Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Boys Will Be Boys

Based on their past and present lives, there’s no evidence to suggest I raised a bunch of Mama’s boys. Trust me.

But, geez, they’re great kids — good to their old Mom.

Each one of them, upon arriving at their respective destinations after leaving here last weekend, called me to say they’d arrived safely. That means a lot.

Son # 1 called from the army base. Well, actually, close to the base. He was munching on a Harvey burger in town before signing in. One last bite in civie clothes.

Son # 2 called from university to say he’d made it safely. He knew I was worried about the car he was driving.

“It’ll be okay, Mom. It’s just the break pads making that noise.”

Just the brakes pads?? Any kind of malfunctioning of the brakes is something a mother really doesn’t want to hear about.

Son # 3 called from New York! Yup, he’s in The Big Apple. He’s there to attend the Brick Award Ceremony (see his guest post of March 20th).

The morning he left, I serenaded him with my charming off-key rendition of “The Only Living Boy in New York…” (Thank you Simon & Garfunkel.)

These kids are not tied to their mother’s apron strings. In fact, I don’t think they’ve ever seen me in an apron. (I spill, I splatter — so be it.)

But they grew up with a worry-wart of a mother. Their lives were full of “don’ts.” “Don’t climb so high in the tree.” “Don’t forget your mittens and hat.” “Don’t forget your helmet.” “Don’t drink and drive!”

We all survived those years.

They now know that all it takes is a simple phone call to reassure their Mom — to ease her crazy worries, to enable her to sleep at night.

Thanks, guys.


Rebecca said...

That's sweet. I'm 32 and still call "home" when I drive back to Toronto. Conversely, I always tell my mom to call me when she gets back to Windsor after a visit. (The 401 scares the hell out of me.) I can't imagine what I'll be like as a parent...

Anonymous said...

I was raised exactly the same way, and I'm going to have my kids do the same for me. I even get my Mom or anyone else that leaves my house (especially my brother cause he's kind of a bad driver)to drive a long distance to phone me when they get home.

Beth said...

You're a good girl!
The 401 scares the hell out of me, too.
As a parent, if you're a worrier and a fretter now, you'll be 100 x worse then. But you learn to live with it...or go nuts. Or both.

coffee mom:
I think everyone should make these calls. Sure, you can wait for the call from the police re: some disaster - but this way is so much better!

oreneta said...

Good kids. They'll make good husbands too if they keep up those habits.

Anonymous said...

I always ask my guys to keep intouch when they are away too. And so far they are pretty good at it so hopefully it's a habit that will stick...because the worry, oh my gosh, the worry alone will put me in an early grave.

You've got some good thoughtful boys.

Princess Pointful said...

I, too, do the same.
My mother is hardly the overprotective type, thus this action seems pretty logical to me!

Beth said...

Good training, too!
Worry is highly underrated as a parental tool.

See my comment above re: worry.
If your boys are doing it now, it's a habit that will stick.
(BTW - in my previous post - I gave you a "Thinking Blogger" award. Cheers!)

princess pointful:
It does seem a logical and considerate thing to do - but you'd be surprised at the number of children/people who don't do it.
Glad to hear you call your Mom!

John said...

If I've gone to see my Mum then I'll always let her know that I'm home ok. But her "protectiveness"(?) has rubbed off. For those people that I care about I'll always worry if they're ok, especially J & close family.

I actually think that worrying about someone in this way is a good thing.

Beth said...

You're so right. This kind of worrying is a good thing. It means you care. And when people call to let you know they've arrived safely, it shows they care as well.

Mamma said...

Oh I hope raise my three as well.

Mom of Three said...

What's your secret? I want to be that kind of mom in later life, one with that kind of draw. Your kids obviously love AND like you. What are your tips????

Beth said...

they love their mama!! I happen to think there is NOTHING wrong with a mama's boy...as long as I'm the mama and not the wife! ;)

Beth said...

I'm sure you will - just take lots of loving and you're doing that now!

Good question. Made me think. (And judging from your blog, you're doing everything I did/do.)
Quick summary:
Lots of love and showing that love.
Being there for them through everything - good or bad.
Sticking to your guns re: discipline (and that's hardest on you).
Enjoying them - and letting them know how much you enjoy them.

Sounds simple? The loving part sure is.

You're always thinking ahead! Good point. And although my kids aren't mama's boys, I'd rather have that than have them leaving me in the dust!

patricia said...

Awwww...so sweet! Lucky you. But you know that, don't ya?

And jeepers, yes, the 401 is insane these days. There are WAY too many trucks on that highway. Why aren't they on the 407?

Beth said...

Yeah, I know how very lucky I am.
(And I don't drive on the 401 any more.)