You really like me!"

Beth said...

Hope you "played."
It is fun - and "stretches" the mind in weird and wonderful ways.

Mike M said...

Congrads on the award Beth!!