Thursday, September 06, 2007

Call for Aspiring Writers!

My multi-talented blog buddy Patricia Storms (illustrator, artist, cartoonist, writer) of BookLust has illustrated a fabulous book entitled Good Granny Bad Granny by Mary McHugh.

And I know whereof I speak. I bought a copy. It’s a hoot – both the text and Patricia’s illustrations. It’s also become a loving, endearing keepsake of mine. (Someday, I hope to become a Granny who combines the qualities of the two.)

Patricia is currently hosting a Good Granny Bad Granny contest on her blog. Check out the contest details here.

If you have a Good Granny or Bad Granny tale to tell, give it your best shot.

Not only could you receive a prize for your efforts, but if your story is one of the winners it will be posted on BookLust.

And let me tell you, Patricia’s blog is read by many, many people in the literary world! (Great exposure.)

I’ve started my own tale for submission and have discovered it would be far easier to do if I’d had an all-round Good Granny. It’s turning out to be quite the trip down memory lane.

Take your own trip – see what you can discover. And write about it!


Anonymous said...

Oohhhh *cracking knuckles* I love a writing challenge. Thanks I'll go over and have a look right now.

Beth said...

Looks like fun contest - join me in the challenge!

Mike M said...

I will check it out. I have many GGBG stories.

Beth said...

I meant to write "Looks like a fun contest...
I'm off to a good start. Should be quite the writing challenge for me!

Great - share one with all of us!

patricia said...

Thanks, Beth!

Looking foward to reading some interesting granny stories...

Beth said...

My pleasure, pal!
Happy reading!

Shari said...

Good luck on your entry. Sounds like a good book. I like writing, though. It takes me awhile to like what I'm writing, if that makes sense.

Me, taking a break from you-know-what. :)

Anonymous said...

I will check this out. I loved both my Grandmas so much and have some stories to tell! Looking at pictures is a great idea. I have never been to this site, thanks for telling me about it.

Diesel said...

I have no granny stories. Well, there's the one where I forgot my dress shoes when I went to her funeral.

Dorky Dad said...

There's a story here in Minneapolis about a granny who gave her 9-year-old granddaughter some gin so she would pass out, enabling granny to go bar hopping.

That would qualify as a "bad granny" story.

Beth said...

Glad you took a break.
And, yes, that does make sense. I usually edit (delete) whatever words I began a story with.

It's a great site by a great blogger.
I hope you do submit!

As long as you remembered to wear your black lace veil...

dorky dad:
Yes, indeed. That would qualify as a Bad Granny story.
Or a Bad Mommy story (I never tried that...honest).