Thursday, November 23, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving — to friends & acquaintances south of the border. Stuff yourselves with turkey, enjoy family time and be thankful — no matter what! I’m still giving thanks for our Canadian Thanksgiving — specifically, that we celebrate it in October. This enables to me devote my time exclusively to fussing and fretting about Christmas.

Yesterday’s visit from the blind piano tuner was memorable. What a sweet, gentle young man. Totally blind. I ended up walking him across the street to the waiting cab.

Me. “I look like an idiot crossing the street in my floppy slippers.”

Him. (With a grin.) “You look fine to me.”

I also “entertained” a technician who repaired our TV reception and upgraded the Internet modem. Once he left (of course) we were without Internet access for two hours. It’s official. I’m addicted. Brain was rattled. I actually forgot to prepare a vegetable to go with the gourmet (not) dinner. Threw some raw carrots in a bowl. There you go, guys. Enjoy.

Doctor’s appointment this morning. Does anyone else prepare for their annual physical as if they were going on a first date? Gawd. I’m so clean I squeak.


Trish said...

You "entertained" a technician?

I'm afraid to ask.

Beth said...

Trish -

I do it often - and I do it well!

Anonymous said...

Your definition of entertainment and my definition of entertainment must differ greatly............but hey, whatever floats your boat.

ragdoll said...

I totally make sure that I'm squeaky clean before heading off for a doctor's appointment. However, I am not so good at finding the "good" underwear and often get caught with my pants down (ahem) with some old pair of cotton undies from high school on.


Beth said...

Ya have to keep the old, comfortable, cotton u/w separate from the "good" ones!

DJ Cayenne said...

On behalf of your neighbors to the South, thanks for the T-giving wishes. I still say that Thanksgiving in October is crazy talk.

Beth said...

Hmm. T/G in October crazy? I dunno. Always made sense to me. If I had a moment (and today I don't) I'd check out why the difference between the U.S. and Canada. Add it to the list of interesting but useless information clogging up my brain.