Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Who Let the Dogs Out - Woof, Woof!

(Yes, I’m posting dog pictures on my blog. It’s been that kind of week.)

Well, I tried putting the dogs out. They just weren’t interested in going out.

It’s just too stinkin’ hot here in T.O. The temperature is in the 30’s.

(That would be high 80’s, low 90’s for you Fahrenheit folk.)

The mutts prefer lying on the cool floors.

Can’t say I blame them although I haven’t resorted to that myself.

And, no, I don’t own three dogs. God forbid.

My sister’s been visiting.

The little dark lady (Chloe) and the blonde monster (Max) are hers.

Major - the big, black, gentle (and sometimes strange) dog is ours.

It is definitely the Dog Days of Summer around here.


megan said...

Those pics are great! What other woman in the world would so graciously accept the presence of 2 extra dogs - unless of course, you secretly relish the thought of extra dog hair flailing through the air, more barking to add to the confusion, and less room to maneuver about the house? Let's face it, when they choose to lie down, it's up to us to navigate around them.......Thanks again,

Beth said...

My pleasure! I consider Chloe and Max to be my "puppies" too.

Lainey-Paney said...

Hello puppies!

We just love our dog too...and he's a big inside dog.

Once, when my husband was out of town & I didn't want to stay at home alone, my mom told me that I should just come & stay with her. Well...of course I took the dog too. She tried to make him sleep outside...but I said no. He's just not used to that! He may be huge, but he's mine, and he stays inside!

Beth said...

If I made Major sleep outside at night, he'd be battling raccoons and skunks - he'd be exhausted! (And stinky.)

All Mod Cons said...

"Bow" WOW, look at those puppies! (double doggy humour!)

I'd love to get a dog, but due to crappy housemates & a pending long distance trip, it's something I can't do.

MyUtopia said...

Your dog with the eyebrows looks like my old Gordon Setter, Mandy.

oreneta said...

My kids have resorted to lying around on the cool floor...they will actually say tht they are looking forward to getting home and lying down on the floor....HOT

Beth said...

all mod cons:
Someday, you too can have the pleasure of three dogs surrounding you. It's actually quite fun.
(thanks, pal...)

I think you're referring to Max - and he also has eyelashes to die for!

Ah, kids and dogs.
I can see the appeal of the floors, but still, I'm not doing it.

Anonymous said...

Those poor dogs must just be dyin' in this heat! Unless of course you have air conditioning.

They sure are cute...

Beth said...

The A/C's are running. Translated, we do not have central air.
I would complain about the noise these machines are making (headache inducing) but I'm grateful to have them.
And we're supposed to cut down on our power usage today! Yikes.

Shari said...

I love dogs. Our puppy died last year in April, but haven't replaced her yet.

Any dog that lies down in my path learns to move. I'll trip over it.

Thanks for sharing the pixs. Yes, those hot dog days are too hot for us humans, too.

Anonymous said...

I am loving the dogs!!!! Sure made my night tonight. They are all so cute, I just want to pet them and play with them. My dog has been laying on the tile floor a whole lot too, trying to stay as cool as possible. I posted a picture of my gentle giant, Sadie, too!!! Gotta love her, she is the sweetest, but looks a bit fierce.
Stay cool.

Mom of Three said...

I DO own three dogs, just down from four for the last 14 years, and lemme tell ya, after having these luxury junkies, I can't imagine how sad one of those "outside only" dogs would be. I could never do it!

Beth said...

I have tripped over my dog. Quite the painful fall.
Sorry to hear about your puppy.
(Thanks for stopping by.)

They are cute, aren't they? And great companions.
I'll be checking out your picture of Sadie.

I love your expression "luxury junkies." And I can't imagine having a dog and keeping him/her outside all the time. What is the point of owning one?

patricia said...

Adorable doggies! And boy does that floor look inviting. I'd love to lay down on it right now. Our house is a sweatbox. We don't have air conditioning (don't like it, and can't really afford it), and save for the bathroom, we have nothing but carpeting upstairs. The cats flake out on the cold kitchen floor during this weather. Sometimes I have to poke them just to make sure they're still breathing – they really look like roadkill on days like this. I hate summer. But now I'm torn, because I love gardening. Were it not for my garden, right now I'd be praying for snow.

Beth said...

Poor cats - poor you.
And if you're gardening in this weather, you're nuts!

Attila The Mom said...

Aww, I love dog pictures!

Beth said...

I've got some beauts - but I try to limit myself as to posting them!

Princess Pointful said...

Those pics says so much... if dogs could talk...

Beth said...

princess pointful:
Actually, mine does talk. He says, "Awwhooo" in greeting. Truly. It's not a bark. He's talking...