Thursday, August 02, 2007

Live, In Person...

I met Oreneta last night!

We had a great time chatting, getting to now one another in the “real” world and (in my case) ditching any preconceived notion of what I thought she might look like. (She looks fabulous. I had imagined she would but I’d given her a different hair colour in the virtual world.)

We also indulged in some rich lattes (decaf) and dessert.

If you’d like to see what we ate, check out Oreneta’s site – she took a picture. Smart girl. Takes her camera everywhere.

I ate all my fattening dessert. Oreneta left a huge hunk of hers. And then she was going home to walk her dog. I went home and was a slug – read a book. Oh, well. I said I needed to put on a few lbs.

We also both used swear words. Kindred spirits!

What a wonderful perk of blogging - making new friends, meeting new friends and expanding your world.


oreneta said...

It was soo didn't see what I had eaten for dinner before I didn't finish my cake...and the dog only went around the block.

So neat to meet you in person

Beth said...

It was fun to meet you too!
And, okay, I don't feel like such a pig for finishing my dessert.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Blogs are to these days what the CB radio was to the 70s.

patricia said...

Lucky gals! And boy does that photo look delicious!

Beth said...

Never used a CB radio ("Breaker, breaker...") but perhaps blogging is even better?

Yeah, I could handle another piece of cheesecake - and another visit with a blog pal!

All Mod Cons said...

That's very cool!

You could eat my dessert, I don't do desserts. Although I know the odd "naughty" word. Like Celine Dion.

bec said...

that's great! remember when it was so taboo to meet someone from The Internet in person? (well, I've yet to do so, so I shouldn't talk...)

Beth said...

all mod cons:
I'm not sure if I should touch this comment about desserts...I might say something wrong - like Celine Dion.

It's still kind of taboo - I had people (including one of my kids) questioning me about my meeting.
Hey, I'm not that dumb!

Anonymous said...

What fun! Wish I could have been there too...

Beth said...

That. is. SOOOOOOOOOO not fair!!...I wanted to come too!!!! damn!

I'm glad you guys had a good time tho....where was Nomad and Trish?

Beth said...

I wish you could have been there too. Not sure where you live - could you have made it for 8:30 at Y&E?
(As for the other plan - way too far for me.)

Get yourself up here, girl! You can stay at my place. You're used to dogs and boys, right?

Nomad - cottaging.
Trish - not sure - see above.

eduardo waghorn said...

Hey, great blog...very cool...
It is incredible where you can get if you beguin to blogging:))
Warm greetings from Chile.
You can visit me (and of course make your comment) if you are confortable...
Not speak spanish? I got a translator:)

Dorky Dad said...

What was it like meeting another blogger?

What were the swear words? Details! I need details!

Diesel said...

Cool. So when do I get to meet you?

Beth said...

A visitor from Chile? I'm honoured. And I do not speak Spanish so a translator is a must.

dorky dad:
We both wore templates and our conversation included a lot of "sidebars."
(And we both used the "F" word!)

When you're doing your North American marketing/promotional tour for your book and hit Toronto, e-mail me. (I'm an author groupie.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I could make it to Y&E with some notice...I'm just not around home much these days.

Will be again once school starts but then Oreneta and Nomad are gone.


As for Other Beth...maybe all us Canadians should make a road trip to to Ohio to come and see YOU! LOL

Beth said...

Maybe we could try again later in August? Before Nomad and Oreneta leave?
And, yeah, let's descend on Beth in Ohio!

Princess Pointful said...

When bloggers collide- I love it!

Beth said...

princess pointful:
It was a great experience - had a wonderful time.

pilgrim said...

'hunk' - pun intended??