Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So Long, Farewell...

I’m outta here, I’m hittin’ the road — I’m going on a holiday!

And, yeah, the above picture is me (still with the sunglasses). It was taken after all the Christmas shortbread, chocolates and other goodies I’ve consumed these past few weeks. Can you believe I ate all that crap knowing I was going to a place where I’m supposed to wear a bathing suit? Yikes. What a dope.

The hubby and I (or, as Queen Elizabeth II would proclaim in her veddy British upper-crust accent, “My husband and I…”) are heading south. Not for a long time but for a good time.

And while we’re away, a word of caution to any potential burglars who may have figured out where I live from this blog (although they’d have to possess very deep hacking skills to gleam that bit of information). Our big black dog remains at home as do our three big black-belt karate “kids.” (Our house has been burglarized before. I don’t want it happening again. It was a brutal experience.)

The downside of this trip is that we have to be at the airport by 5:15 Thursday morning which means getting up at about 4:00 a.m. Geez. I’m only up at that hour if I really, really have to go to the bathroom.

And did I say it was a short trip? We’re back on the 31st. That’ll give me enough time to recover from the ungodly 4:00 a.m. Thursday wake-up.

I suspect I may suffer from blog withdrawal while we’re gone. I knew this day would come — my first time away from “the baby.” (Oh, do get over it, Beth.) And, no, I’m not going to blog from my husband’s Blackberry. That would make my addiction so obvious.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week – whatever it is you’re up to.

And if you’re feeling a tad envious that I’m on vacation, just think of me waddling on the beach. That visual should make you feel better.


Attila The Mom said...

Hope you have a wonderful time. Stay away from the blue cupcakes!


Beth said...

attila - I'm smiling blue cupcakes - ever!
(It could have been worse - red dye and you'd have thought you were dying...)

Beth said...

No, I'm sorry, but I DO NOT FEEL ANY BETTER! I want to be on the beach too!! It's not fair! How come I can't come? (whining, whining, whining)...I LOVE the beach, even in winter.

Have a great time and wear your bathing suit proudly and strut your stuff on the beach, know all those women want to be you!

Beth said...

Beth - I often give in to a good whine - and yours was damned good. And that bit about struttin' my stuff? That too was good.
I'd take ya if I could!

oreneta said...

Oh have so much fun, and have a lovely time.... see what you find on the beach, love to jealous.

Beth said...

oreneta - Ah, yes - the sea salt jewlery site. As to finding things on the beach - we don't go south very often but twice we've discovered nude bathers. Yuck.
Thank you (and everyone else) for the good wishes!

ragdoll said...

Oh, I waddled in my bathing suit too -- well, my bathing costume, complete with shorts to cover up my scars. But that didn't stop me from getting into the water.

Hope you had a fabulous time.