Friday, April 06, 2007

Me, Again

Yes, I’m back from warm, southerly regions of the world.

No horrendous “Beth & the Undertow” mishaps to report this time because the ocean was just too damn cold to enter.

The only danger to my physical well-being lurked in the heated swimming pool where “Beth & the Kids" (not mine) swam. I dodged cannonballs and belly-flops. What a good sport (or fool) I was.

(There were no other adults in the pool because why??? Oh, yeah…that…)

I finally let the kids have the pool to themselves when half a dozen My Little Ponies were thrown in for a game of “Let’s Jump on the Damn Things.” I was in the way.

And while I did bring an small evening purse this time, I never used it. Forgot all about it. However, I still consider this progress.

I ate like a pig and paid for it with a bout of severe indigestion. I have destroyed my body’s ability to eat “fine” foods due to years of eating my own bland (but nutritious) cooking. Oh, well.

The weather was beautiful, the scenery gorgeous and the ocean magnificent.

A peaceful, restful time. In fact, so restful I’m glad to be home — back for Easter weekend, kids coming home, tons of laundry, no food in the house and stores closed today.

Now, this is reality.

I’ll be spending whatever spare time I have this weekend catching up on other blogs. It will be like reading a novel.

Think about it. Me. Giving up my precious book reading time.

To paraphrase some scripture — greater love hath no blogger than this, that she lay down her book for her blogger friends…


John said...

Welcome back!

Trish said...

Ohhh you're back! Did you arrive in that snowstorm yesterday? What a mess...

Anywho, back to spring...I think. Glad you had a good time :)

oreneta said...

Away for a week, it will be reading time....welcome back. Sorry about the snow.

Coffee Mom said...

Welcome Back, I'm glad you had a great trip

Princess Pointful said...

Mmmm.... sounds lovely, dodging children aside. Enjoy the long weekend!

cipriano said...

My God, woman! You are hilarious.
"Let's Just Jump On The Damn Things."
I spewed my coffee!
Are you proud of yourself?
I spewed my coffee!
Now I'm getting my cat, Jack, to clean up the mess with a wad of paper towels....

Hey, how about them Leafs?

Beth said...

Happy to be back!

Snow in April always surprises me - it shouldn't, but it does.
We arrived in time for rush hour on the 401. What a nightmare. Imagine doing that every day?

You funny lady - apologizing for the snow while you're in Spain! (Or anywhere!) And snow in TO just makes the memory of the trip even better.

coffee mom:
Glad to be back - and I'm a spoiled brat for having such a wonderful trip.

princess pointful:
I'm sure those kids were ticked off that some lady decided to use the pool.
Have a wonderful weekend yourself (although it got off to a rocky start...)

Well, you try sharing a pool with a bunch of My Little Ponies!
Hope Jack does a nice clean up job for you. (How did you train your cat do do chores?)
They are ticking me off - big time. One more freakin' chance...

Attila The Mom said...

Welcome home!!

Beth said...

Happy to be back. (Sounds crazy but it's true.)

Beth said...

I'm so glad you're back and in one piece!! Sounds like you had a good time, and uh...I would have accidently held one of those little kids under the water a little too long! just sayin....

Beth said...

Holding a kid under? That sounds so like something you'd say - but never do! You are a big-hearted softie.