Monday, December 25, 2006

Good Morning

Merry Christmas!!

It’s early. I’m alone right now (with a cup of coffee). Will wake the hubby soon.

This is the Christmas tradition/routine that takes place when your children are older.

You go to bed before they do and you wake up before they do and play “Santa” in the morning.


Hope you're all having a wonderful day.


oreneta said...

Oh we did have a lovely day, and your still in the middle of yours over there. Hope it's going well.

Beth said...

I am right there with you...I was up at 6:30....had to wake the kids up1 What's with that? I remember the day when they would rush into our room, all excited and jumping around......

Beth said...

oreneta - glad your day was "lovely" - ours was too. (It's over - time to relax. Whew.)

beth - I think I prefer being the one up first vs. being the one woken up! But I do miss the excitement of little kids.