Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'd Like to Thank...

Dorky Dad tagged me with a “Thinking Blogger’s Award.”

I love this guy — not just because he passed along the award but because he makes me laugh.

My humble thanks and appreciation.

Oh, forget the humble. Let’s be honest — I’m thrilled to death.

I’m now to tag five other bloggers with this award.

I was going to try and do this today before I leave for our trip (SEE POST BELOW) but I just can’t. I’m organized, compulsive, responsible and try to get things done ASAP but this is beyond me. Requires too much careful thought (not to mention adding in links which slows me down big-time.)

Besides, I have way too much to do in preparation for going away. Like convincing my husband that I do need the biggest suitcase we own for a four day trip. And getting out the lawn mower to shave my legs after a Canadian winter. (Just kidding — I haven’t left it that long. Really. And it’s blonde.)

Handing out awards is a big responsibility — one I do not take lightly.

Thus, I will spend my entire trip contemplating the matter and do the deed upon my return.

Thanks again for the honour, Dorky Dad…and note the spelling of the word “honour.” I am indeed a Canadian blogger. Eh?


cipriano said...

Have a great trip Beth!
May you NOT get swept away in the undertow!
[I read your other blog posting, the linked thing about your last vacation and that is HILARIOUS!]

Princess Pointful said...

Love it!
I got called out on another blogger's comments for using "cheque" instead of "check" in regards to pay cheque. I didn't even know that was a canadianism!
Congrats, though!

oreneta said...

Wooohooo, next the GG's!

Have fun.

Mom of Three said...

I think the British way of spelling certain things make them seem classier. Like "flavour" and "humour" and the like. We shouldn't have dropped that "u", no matter how many millions it saved in ink costs.

Dorky Dad said...

Cheque is Canadian?

I understand your desire to wait on this. It's a difficult meme. I'd had it for days myself.

Have a great trip!

Attila The Mom said...

Hope you have a wonderful time!!

patricia said...

Congrats, you thinking blog, you!

Now go forth and rest!