Friday, April 27, 2007

Another Birthday Boy

One week later and it’s now son # 3’s birthday — Sam is 20.

My “baby” is no longer a teenager.

(And this makes me feel that much older…)

I think you can almost tell by the picture that this is a third child.

Mom was a little more laissez-faire with the wardrobe.

Need a baseball hat, sweetie? Here, have this one.

A little large — doesn’t fit? Oh, well. Looks cute.

Your collar is twisted and your shirt stained? Looks good to last for one more day.

And, hey, buddy, it does say “STAR” on the shirt!

He was — and is — a star to me. Always will be.

Keep looking at the world with those big, blue, bright eyes, sweetie.

Happy Birthday, Sam!


patricia said...

Another birthday boy? What fun! And once adorable! Seems to be never-ending birthday parties at your house! (which sounds like a good idea right now, I think).

Happy B-day, Sam! Hope Mom finally got you a hat that fits! ;)

bec said...

Happy Birthday kiddo!

Coffee Mom said...

Wow that's a lot of birthdays in a row, although I should be used to that sort of thing my mom had me on the 6th of June my brother on the 11th and my sister on the 19th. June was always a fun month, as I am sure April is a fun month for you...just think 2 cakes within one week

Happy Birthday Sam!!

Beth said...

Yet another cake with Mom's special icing to be made - THE BLOODY ANTS got into the last one!

Birthday boy is on his way home from a final university party blast - he'll probably check in later and see your best wishes. Thanks!

coffee mom:
See above re: the cakes! said...

Hey Sam - ya know you're loved - big time. And you look even better as an adult - at least you have hats that fit, no thanks to your Mom.....
Love ya,

oreneta said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Sam
Happy birthday to you....

Though I'll admit that my first looked kinda like that too, although the hat usually fit...

Jackie said...

Hppy Birthday, Sam.
It's a tough time but try to enjoy the day.

Beth, I'm happy to see that you are blogging a little. You know we are thinking of you.

sam said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! Enjoy your weekend.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Sam!

He's a cutie Beth...and who cares if his shirt is stained...he's a boy and he's busy.

Beth said...

Thanks - just plain old thanks.

We can HEAR you singing - across the ocean!

He (we) are all doing okay.
And, yeah, I want to keep up with the blogging as best I can.

Ah, yes, dirty, messy little boys - but somehow they always smell so good!

Dorky Dad said...

Happy Birthday to you!
You live in a zoo ... Yeah, you know the rest of it. Happy Birthday Sam!

Beth said...

dorky dad:
With two brothers, that's a very familiar version of Happy Birthday!
(He says, "thanks.")

oreneta said...

Hey Beth: thinking of you a lot. Hang in there.

Beth said...

Thanks so much - it really does help to know people are thinking of us - that I (we) have a tremendous support system.
You're a pal (a virtual pal!) for checking in...

Diesel said...

So that's why my little brother has that "who gives a shit" attitude about everything.

Attila The Mom said...

Oh boy, they grow so dang fast, don't they? Happy birthday, Sam!

Beth said...

Surprisingly (???) this particular "little brother" grew up and cares big time - about the entire world!

Way too fast...