Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Quiet Time

Another quiet (for now) Saturday morning. I’ve been reading The Globe and Mail’s Book Review Section. Today’s offering is a book lover’s paradise. “The Globe 100…top books of the past year selected by our reviewers and editors.”

“I’m makin’ a list…I’m checkin’ it twice…”

Okay, so I’ve been naughty and nice this past year but that’s never stopped Santa from visiting this house before.

Speaking (or writing) of checking lists, I just looked over my “To Do” list. When did I start writing in hieroglyphics? Some samples:

12 days — L
Xmas x 5 — $ (+ + +)
M. store/S
A — 13th
U.S. & Int’l.
L & Things — feet
Call re: 3 more
B. g.t. & c.

There’s more, but you get my drift. I actually understand this particular list but honestly, there have been times I no longer know what the hell I meant with my abbreviated scrawl.

Not on the list but staring me in the face — a cake to be iced, a house to be cleaned (a lick and a promise kind of cleaning), table to be set, etc. We’re having a family birthday dinner tonight. My eldest is 25! Seems like just yesterday…

Ahh, I won’t go there.


Attila The Mom said...

They grow too darn fast, don't they? :-)

Megan said...

ok, so ya gotta fess us - what DO your abbreviations mean? I get the Christmas money list, and Linens & Things, perhaps even US & Int'l, but what are the others??? And yes, it was just yesterday he was should be proud

Beth said...

"Attila" - Yeah,they're growing too darn fast and I'm growing too darn old - too fast.
Thanks for the comment & take care re: the sad times.

Beth said...

Megan (a.k.a.Zig) - the other abbreviations are way too boring to "translate."
And, yeah, I'm proud of my boy/man.

Trish said...

Was there any wine involved in the making of that list?

Beth said...

Trish - Sadly, no.

BTW - "Call re: 3 more" was done today. Everything else awaits.