Monday, April 09, 2007

And The Awards Go To...

I may find myself consigned to meme-purgatory but I’m not going to play by the rules re: “The Thinking Blogger’s Award” meme.

Having received this award from Dorky Dad, I’m now supposed to choose five others and pass along the honour to them.

I simply cannot do it this way.

I cannot choose five blogs from my blog link. Impossible. If the criteria for receiving the award is that a blog makes you think, well, all the blogs on my list make me think. Why else would I read them? To be bored?

They’re all great.

Having to pick just five reminds me of choosing players for games in grade school. Someone was always last. Someone’s feeling always got hurt! (Moi? Nevah!) I don’t want to leave anyone out.

But to give the award to everyone is kind of crazy and would be extremely time-consuming. (All those links, man, all those links….)

So, I decided to pick five names out of a hat! As I did so, it occurred to me that anyone reading this blog would have to take that on faith. I could be lying like a rug. But think about. Would anyone who was so nice they couldn’t choose five people lie to you?

You just have to trust me.

(And I did not put the names of Dorky Dad, Attila the Mom or Blind-as-a-Bat-Beth in the hat. They’ve already received the award – duplicating the honour would swell their heads to ungainly proportions.)

And so…drum roll……here are the picked-out-of-the-hat award winners. (In no particular order.)

Trish from The Coffee House — because although I’ve never met her in the “real” world, I think of her as a friend. A virtual friend. She’s funny, honest, down-to-earth and a pleasure to read.

John from Teabags and Ashtrays — because he’s an engaging, endearing and amusing Brit who has taken Canada (and hockey!) to his heart and because I love his British expressions. “Tops” to John!

Baby Got Books — because reading this blog is like taking a Continuing Education course in Contemporary Literature with the added bonus of it being taught with wit, humour and a delightful dash of sarcasm.

Oreneta of Oreneta Aground — because this once-a-sailor now an ex-pat living in Spain shares her everyday trials and tribulations with such honesty and humour. I’m getting quite an education while sitting on my duff at home.

Cipriano of Bookpuddle — because he writes so well, has a fabulous sense of humour and makes me laugh. And I love his “Splash du Jour” posts.

So there you have it — and each of these bloggers is entitled to post the thing-ma-jig Thinking Blogger image on their blog.

If these “winners” care to, they may pass along the award to others.

And do check out the other blogs on my links — I’m still kvetching and suffering the guilts as to leaving people out!


oreneta said...

Well, I came to the top of the pile in that hat anyway! Thanks....hmmm now what to do....

John said...

NO WAY! Get in! That's TOPS, eh!

Never in my life have I been accused of making anyone think. Not even after being pulled from a hat! Sweeeeet!

Does that mean I get one of those little gold thingys?

Beth said...

You're welcome! As to what to do now? It's a BIG responsibility and it's all yours now!

Yes, you get to post one of those "little gold thingys" on your blog. Just click and drag it to your desktop.
As for never being accused of making anyone think before, now you can no longer "whinge" about that!

("Get in?" I've heard of "Get out" but not "Get in" - another English expression?)

John said...

Yeah, I think it might be. I've even got a t-shirt with it on. One of my housemates got it for me for my last birthday. I guess I used to say "Get In" quite a bit!

I think I'll have the gold thingy, but as you said to Oreneta, it's a BIG responsibility! Take away those people that have already got one, and I don't know another 5 people!

DJ Cayenne said...

Wow. On behalf of Baby Got Books, I am honored to have been randomly selected for this award. And you've such nice things about us, I'm blushing. Thanks!

Beth said...

Yes, my boy, it is an awesome responsibility, but I have passed on the torch. You must come through.
And I just checked your blog - you have lots of links. And you don't have to do five - you can "tweak" a meme to suit yourself!

Blushing or munching on a cayenne pepper and turning red?
And, yeah, it was random, but as I said, any one of my blog links would have worked as to the "thinking" part.

Beth said...

Trish was my very first Blog Friend, so she has a very special place in my heart. And I LOVE Oreneta...I learn so much from her!! Nomad is another good one.

and I love you cuz you always talk about really good books, and you have a very dry sense of "humour" which I love!

Dorky Dad said...

I think they should pick presidents this way. But I should be the guy to put names in the hat.

And these are definitely worthy selections.

Beth said...

Yup, lots of great people in the blog world - including you!

dorky dad:
Excellent idea. Kind of like a Dictatorship by Dorky Dad - but at arms length.

hip_ragdoll said...

All great blogs, what a lovely idea -- and anything that gets people moving in this virtual world deserves to be celebrated!

Beth said...

This virtual world can be rewarding, can't it? Glad I joined.

cipriano said...

Hey, I am honored to have been picked out of your Bonnet!


Beth said...

I'm honoured that you're honoured!
(Easter bonnets come in handy for something, anyway...)