Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Jaya J of Pickles n’ Tickles tagged me to list ten random things about myself.  I’m quite happy to do this but I’m going to cheat.  (That’s one random thing right there – I’m capable of cheating.)  I’ve done four of these tags in the past so I’m stealing from those lists.  (Yet another random thing – I steal.) 

There’s a reason for my filching from past lists – and it’s not laziness.  I think of random as being without purpose, objective or meaning.  To come up with ten more random things??  How random can one be and still claim to lead a meaningful existence?

(Digression – Wouldn’t it be interesting to tag someone to come up with ten
reasons as to the purpose of their existence?  Now, that would be a challenge.)

Anyway, here are the ten random things:

1. I’ve been known to *ahem* emit a burp (or two) at the dinner table.  Only amongst family.  Never as a guest in someone’s home or in a restaurant.  I know my manners but I believe burping is good for you.  So do my sons.  ;)

2. I carry loose change in my pockets for the homeless. 

3. I have a teensy-tiny birthmark on my left inner thigh.  I think it looks like a baby duck.  I like it.

4. I swear.  I find swearing to be extremely useful in blowing off steam.  (Only a select few are privy to my foul language.)

5. I wear my watch on my right wrist.  I am right handed.  In the past I was told numerous times I should wear my watch on my left wrist.  Short of losing my right arm, the watch will remain on my right wrist.  (So there.)

6. My ears are not pierced.  The thought of putting holes in my ears makes me cringe.

7. I don’t like eating crusts and never made my kids eat theirs.  Whenever I leave them on the plate (which is most of the time) I think of and miss my dog.

8. I am unable to wear make-up due to my sensitive skin.  What the world sees is the real me.

9. See first paragraph of this post.

10. Ditto # 9.

And now I must tag six other bloggers – which I’ve always found difficult to do.  How does one choose?  Well, this “one” doesn’t.  I’ll just open up the “Random Things” tag to anyone who’d like to have a go at it. 

Better yet, try creating a “Ten Reasons for the Purpose of My Existence” list.  ;)

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Jaya J said...

the existence list would be quite a challenge.
and i suppose it's okay to burp a little when at home :)

a duck-shaped birthmark must be cute. i have one in the shape of Australia on my left hip. i like it too.

Gorilla Bananas said...

No earrings or make-up! Were you a bit of a tomboy in your girlhood?

Anonymous said...

I want a duck shaped birthmark

laughingwolf said...

i detest the idea of piercings on my body... that includes tats, of course

as for belching, my kids showed me how THEY have burp 'contests', after not seeing them for 7 1/2 years...

too tired to do your 'challenge', have to put it off....

Cipriano said...

These are excellent. I feel like I know you so much more now.
As to your first point -- I think of my best friend who will sometimes phone me and leave a message and it is ONLY a burp. That's it. No words. Just a massive belch!

Incidently, I have a birthmark in the shape of a hamburger, but it's on the INSIDE of my stomach!

Beth said...

Jaya J:
I wonder if others would recognize the shapes of my duck and your Australia?
Or do we just have vivid imaginations? :)

Was quite the little tomboy…
And if no earrings or make-up equate with being a tomboy, I guess I’m still one – although that seems odd… ;)

Perhaps a tattoo?

No “contests” here – and if there were, I’d lose!

A true friendship – communication without words… ;)
(You’re going to turn into a hamburger – inside and out!)

Barrie said...

And you are very prompt at responding to emails and blog posts! :)

Juliette said...

Ha Beth! How cute to have a duck shaped birthmark! I can barely think of 3 reasons for my existence. I have now gone into panic mode about this!

Beth said...

Can a touch of OCD be considered random? ;)

Don’t panic. If you’re able to make just one person smile on a regular basis, there’s one good reason for existing. And you make lots of people smile… :)

Zhu said...

"I carry loose change in my pockets for the homeless."

For some reason, I find that extremely cute. You are a kind person!

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

I agree with Zhu. It's very endearing that you carry loose change for the homeless. You're such a good one, Beth.


Angie Muresan said...

I love when bloggers post up lists describing themselves. I always liked you, Beth, but now I like you even more.
P.S. I'm a burper myself.

Sherry said...

I like that you understand what random means! I like that you keep change in your pockets for the homeless. I like that you burp at the table.

I'm laughing at GB's comment...tomboy? you? read further down for the post about snowball fights!! lol!!!

Barrie said...

Beth, yes, I believe a touch of OCD can be considered random. :)