Wednesday, June 06, 2012

All Creatures Great and Small

I had a wonderful time away at the cottage – in spite of the near-constant rain. 

One of the highlights of my get-a-way was discovering that for the second year running, I have won the battle with the mice.  NOT ONE SIGN OF THEIR PRESENCE.  I am the General – Warfarin and Bounce dryer sheets are my trusted warriors.  I’d say we make an invincible army but pride goeth before a fall – or before the resurgence of my enemies.

As for bears?  No bear sighting by me nor any reported – as there was last year.  However, I’ve been warned that neighbouring cottagers own a dog that could easily be mistaken for a small black bear.  This is very, very disconcerting.  Any future encounter with this “puppy” or an actual bear will be a no-win situation for me.

I will either:

a) think the dog is a bear and pee my pants upon meeting up with it


b) believe an actual bear is the dog and greet it with, “Hey, puppy – what a sweetheart you are…”  If this happens, I’m praying the bear will be soothed and rendered harmless by my friendly greeting.

Do you think this picture has been Photoshopped?  I don’t.  And the highway looks remarkably like the one leading to the cottage.  I have this picture in magnet form on the cottage fridge.  The others all think it’s very amusing.  For me, it’s a warning to be ever vigilant.

P.S. I’m attempting to create a video to share of life at the cottage - a very high-tech effort for me.  We shall see….or not.

photo credit: google images


Adam said...

I think I would freak out if I faced a bear close up

Sherry said...

Beth, I adore you, you know that...but while you are being "funny" with your dog/bear comments, I know that either of these situations has the potential to occur with you!!! But I'm still laughing!!! With any luck the bear you'd meet would be "Gentle Ben"!

Big ups (as the kids say!) to you on the battle of the're winning Charlie Sheen, you're winning!!!

And I await the video with bated breath...I know you can do this!!!!


Jaya J said...

its great that you've had a wonderful time at the cottage. a video would great. it'll interesting see how it's like there.

yeah. the pic is amusing for me too. i've only seen bears caged up in zoos. but i were to see them on the streets like that, i'll panic.

Cid said...

We didn't have any signs of mice either but it wasn't due to any extra vigilance on my part, it seems to be an off year. As for the bears, they have all moved south of us in the Park as the garbage pickings are better :-)

Juliette said...

If I saw all those bears I'd be sooooo frightened I would definitely pee my pants! Stay away from dogs and bears, that's my advice. Sorry about the RAIN, I feel your PAIN! But, I hope you had a relaxing time and I'm looking forward to your hi- tec video!

laughingwolf said...

good stuff, beth...

warfarin, a blood thinner, is best outside the cottage - not sure, but the fumes may be toxic

as for vigilance in bear country: recall my earlier post, where a winnipeg man was attacked in, and dragged out of, the outhouse throne he was sitting on?

nuff said....

Gorilla Bananas said...

Apparently, bears are OK as long as you don't surprise them. Just say "Hey bear..." instead of "Hey puppy..." and they'll leave you alone.

Beth said...

I freak out just anticipating it…

Or I could do a combo – a friendly greeting while peeing my pants… ;)
As for the video? By George, I think I’ve got it!

Jaya J:
They love to hang out at garbage dumps (I’m not keen on going there) and also love raspberry patches. Way too many raspberry patches near the cottage…

See above – watch out for raspberry patches! Last year a bear was sighted just behind the cottage munching on raspberries.
If this was an off-year for mice, I don’t feel so victorious. :(

Impossible to stay away from dogs at the cottage – amongst our families, there are seven dogs. But none of them look like a bear!
If I succeed in posting a video, keep in mind it’s my first try. ;)

There used to be an outhouse at the cottage & I used to be afraid of what might “pop up.” Never even considered bears attacking!

Right. That makes sense. Because the dog won’t care if I call it a bear. BUT, it’s the bear who will surprise me – I will then freak out and in turn surprise the bear!

oreneta said...

Glad to hear you back again!

A video! Most Impressive! Let's hope it makes it to the small screen we're all looking at! said...

I don't think the pic is photo-shopped either, and I backed away from my computer screen when looking at it. Glad you had such a nice time at the cottage, Beth, with no bears or mice or other unwanted creatures.


Beth said...

Video is now made! (iPhoto)
Just have to figure out how to get it on YouTube.

Just black flies – have a bite on the back of my neck that feels the size of a ping-pong ball!

Zhu said...

This is one of my biggest Canadian disappointment: learning that bears aren't just furry cuddly Winnies, that people actually fear them (for a reason!)

Never really seen anything wilder than rabbits, squirrels, skunks and the odd moose though.

nursemyra said...

Welcome back, glad you enjoyed the break

Beth said...

May you never come across a bear in the wild but I do hope one day you see a deer – they’re beautiful.

I always enjoy cottage time. :)

Cipriano said...

I'm very glad to hear you have neither been attacked by mice OR bears! The photo looks pretty legit -- I'd very much want to be in a CAR at such a sighting.
At work we have a pest-control dame come through every week or so, and I [being the goof that I am] I always tell her I've noticed the odd badger or two running amok..... she always just looks at me as if I'm retarded [which I certifiably am!]

Beth said...

I wouldn't want to be near that gang even in a car!
And I'm not so sure I'd want to work in a place where pest control has to come every week or so. Yikes!