Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Good Old Days

I’m a day early with this old Easter Sunday picture but who knows what tomorrow may bring? (Isn’t that a line from some song?)

“Time was as I was, but neither that time nor that ‘I’ are any more.”

James Baldwin

Lots of changes in my life — some good, some bad. Mostly good.

One of the good ones? I no longer wear an Easter bonnet.

Happy Easter — or simply a Happy Long Weekend — to all.


John said...

What's wrong with a bonet? I think it's very fetching!

Incidentally, my brother is called James Baldwin...I would say that's freaky, but I think a fair few people are probably called that.

John said...

Probably shouldn't say this, but it's the "English Politeness" coming of luck to the Leafs for tonights(?) game, eh!

oreneta said...

One thing that has always confused me about Easter...why does the bunny bring eggs? I mean I know we are trying to hit all the various fertility symbols here, but it has always made me wonder.

Happy long Easter weekend to you too. Has it stopped snowing?

Dan said...

Happy Easter Beth! That's a wonderful photo. Everyone has one of those ... standing so erect, the entire family, in front of the house. :)

Beth said...

WE WON! (I mean, the Leafs won...) I'm thinking it was your "best of luck" that did it. Thanks!
As for the bonnet - maybe fetching then, not so much now...

Bunny & eggs. Good question. Maybe because The Easter Bunny sounds better that The Easter Chicken??? (And does the bunny still come to your home?)
BTW, it has snowed off and on all day - but it melts.

Those kind of pictures are wonderful to have - as you get older, you appreciate them more and more. I'm wondering - who took it?
A Happy Easter to you, too!

Mamma said...

I want a long weekend!

Happy No Bonnet Easter!

Attila The Mom said...

Happy Easter to you too, my friend!

Beth said...

I thought everyone (including those in the U.S.) got a long weekend! Everyone in Canada gets Good Friday off - banks and government workers get the Monday as well.
Poor you.
Hope the Easter Bunny is good to your boys.

Thanks, pal. Hope yours is going well.

cipriano said...

Happy Easter to you Beth Cottontail!

GO LEAFS GO! [Golfing...]

Would it help maybe if you watch the game wearing your Good-Luck Easter Helmut?
I mean, Bonnet?

Beth said...

Oh, that golfing remark was cruel indeed.
Didn't need my lucky bonnet - they won last night! (Without me having to look idiotic.)
Of course, now the Islanders have to lose today. I don't know how I keep track of this stuff.

Jackie said...

So sorry that the Leafs' season is over. We have some pretty sad faces around here!!
Happy Easter to all.

Beth said...

Thanks for your condolences - and all you sad Leaf fans in Ottawa have mine as well.
It was tense - down to the last few seconds of today's game.
Boo hoo.

Hope your Easter was a good one!

patricia said...

Love that pic!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Beth said...

Yeah, those old pics are coming in handy for posts.
Hope your weekend was a good one, too.