Monday, July 23, 2007


“There are two types of people: Those who come into a room and say ‘Well, here I am,” and those who come in and say ‘Ah, there you are.’”

(Thought du Jour from today’s Globe and Mail)

And then there’s the kind of person I used to be who say, “Crap, I don’t know a bloody soul.” Cringe.

I’ve come a long way. I may still think that way but I certainly don’t cringe. I just plough ahead and do my conversationalist best.

While I’ll never be a ‘Well, here I am kind of person,’ I do appreciate their ability to make their presence known.

But I’m kind of partial to the ‘Ah, there you are,’ type. Much more kindness and comfort to be found with these people.


Anonymous said...

I am part of the *I think I will stay in and read a book* crowd unless I really HAVE to mingle in which case I am a member of the *make mine a double* crowd.

Beth said...

I'm laughing...
Forgot to mention those types - also my kind of people.

Angel said...

ah...yes, I like those people the best too....I still cringe when I walk into a room....gotta put "The Face" on and pretend I like being there!!! Unless it's with friends, of course..

thanks for the kind words by the've been through this "kid leaving" thing so I may call on you from time to time...

Beth said...

Ah, yes, "The Face!" I use one of those too.

As for the "kid leaving" thing, I'm here for ya' - any time. (E-mail address is on the blog.)
It really helps having other kids still at home.
Take care of yourself. (Baby yourself for a few days - or longer...)

Kelly said...

I am very much the "Here I am room" kind of gal, but I can at times be stealth : )

Beth said...

I admire you "Here I am room" people - life would be (and would have been) a lot easier if I were like that.

Anonymous said...

I am with Trish on this one, I am so "I think I will stay in and read a book" Unless I am forced to mingle. I just hate it. I try, and can fake it for a while, but hate it. I can only pretend for so long. OR I end up finding one or two people I am comfortable with and staying with them, chatting.

Beth said...

Hey, I consider finding one or two people to hang out with to be a godsend! Beats knocking my head against a brick wall attempting conversation with some of the snobs I've run into to at certain "functions."

Mike Minzes said...

I'm the other type. The room belongs to me, but feel free to use it like it was yours!!

Beth said...

I enjoy people who let their presence be known - as long as they let it be known to everyone!

Anonymous said...

I always feel terrified inside when going to an event where I don't know anyone, but people tell me that I seem very relaxed and lively in social situations. I go to social events because I want to meet new people, and hopefully see familiar faces. I think I'm a combination of "Here I am!" and "There you are!"

And yes, there is also that desire to just say the hell with it and stay home and read a book, but I'm always glad in the end that I forced myself to get outside!

The Author Of This said...

Hey, I'm here. Now fuck off outta my room!

No wait, it's YOUR room. Bugger, took the wrong turning in the hallway, I'm terribly sorry. Please forgive the intrusion.

Oh, look...there's Pete over there, I must say hi...

"Hey, Pete...there you are!"

Beth said...

You are definitely a mixture of "Here I am!" and "There you are!"
(I'm sure you were absolutely terrified when we met - 'cause I'm such an in your face kind of person...!)

all mod cons:
Good one! You're a little bit of both with a great sense of humour added to the mix!
(I think you just gave my blog a "R" rating - hurray!)

Princess Pointful said...

If your blog is any indication, you seem like you may be able to more than hold your own in conversation!

Beth said...

princess pointful:
Oh, I can blab on and on with the best of them! You'd never know I was once shy. (That girl/child is buried deep...)

Welcome back from your Texas adventure!