Sunday, July 22, 2007


If you’re struggling to lose a bit of weight, don’t get pissed off at me for the subject matter of this post.

For the first time in many, many years (too many to mention) I am trying to put on weight and having difficulty doing so.

I have a newfound empathy for those suffering from anorexia and other eating disorders. While I certainly don’t have issues with my body image (i.e. I see what’s “real” when looking in the mirror – boy, do I ever) I now realize that for someone to offer the profound advice – “Just eat!” is absolutely useless. Not to mention totally missing the point.

If “just eating” was so simple, I would do it. It’s not so easy.

I used to look at pictures of Nicole Ritchie and the like (yes, I have previously admitted to reading junk magazines) and think, “Hey, have a sandwich, some fries, a milkshake…”

People with low weight problems know what the solution is but accomplishing this is by no means an easy feat.

If you’ve lost weight and your stomach has shrunk for whatever reasons (in my case, surgery and other ongoing issues) scarfing a down hearty meal just ain’t gonna happen.

Don’t be alarmed. In my case, I’m only talking 10 lbs. And my doctor said putting on just 5 of those 10 lbs. would be sufficient to get me back in fighting form. (So to speak.)

I’m doing this my own way. I eat when I’m hungry. Doesn’t matter if it’s not meal time. If the stomach rumbles – it’s fed. And I’m eating “right.” (Okay, there’s some junk food going down too but, hey, when will such an opportunity come again?)

It’s a slow process with a few setbacks but I’m doing it….

To the people who see me and say, “Wow, you’ve lost weight – you’re looking good!” – this does not help me in my mission. Fortunately, I possess the smarts to know better. I’m not about to be swayed by the thought that “less” looks good. I know what feels right for my body. I know what weight gives me the necessary energy and stamina to put in a good day.

I hate clothes shopping. Yesterday I had to. I need some clothes that fit. What was particularly depressing about this outing and the (few) purchases I made is knowing that in a matter of months (gut willing) these new clothes will no longer fit. (And, no, I did not buy a bikini…)

Who once said, “You can never be too rich or too thin?”

Rich would be nice (within limits) but, yeah, you can be too thin.


oreneta said...

My sympathies...been there done that and it isn't fun. Fettucini Alfredo? Whipped cream in the coffee?

It is a drag.

All Mod Cons said...

I've been the same weight/height since I was 15 (175lbs/188cm). I eat a fair amount, some of it not too healthy at times. I'm apparently about 12lbs underweight for my height and was always told it would catch up with me when I was 21, then 25, then 30. Some days I do feel really skinny and no matter what I eat I can't put on much. At times it can really get you down. Not many people appreciate how hard it can be to gain weight sometimes and say "oh, you're so lucky!". So you have my sympathies.

I was just trying to find out who said that quote and came across a couple of websites that are rather alarming. I was going to do rambling post on my blog, but I think I've just found an issue that needs addressing first.

Anonymous said...

Glad your GMAC thing turned out...

As for needing some pounds? I think eating to hunger is always a good policy and maybe you could slip in a few extra calories in the form of extra butter on your toast or whole milk on your cereal. It doesn't add bulk but may add a pound or two when you step on the scale.

Anonymous said...

I think all of us want the same thing, to feel good and to be healthy... too thin or too fat. You know what is right for your body and it sounds like you are listening to it, and taking care of it. I hope you get there, it sounds like the doctor thinks it would help. Eating when you are hungry is always best, but tricky for me. I am working on it thou. Hope you are feeling better.

Blogarita said...

I completely understand. I had the problem of being too thin up until a thyroid problem was discovered when I was in my late 30s. I'm sure I'd still be underweight if the problem hadn't been discovered. It's definitely not the picnic some people make it out to be.

Hopefully, the 5 to 10 pounds won't be too difficult for you to gain. I had small success, but success none the less, using Ensure drinks and also the Weight Gainer powdered drink mix they sell at GNC.

Beth said...

Whipped cream in coffee sounds good. I've got to learn to "think outside the box" about this.

all mod cons:
Well, you've certainly had experience with this problem far longer than I have. Your metabolism must run at a fast clip.
(Looking forward to your next inspired post.)

As I mentioned to Oreneta, I've got to start thinking differently. I've used margarine and 1% milk for so long, I never even thought of the alternatives. Thanks for the tips.

To be healthy and feeling good are definitely my goals. (I don't give a rip about being thinner!)
Best of luck to you in achieving your goals!

Beth said...

Yet another great idea - Ensure, etc. When food doesn't appeal to you, there's always liquids. Thanks.
I really never imagined I'd be in this situation - and you're right, it's no "picnic" - good choice of words!

cipriano said...

I tried to lose weight also, but my interpretation of the word "liposuction" did absolutely nothing for me!
See... I thought it meant clamping myself to the window of a bakery, and actually trying to suck donuts through the glass, directly into my gaping yapper!
And too many times, I succeeded in doing so!
I currently weigh 378 pounds.

Diesel said...

I was ridiculously skinny until I was about 25. I lifted weights and drank protein shakes and I was still a wiry skeleton. And people think it's ok to call you "stringbean" and crap like that, when they would never dream of calling somebody "fatty" - at least not to their face.

Anyway, I can empathize. Best wishes. Don't stress about it. :)

Beth said...

Right. You weigh 378 lbs. (I saw those pictures on your blog.)
You - clamped to a bakery window - great visual.

"Don't stress about it."
Good advice - to stress about not eating just creates a vicious cycle.

bec said...

Sounds like you're doing it right way, the healthy way. I would just drink more beer. I have a thing for empty calories.

Beth said...

If only I liked beer - there's enough of it around this place. Wouldn't the boys be shocked to discover Mom's depleting the stock?

Attila The Mom said...

Dang, I should have sent you a cheesecake in I.V. form! LOL

Beth said...

Would have loved it - but it couldn't possibly have beat the other "gift!"