Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Looking Back (Already)

It was all wonderful — our Christmas morning, our times with family, the food, the laughter, the hugs and kisses — the joy.

And by the end of each evening (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) I was utterly exhausted. But (and this is a big but) I was still standing, still functioning and not reduced to tears.

The reason? My husband. God bless him. He knows that if (and when) my back gives out during such marathon events, my spirit gives out as well. This year, he did everything in his power to prevent that from happening. I’d had a mini-meltdown last week (I’m sure other women either did the same or were close to it) and my husband not only offered comfort — he listened. In essence, my meltdown was a plea for help and he responded — big time. It would have been far less dramatic to have simply asked for help but I am far too accustomed to playing the mother/wife/martyr routine.

So, that was my best Christmas present this year — the constant support and help I received from my best friend, my spouse.

Thank you, honey.

On a lighter note, as we all sat around after dinner last night (absolutely stuffed but in good spirits) we were entertained by the antics and energy of my sister’s 2 ½ year old grandson (the only grandchild thus far). One of my nephews (age 25) piped up. “How did you manage Christmas dinners and all of us kids when we were little?”

Good question. My sisters and I looked at one another and drew blanks. We had no idea. We just remember how wonderful it was. (Obviously, our memories have become quite selective.) Our “kids” then figured out that at one point in time there would have been nine children at these family gathering (7 boys and 2 girls) ranging in ages from 1 to 8.

Wow. We were good. Guess it took lots of patience, laughter, love and a level of energy we no longer possess — nor even remember possessing. (And perhaps a few glasses of wine?)

Hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas as we did.

(I have to confess. I’m glad it’s over.)


Beth said...
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Beth said...

sorry , that was me who deleted a comment!

I'm glad it's over too....and I so want to take my tree down today!

You are lucky to have such a caring husband.

Beth said...

Beth - Do you think it's okay if we just take the decorations off the tree??? (I might - tonight.)

Anonymous said...

How lucky you are! Family, kids, husband...It's so much work and stress but then when it's all over it seems not so bad.

Until next Dec. that is...

Beth said...

trish - Kind of like childbirth, right? It's all good when it's all over! (Have a great vacation.)

oreneta said...

Still in the thick of it with little kids, especially this year at my sisters. She has a two and a four year old. I am glad my kids are past that age, but there delight in the whole ritual is so much fun. It is also one of the few times of the year they can get most or all adults to put down their work and do stuff with them, crafty and creative and decorative... no wonder they love it.

Beth said...

oreneta - You're so right. So much of Christmas is all about the kids (as it should be) and they know it.
But big kids or little kids - it's done, it's over...time for the adults to relax!