Friday, November 24, 2006

A Little Rage Would Have Been Good

A sidewalk repairman yelled at me yesterday. A very loud yell. I heard it through my closed car window. He also raised his fist. Okay, maybe he just furiously waved his arm.

Yes, buddy, I noticed work being done on the sidewalk by the parking garage. I also noticed that the actual entrance to the garage was clear. There was nothing and no one blocking it. And, so, yeah, I was about to turn in. Bingo. I set off the maniac.

You know what infuriates me more than the guy yelling at me? The fact that I got all weepy when he did. Not mad — just bloody weepy and wimpy. (Despite the picture shown above, no actual tears were shed in the creation of this scenario.)

Road rage is a disturbing phenomenon but, jeez, a little rage on my part would have been entirely appropriate. Maybe even giving him the finger. (As if that’s part of my driving repertoire.)

My anger didn’t even start until a good twenty seconds after the yell. Much too late to be of any use and most of it was directed at myself. Why that weepy feeling? I came up with a few explanations/rationalizations. They make me feel better.

I was on my way to a doctor’s appointment and wondering if I was going to be the recipient of bad news. (I wasn’t.) Thus, vulnerable. I was also listening to a sad song — Lose You by Peter Yorn. (A great song but a real tear jerker if it reminds you of someone you love.) Again, vulnerable. And that nasty dude actually scared me. He was a beefy looking tough guy.

And I hate to admit it, but part of the reason for my crazy response was due to the fact I’m female. No male would ever get sad if yelled at. Most women wouldn’t either.

If it happens again? (And I’m sure it will. It seems to me people are getting more short-tempered and mean these days.) Would I ever yell back? Only if I had a better get-a-way route. Would I ever get out of my car and confront the creep? No. Weepy + sad does not = suicidal. Make a face? This one kind of works for me. Not too confrontational.

What I really don’t want to do is go all wishy-washy female again. Boo-hoo. You hurt my feelings.

But you know what? He did.


Trish said...

oh Beth...I know what you are talking about. It's a strange phenomenon but weepy happens for the oddest things. I blogged about this a couple of times regarding my neighbour that for some inexplicable reason will not talk to me no matter how friendly I am to her. It makes me mad and it makes me weepy because it feels like I have been judged for a crime that I am unaware of having committed. If I were a braver person I would confront her about it. But I am not so I won't.

So I try to joke around about it in my blog to make me feel better but in the end her rejection still makes me weepy.

Hang in there...

Trish said...

Love the graphic by the way...I might have to "borrow" it ;-)

Beth said...

Thanks, Trish – from one weepy woman to another. Screw them – we’re good people.

Re: the graphic – reminds me of the trashy romance comics I wasn’t allowed to read as a kid – but did anyway. Feel free to use it.