Monday, June 18, 2012


Prompted by a reminder of how far I’ve come these past few years, I checked out my blog post for June 18, 2007.  Well, hot damn, I have come very far indeed!  And I must say, I admire the spirit of that 2007 Beth.  Despite some rough times (and, of course, many good times as well) I think I still retain that spirit and sense of wonder.  Not every day, mind you, but more than enough to keep life interesting and my place in it a joy.

My birthday is coming soon.  On that day I think I’ll celebrate the person I’ve become.  I like her.  Not only is she happy, she makes me happy just thinking about her.  ;) 

Instead of having the requisite number of candles on my cake (enough to risk causing a fire) perhaps I’ll request just five – one for each of these past years of change and growth.  Admittedly, some of the growth has been in my girth but what the hell.  Chocolate has been an essential contributor to my sense of happiness.

When I blow out those candles, I’m going to wish for more happiness.  I know you’re supposed to keep what you wish for a secret or it won’t come true but in this case it can come true – because I’m the one who makes it happen.  Always with the help of family and friends – of course. 

(WHAT A FIND ON GOOGLE IMAGES!  A birthday cake with five candles for “ELISABETH.”  Spelt with an “s.”)

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Adam said...

happy soon-birthday

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Lovely. Well said. Blessings to you on your approaching birthday.

Gorilla Bananas said...

If you're happier than you were 5 years ago, that's progress. Don't eat too much cake, but eat it with relish. It's your party and you can gloat if you want to.

laughingwolf said...

grats on your continued growth, beth!

i know all about the waist growth bit; i seem to be one of the originators of foodication... the consumption of food, as opposed to booze/drugs, when i'm down... so easy to put on the pounds in that state...

your positivity is amazing, keep it up... and may your birthday be all you hope it to be!

Beth said...


Blessings to both of us – for many reasons.

Cake with relish? Yuck. ;)

Growth on all fronts – hurray for me!

laughingwolf said...

yuppers! :)

oreneta said...

Happy Birthday BETH!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

Zhu said...

Happy birthday! You can't go wrong wishing for happiness. We all need it!

I spotted the spelling mistake in the cake you found on Google before I read the post and I was like "mmm... that's not how I would spent her name..." :-D

Sherry said...

You've come a long way baby -- and it's all good. 5 years ago you would have doubted you would be in this place you are now (mind you, it took bloody long enough from the moving his things out to getting it signed, sealed and delivered!!!) here is to the future, to the contentment and the happiness factor and in celebrating you, the you that you have become and the you that is still to be. Love you -- sending birthday kisses and hugs! xoxo

Beth said...

I’m more thrilled with the five year “birth”day than with the other one!

I thought Elisabeth spelt with an “s” would be familiar to you – it’s European. :)

Perhaps I should send him a thank-you note? ;)
Hugs to you on your journey…

laughingwolf said...

elisabeth was my maternal granny's middle name... said...

Happy birthday time, dear Beth. You are a blessing to all who know you, a woman of heart and integrity and one who loves chocolate. I can't think of a better woman to call my friend.


Beth said...

I’m going to consider your lovely comment an early birthday present.
I wonder if I’ll be getting chocolate cake? ;)

nursemyra said...

Happy blogoversary xx said...

Beth, chocolate cake is a must. If you don't get any, let me know. I'll have to do something about that. Also, my b-day is next week. Glad to share this b-day time with you. =)


Valerie Marie said...

Your post make me happy:

Juliette said...

And saying something like that just goes to show how much you have grown as a person! Go Beth! Can I have a slice of cake please?

Jaya J said...

happy birthday, Beth. that's right. blow the age, and enjoy the cake.

it's always a great achievement when you can look back and tell yourself that you are happy with you have and what you've gone through.
may you have many more years of happiness:)

Cipriano said...

What's new? In Bethdom.
Many, miss you.