Sunday, April 29, 2012


In spite of my advancing years, I feel I have yet to achieve the status of “grown-up.”  I’m still struggling to attain certain traits I associate with the word – traits such as maturity, wisdom, dignity, stern expressions, serene acceptance, composure…  On the other hand, I still rather enjoy the childish aspects of my personality.  I’m reluctant to give them up.

However, when I finally make the momentous decision to do so, Kid Confidential: An Insider’s Guide to Grown-Ups will be my guide.  This wonderful book is written by Monte Montgomery and illustrated by Patricia Storms.

I’ve mentioned Patricia on my blog before.  If it weren’t for this talented (she not only illustrates children’s books and magazines, she writes them), funny and a little bit crazy (delightfully so – that’s why we’re friends) woman, I would never have started blogging.  So, you have Patricia to either curse or bless regarding my presence in the blogosphere.

On her blog, Patricia is currently hosting a Kid ConfidentialBook Giveaway Contest.

To quote the lady:  Here’s how it works. I will give away three paperback copies of this awesome book, plus 1 hardcover. That means four fabulous lucky folks will win! But you can’t win if you don’t comment on this blog post. And I request that your comment be either A) When you realized that you had finally became a grown-up or B) When you realized that you would never become a grown-up. Contest starts today, and ends Sunday May 6th, midnight, Canuck Toronto time (whatever that is). I will put all the names of the folks who have commented into my magic tin, and pull the winning names out, and announce them on this blog, Monday May 7th.”

To inspire you, here’s the comment I left:

“I’ve known for years I will never become a full-fledged grown-up.  I don’t simply possess an inner-child, I am a child – in many ways.  Burping, potty-talk, giggling, stomping my foot in puddles, mini-temper tantrums, indulging in “treats,” reading children’s books, defying orders, kicking piles of autumn leaves…all these things still delight me.  Being a grown-up is highly overrated.  I’m quite content retaining my sense of wonder and my belief in miracles and magic.  (But I do know there is no Santa Claus.)”

Do pay a visit to Patricia’s blog to learn more about the book and to leave a comment.  You’ll not only make both of us very happy if you do, but yourself as well - whether you win a copy or not.  Patricia is a treat.  A sweet, funny one.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I think if you can still laugh at silly names you've got an impish child inside you. I once got a comment on my blog from 'Lord Angus Fartwell'.

Juliette said...

Thank you Patricia for making Beth write blogs. And since I am thoroughly childish , I shall go and comment right away!

Beth said...

Made me laugh! Still a child… ;)

Thoroughly childish is an excellent way to be.
Saw your comment on Patricia’s blog – delightful visual of you “go-karting” in your pj bottoms!

Zhu said...

I had a Kinder Surprise today and spent a good twenty minutes to try to put the toy together.

I am not grown up yet :-)

Beth said...

I recommend holding on to the child within you – always. Makes life so much more delightful & fun.
Saw you left a comment on Patricia’s blog – a good one!

Jaya J said...

i've been told more than once that i have this child-like innocence in me that makes people want to get to know me better or ignore. dont know if that's a good thing, but i like the extremity of it :)
i love your comment, Beth. shall visit Patricia's blog. thanks !

laughingwolf said...

fun stuff... i'm in :)

Androw said...
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